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Chapter 300

Tondemo Skill - 300 - Offering for Demiurgos


As promised, dinner was steaks made from Red Dragon and Earth Dragon meat. [2] Fer, Dora-chan and Sui ate until they couldn’t anymore. Thanks to that, I ended up feeling extremely tired.

After the steak dinner, I bought them the promised 5 portions of Fujiya cakes.

I thought they wouldn’t want any dessert after stuffing themselves with all that meat but I guess the saying that ‘sweets go into a different stomach’ rings true here,

Fer seemed to have enjoyed the Premium Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake since he dedicated all five orders to that item.

Dora-chan, on the other hand, wanted three Limited Edition Strawberry Pudding Shortcakes as well as two standard custard pudding.

As for the more adventurous Sui, she wanted things she had not tried on the Strawberry Fair menu. So, I ordered a No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake, a Strawberry Mont Blanc, a Chocolate & Strawberry Tart, a different kind of Strawberry Roll Cake as well as a Strawberry Millefeuille.

I served myself some hot coffee while the rest enjoyed their cakes. [6] I swear, just seeing them eat sweets makes my teeth hurt.

Since I had nothing better to do, I activated [Appraisal]. We had not been in the dungeon for long but there’s no harm taking a look at their current status.

[Name] Fer

[Age] 1014

[Species] Fenrir

[Level] 945

[Physical strength] 10142

[Magic power] 9768

[Attack power] 9429

[Defense] 10157

[Agility] 9954

[Skills] Wind Magic | Fire Magic | Water Magic | Earth Magic | Ice Magic | Thunder Magic | Sacred Magic | Barrier Magic | Claw Slash | Body | Strengthen | Physical Damage Resistance | Magic Attack Resistance | Mana Cost Reduced | Appraisal | Battle Strengthening

[Blessings] G.o.ddess of Wing, Ninrir | G.o.d of War, Vahagn

As expected, Fer’s level didn’t go up. However, his stats were as frighteningly powerful as usual.

[Name] Dora-chan

[Age] 116

[Species] Pixie Dragon

[Level] 199

[Physical strength] 1229

[Magic power] 3450

[Attack power] 3307

[Defense] 1158

[Agility] 4032

[Skills] Fire Magic | Water Magic | Wind Magic | Earth Magic | Ice Magic | Thunder Magic | Recovery Magic | Bombardment | Battle Strengthen

[Blessings] G.o.d of War, Vahagn

I’m pretty sure Dora-chan’s level had been at 197, so he had gone up by 2 levels just from that brief dungeon run. [5]

[Name] Sui

[Age] 4 months

[Species] Huge slime

[Level] 42

[Physical strength] 1731

[Magic power] 1694

[Attack power] 1709

[Defense] 1716

[Agility] 1727

[Skills] Acid Bullet | Recovery Potion Crafting | Multiplication | Water Magic | Blacksmith | Gigantify

[Blessings] G.o.ddess of Water, Rusalka | G.o.d of Smith, Hephaistos

Sui had gone up by 4 levels?

Wow, she still has a lot of s.p.a.ce for improvement at level 42 considering Fer and Dora-chan’s [6] 4-digit and 3-digit levels. I had a feeling that it’s just going to get harder and harder for everyone to level up from the last big upgrade. In fact, Sui levelling up was quite unexpected, Dora-chan too. [5]

Finally, I checked myself.

[Name] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda)

[Age] 27

[Species] Human for the most part

[Job] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell | Adventurer | Cook

[Level] 66

[Physical strength] 413

[Magic power] 401

[Attack power] 393

[Defense] 385

[Agility] 331

[Skills] Appraisal | Item Box | Fire Magic | Earth Magic | Familiars Absolute Defence | Double Experience Points

{Familiar Contracts} Fenrir | Huge Slime | Pixie Dragon

[Unique Skill] Net Super

{Tenants} Fujiya | Tanaka’s Liquor Shop

[Blessings] G.o.ddess of Wind, Ninrir (Small) | G.o.ddess of Fire, Agni (Small) | G.o.ddess of Earth, Kishar (small) | G.o.d of creation, Demiurgos (small)

I went up four levels too! Even though I only joined in close to the end, thanks to the Double Experience Points skill and the type of monsters I defeated, I guess I gained a lot of experience points.

Yes, yes, this is a very good situation for me.

Fight when I need to and let the experience points pile up by themselves. This is a good status quo.

By now my familiars were done with their cakes and were lazing around sleepily. [5]

Influenced by their lethargy, my eyes too began to shut when I suddenly remembered something, “I need to make my offerings to Demiurgos-sama!”

