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Chapter 32 - The Baby Slime Sui

The slime that I had contracted as a familiar when I noticed it.

I named it Sui.

I won’t comment even if you say I don’t have any sense.

Sui’s current status is like this.

【 Name 】 Sui

【 Age 】 6 Days

【 Race 】 Baby Slime

【 Level 】 8

【 Stamina 】 24

【 Magic Powers 】 21

【 Attack Powers 】 18

【 Defense Powers 】 20

【 Agility 】 21

【 Skill 】 —–

For some reason, its level has increased a lot.

Though I think that it’s the effect of eating the other world’s garbage……

It’s not like there’s anything with the things bought from Net Super (For example, your stamina or magic powers increasing when you sleep using the futon), so I think that there’s probably some effect from absorbing the things from the other world.

By the way, the effects of the time limited bonus of stamina or magic powers were not shown from Sui.

What my guess is, Sui is very weak from the start, so its overall level increased.

And then, those guys with a certain level would have a time limited bonus.

If not so, it will be the difference of leveling up whether it is not food ingredients or not.

However, testing that is very difficult.

After all, you know, those who eat garbage might be limited only to slimes.

It would be great to test it when I saw a slime, but slimes are very hard to find.

When I asked Fer about it, he said that slimes are weak so as long as it is not a high-level species, they would normally hide or runaway.

Well, it’s not a bad thing for Sui to level up, so it’s fine though.

Sui is a very thankful existence too.

She would eat the trash and would clean the dishes. (TL: it is not written whether there are she or he in slimes, but I’ll use “she” for convenience’s sake)

At first, she digested even the dishes, but when I told her to don’t eat the dish, only the stains, she cleaned them up properly.

Thanks to Sui, the stains that stuck to the frying pan was cleaned.

I have been using the Net Super’s dishwashing soap whenever I wash the dishes, but it would use a lot of water when washing with that amount of bubbles.

It is alright when there are sources of water or a river nearby, but it is very troublesome when there is none.

But thanks to Sui, the need of using water was lessened to a small quant.i.ty.

She would eat the other world’s trash happily too. Sui’s really a good girl.

And that Sui’s fix position is inside the cloth bag that I have bought from the clothes store in Leysehel Kingdom’s capital that I have completely forgotten about.

She seemed to like that position and behaves well.

And I am on top of Fer.

We are currently sprinting through the forest at high speed.

But even so, he’s saying that the speed is much slower than before/

「Fer〜, the sun’s about to set, let’s camp around here for today?」

When I called out to Fer, Fer dropped the speed.

『Meat is good』

Yes, yes.

I brought out a lot of meat for Fer, and while I ate vegetables as well, Sui ate her dinner of the other world’s trash.

It is currently after dinner, but for some reason, I really wanted to eat sweets.

There are times when you really want to eat sweets right?

When I searched in the Net Super, I found some that really looks tasty.

「Dorayaki, it looks tasty」

When I muttered that, Fer stood up abruptly and came to me.

『What looks tasty? I shall not forgive you eating just by yourself』

Yeah, yeah, oh, Fer, are you okay with swee……it was a foolish question.

There’s no way that he wouldn’t like sweets although he ate that many sweet breads.

Sui also wobbled and seemed to want to eat as well.

One should be enough for me and Sui, Fer would probably easily eat five.

I bought 7 Dorayakis and a tea bag set because I wanted to drink tea as well since we’re eating j.a.panese Treats.

I took out the Dorayaki from the bag to a dish and put it in front of Fer.

For Sui, I took out a Dorayaki and put the Dorayaki and bag in front of her.

I boiled water and prepared tea.

「Dorayaki’s so good〜. *Zuーー*, tea’s good too. It’s really green tea when it comes to j.a.panese treats」

『Ohh! The skin around it and the black thing inside taste well together. This is delicious』

As I’ve thought, Fer easily ate the Dorayakis.

Sui also seemed to get excited and wobbled a lot, so she probably felt it was delicious.

She also ate the plastic bags (including Fer’s Dorayaki bag and mine) properly.

U〜m, I feel guilty for eating sweets before sleeping, but it is most delicious.

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