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Chapter 35 – Sui and Fer and the G.o.ddess’s Favor

「Stone Bullet!」

*Byun!*, the one Stone Bullet flew.

Then, *Gatsun*, it hits the tree.

I took a look in a hurry, it looks like the trunk was beaten a little.

「Yossha! It got better」

As usual, there was only one Stone Bullet that flew, but thanks to its speed getting faster than before, its power increased.

This is also thanks to Wind G.o.ddess Ninril’s Blessing (small).

Although it’s (small), it does its work.

This is all thanks to the G.o.ddess.

And right now, we are on a short after-meal break.

I’m using that time frame to practice my Earth Magic.

Fer said『I am curious of something』immediately after he finished eating, and ran into the forest.

He said that I shouldn’t worry because he’d return quickly and he also made a barrier around me and Sui so it’s fine though.

Sui is wobbling around my feet.

By the way, she’s leveling up steadily (after all, she would level up just by eating the different world’s garbage) and she is level 13 right now.

I am really looking forward on how much level she needs to evolve.

Well then, I should continue training my Earth Magic.

As I’ve thought, common people like me can only practice.

「Stone Bullet!」

Fu〜, I’m tired.

I think I used my magic powers a little too much.

All that I can do is practice, but it’s troubling since the exhaustion comes at once when too much magic powers are used.

It would’ve been great if I had a little more magic powers.

Well, nothing would happen even if I ask for too much.

When you’re tired, it’s sweets, right?

I bought a chocolate bar and canned coffee from the Net Super.

The canned coffee is black coffee.

Sweet things and bitter things, this combination of chocolate and black coffee is exquisite.

When I was eating chocolate, Sui came to my feet.

「What? Does Sui want to eat too?」

When I asked that, Sui wobbled.

I split the chocolate bar into halves, and when I let Sui’s tentacle hold one of the halves, she immediately started to eat it.

The chocolate bar entered Sui and melted in an instant.

It looks like Sui like the chocolate bar. She wobbled her body even more as if to ask for more, and rubbed herself to my feet.

「You, you’re good at getting spoiled huh. Wait for a bit」

I bought an additional chocolate bar for Sui.

When I gave Sui the chocolate bar, she ate it deliciously while wobbling.

I guess I’m soft towards Sui.

She’s cordial and cute, so I can’t help it.

But even so, Fer’s late.

He said that he’d return quickly, but a lot of time has pa.s.sed.

And after that, when I’m relaxing with Sui as I recover my magic powers, Fer finally returned.

「You’re late, Fer. Did anything happen?」

『It’s alright. It was nothing much. n? *SunSun*……』

Fer started smelling me and Sui around.

「W-What is it?」

『You guys, did you not eat something delicious while I was not around?』


It’s about the chocolate right?

Does chocolate smells that sweet?

「N-No, why?」

When I said that, Fer stared at me intently.

『You cannot trick my nose』


d.a.m.n it, he found out huh.

As I’ve thought, Fenrir smell that’s dog-like? wolf-like? is sharp.

「Sui and I ate a treat called chocolate. I was tired practicing magic after all. Sweet things are good when you’re tired」

『I am a little tired from running as well, I want that chocolate or something』

What do you mean by tired?

There’s no way that guys like you who have almost maximum status value would get tired after running for just a while.

『That’s unfair if you and Sui, and only I did not eat』

Uu! If you say that……

Ah〜, okay, I got it already.

I lost to Fer’s stare and bought chocolate bars from the Net Super.

Sui was also looking at me as if she wants some too (actually, she doesn’t have eyes so it just felt like that), so I also bought Sui’s share.

「Here, this is chocolate」

When I took out the chocolate bar from its wrapping and reached it out to him, Fer started to wolf it down.

『Mu! This is a taste I ate for the first time. It’s not bad』

Haa, is that so? I mean, just this guy ate ten chocolate bars.

You’ll get a toothache if you eat that much, oh, ahh, you won’t get one because of the status ailment nullification huh.

How envious, oh, hey, come to think of it, I also have a G.o.d’s Blessing although it’s (small), so I won’t get a toothache right?

Well, even if I would say I’d like to eat sweet things, I won’t be eating as much as Fer though.

By the way, Sui happily ate the chocolate bar.

『You, I am the Wind G.o.ddess Ninril. Pray and offer that chocolate or something immediately. Ah, do not forget to add the dorayaki with it』

A woman’s voice echoed in my head.

It’s similar to Fer’s telepathy, but I heard her voice clearer than that.

She’s saying she’s Ninril-sama though…………

This, she’s just asking for sweets right?

Can this be called an oracle?

『That is right. It is an oracle. Hurry up』

What’s with that prompting?

G.o.ddess-sama, to give an oracle to ask for sweets…………are G.o.ds okay like that?

I hate to say this, but she’s a very disappointing G.o.ddess.

This, she doesn’t have a speck of dignity.

『Shut up. Even G.o.ds needs something to look forward to』

Uwwa, she said her real intention.

Oh really, what a helpless G.o.ddess-sama.

Although I thought of her as a disappointing G.o.ddess since I heard the oracle「offer sweets」from Fer.

I mean, can’t she get it from the different world using her G.o.d Authority?

By doing that, she doesn’t need to tell me to give offerings right?

Well, I received Blessings so I’m going to give her offerings though.

I bought chocolate bars and dorayakis from the Net Super for the G.o.ddess-sama.

『n, what? You’re giving me more?』

「No, no, this isn’t for Fer. Right now, Ninril-sama gave me an oracle. She told me to pray with chocolates as offerings」

『Nu, is that so. If it is Ninril-sama’s oracle, then pray properly』

I placed the chocolates and dorayaki on the cardboard box altar as offerings and prayed.

When I opened my eyes, the chocolates and dorayaki disappeared.

『Good Job』(TL: she says in english)

What Good Job?

Where in the world did you remember those words?

She’s really a disappointing G.o.ddess.

『Yosh, you’ve finished praying. Well then, let’s go. Hurry up and get on』

Fer is making me hurry for some reason.

「I got it, but, is there a reason to hurry?」

『N-No, nothing at all. Rather than that, how’s your Earth Magic going?』

A-re? Did he just change the topic blatantly right now?

「As usual, there is only one pebble flying, but it got stronger thanks to Ninril-sama’s Blessings」

『Stone Bullet is a magic that releases several stones right? To release just one of them……』

Gununu, it can’t be helped right? They won’t fly after all.

『This, as I’ve thought, we can only go there』(Fer with a small voice)

「n? Did you say something?」

『Nothing. Rather than that, hurry up and get on』

「Alright, alright. Sui, get inside the bag. Yosh, it’s alright now」

『Well then, let’s go』

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