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Chapter 299

Tondemo Skill - 299 - Warmth - Bonus


I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild and was informed by the receptionist that Ugor-san had left a message for me.

Turned out he was especially busy today and asked me to head straight for the warehouse on my own. [1] I felt kind of bad since the reason why he’s so busy was mostly because of me.

Anyway, since I was instructed thus, I wandered over to the warehouse on my own.

I had met with the staff in charge of dismantling monsters and they knew what to do the moment they saw me. “Vice Guild Master told me that you will personally come and pick up the meat, so please come to the cold storage with me.” [5]

We headed towards the cold storage together. The staff opened the door and chilly air blasted into my face.

“Well then, here are the meat from 2 x Wyvern, 2 x Wild Bison, 3 x Golden Sheep, 7 x Blue Bull and 1 x Giant Turkey.”

I received the meat accordingly and placed them all into my [Item Box]

Once that was done, the staff said, “The Vice Guild Master also left instructions on the trading of the materials.” [5]

We left the cold storage room and made our way to one of the work tables with two small sacks on. [5]

“First, the Drops from Avering dungeon. 92 x Venom Tarantula Poison Sacs at 644 gold, special Venom Tarantula Poison Sacs…” the staff explained the breakdown in detail. Anyway, everything came down to 3098 gold coins, which was a good amount of money but to be honest, numbers like this don’t scare me anymore.

[4] “Next, is the material purchases from the Wyvern and Wild Bison,” continued the staff. “Materials from 2 Wyverns at 1,120 gold, materials from 2 Wild Bison at 40 coins… plus other miscellaneous comes up to 1,251. Total coins from materials and Drop items come up to 4,349 gold. Here are 43 platinum coins and 49 gold coins.” The staff said as he handed over the money sacks. [5]

I accepted the bags of coins. Till now, I haven’t had the opportunity to use any of the platinum or large gold coins yet.

I put the money away and was about to leave when the staff stopped me, “Oh, please wait a moment.”

The staff rushed off and came back with the basket that I’d given to Ugor-san the other day. [5] He handed this basket to me.

[6] Since it would not look good to check the basket in front of the staff, I carried the basket with me and waited until the Adventurer’s Guild was out of sight before uncovering the cloth.

Inside the basket were a couple of letters and a large jar that nearly took up the entire s.p.a.ce inside. One of the letters was from Ugor-san’s wife, Tirza, while the other was from his children Mikhail-kun and Mirana-chan.


This is Tirza, Ugor’s wife.

Thank you very much for the valuable dragon meat.

Our family enjoyed it very much.

The cake was also very, very delicious

As a gesture our grat.i.tude, please accept these dried fruits I made myself.


‘Big brother,

Thank you so much for the delicious food.

Thank you so much for the delicious sweets.

Mikhail and Mirana’

Looks like they were very pleased with my gifts. As expected, whether it's kids or adults, ladies can’t resist sweets. Mikhail and Mirana’s letters were very sweet, though the characters were barely readable, I can tell they did their best to convey their feelings to me.

The second line in the children’s letter must be Mirana’s and I was amused to see how she specifically mentioned sweets.

It made me really happy to receive this gift.

Still smiling, I opened the jar and found that Tirza-san had given me a variety of dried fruits. Since it was all handmade, I was especially touched and tried one.

A simple and gentle sweetness spread through my mouth. Considering how much sugar costs in this world, this was probably a very precious sweet for them.

Once again, I felt a little overwhelmed by emotions.

““Master, what are you grinning about?””

What do you mean grinning? I’m just happy… Oh, right.

“Shall we head back and have a meal?” I said, feeling much more cheerful than usual.


“”Yay, food!””


[Gumihou: It was already less than 900 words when Gumi got started, now it has less than 800…]

Eguchi Ren: Total gold count is 88,600 gold coins

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change pa.s.sive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repet.i.tive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

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