Unlike those noisy G.o.ds and G.o.ddesses, Demiurgos-sama was happy to leave everything to me. I was fine with that arrangement since it felt more like a sincere offering than being a convenience store clerk.

Since Demiurhos-sama liked saké, I quickly opened [Net Super] and clicked on Tanaka’s Liquor Shop tab. [6] The person who maintained the ranking system really save me here since I’m not really that familiar with the many different kinds of alcohol in my own world.

“Let’s see, since Demiurgos-sama likes j.a.panese saké…” [5]


Selection 1:

[Manager’s Monthly Rec 9th]

Saké from the f.u.kui Prefecture [10]

Thanks to its reasonable price, it’s said to be the most popular saké in the series.

A saké that you can enjoy the harmony of aroma and experience the original flavour of rice.


Selection 2:

[Manager’s Monthly Rec 8th, Weekly Rec 2nd]

Saké from the Niigata Prefecture [10]

A representative of Niigata’s saké that’s well known nationwide.

It has a smooth taste, a refreshing mouthfeel and a light aftertaste.

Wow, this saké is on both the weekly and monthly ranking list. Furthermore, the brand name is so famous that even I knew of it. It’s a little expensive but its signature blue bottle looks really beautiful.

Yes, let’s go with this one.

I’ve already selected two saké from the monthly and weekly listings. So let’s get something from the daily list.

Selection 3:

[Manager’s Daily Rec 1st]

Saké from Niigata’s Sado Island [11]

A Daiginjo produced from polished rice and brewed under long-term, low-temperature fermentation. Please enjoy its mellow aroma and deep, delicate notes.

Alright, I think three bottles of sake should be enough. Speaking of which, I’m getting them all in 1800ml s...o...b..ttles so that should be plenty to enjoy.

Naturally, one should have premium snacks to go with premium liquor. I looked through the gift sets of canned snacks again. This time I got a set with a different combination of canned goods from before. Among the notable new things are Sliced Wagyu Roasts, Black Pork Bacon and a can of Young Sweetfish in Oil.

I paid and the cardboard box of goods appeared as usual. I made up my usual alter and put my hands together.

“Alright, I think that’s should be it… okay, ahem, Demiurgos-sama, please accept these offerings from me.”

“Hm? Is that Mukouda? You sure about this?”

“Yes, of course, I’m sure. In exchange, I’d appreciate a hand if I ever get into trouble.”

“Umu, umu, of course. As mentioned before, I do have some flexibility on certain things.”

[4] “Thank you, thank you very much, G.o.d of Creation!”

The saké and the canned gifts on the cardboard disappeared with a flash of light.

“Oho, the sake you got me this time is different, eh? And more canned snacks? Very good, I must say enjoying a bit of sake and snacks have been one of my little pleasures lately. I’ll be glad to receive your offering whenever you feel like giving it.”


Whenever I feel like it?

Please expect something every week! I’ll be counting on you from now on, G.o.d of Creation Demiurgos-sama~~

Fufufu, now that we have a proper pledge, I must secure all the favours I can with these offerings. After all, I’m going to be alive for the next 1,500 years so one can't be too careful!

While I do have Fer, Dora-chan and Sui with me for now, it is a good idea to have the G.o.d of Creation as insurance.

Now that the offerings to Demiurgos-sama had been safely sent over, I fell into a very peaceful sleep.

[Gumihou: The sake bottles are so pretty~~]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change pa.s.sive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repet.i.tive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] It was a long and winding stream of consciousness talk-to-myself type of writing that is suuuuper boring and suuuper complicated. So, Gumihou simplified it for her dear readers.


The first one I chose was saké from f.u.kui prefecture.

The monthly sales ranking was 9th, which is not the highest rank, but I decided on this after seeing the letters recommended by the manager.

Because of its reasonable price, it is said to be the most popular in the series.

It is a saké that you can enjoy the aroma and taste that are in perfect harmony with the original taste of rice.

What should I do next ..., maybe this is something good.

Like… wut?

[10] Unclear what saké they are talking about, seriously. In Niigata alone, there are three sakés in ‘blue bottles’ that are famous.

Daiginjo Saké, Kakurei

Current listed price: $74 for 730ml


Junmai Daiginjo Saké, Kirinzan

Current Listed Price: $86.39 for 1800ml


Tokubetsu Junmai, Hakkaisen

Current Listed Price: $138 for 720ml

Probably this one, since it’s the most expensive and the name looks more familiar to me.


[11] Hokusetsu Daiginjo YK35

Current Listed Price: $39.41 for 720ml


More Saké information from Niigata


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