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Chapter 28 - I encountered a ripoff

「If there was only a map〜……」

「n? What, you want a map?」

The leader seemed to have heard my mutterings and said that.

「Eh, ahh, yes. I just thought it would be really convenient having a map, even if its just rough」

When I said that, the 4 adventurers looked at each other while whispering to me.

「Oi, actually, we have a map」

Eh! Seriously?

「I have a senpai adventurer that I’m friends with, I got it from that adventurer he returned」

Oh〜, that’s great, how envious.

I also want a map.

「Of course, it’s not a detailed one that the upper ranks of the army have, it only shows roughly where the countries’ positions are」

Un, un, I don’t need something very detailed.

As long as I can tell the positioning of the countries, I’m fine with that.

「And so, if you want it, I can sell it to you」

I-Is that for real?!

「This map is already in my head after all. There’s no problem even if we don’t have it. And so, how about 1 gold coin?」

One gold coin huh, u〜n……

I want a map, but 1 gold coin huh〜, though of course I know that paper is valuable.

1 gold coin huh〜, it makes me hesitate.

「Can I take a look at that map?」

It seems better to decide after looking at it.

「Ou, it’s alright」

The leader took out a folded map from his pocket.

「It’s this」

He showed me the map.

Un, it’s really very rough.

But, with this, I can tell the positioning of the countries.

I want it, but I hesitate to pay 1 gold coin for this.

「I’ll say this, this is very valuable you know」

I know that.

It couldn’t find it at the bookstore, and didn’t find a clue in the library as well.

「But, since you treated us with alcohol like this, I’ll give you a discount. Let me see, how about 8 silver coins?」

8 silver coins huh.

I want a map, and paper is valuable, u〜n……

Yosh, I’ll buy it.

It’s something that is better to have, so 8 silver coins as expenses cannot be helped.

「I’ll buy it for 8 silver coins」

「Yosh, sold then」

I gave the leader 8 silver coins and gained a map.

「Well then, we have early mornings so we’ll leave now」

「Yes. Thank you for the good conversation. Also, the map too」

「Yeah, it’s alright. See ya」

Saying that, the 4 adventurers left.

Ohh〜, I got a map.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push({});

Since it couldn’t be found in the bookstore, I thought that I could make one by hearing stories from adventurers if an old map could be found in the library, but in the end, there wasn’t something like a map in the library.

I thought that it’s already impossible to get a map, but to think that I would get one here.

My luck is good.



……what? There are adventurers looking at me and laughing.

「Pu! Oi, you guys, it’s not good to laugh at him you know」

One adventurer said that to the guys who were laughing.

Although you’re saying that, aren’t you laughing too.

「Uhm〜, is there something?」

I can get angry with this right?

When I said that annoyingly to the man because I was laughed at, he replied「Sorry, sorry」, it was as if he didn’t feel sorry at all.

「Earlier, we heard what you were talking about but, you were cheated」

Ha? What are you saying?

Cheated, you say, what do you mean?

「You, you bought a map from the adventurers right?」

I bought it but, so what?

「That thing, it’s normally sold at the adventurer’s guild」


No, no, no, w-wait a second.

Normally, sold, at the adventurer’s guild?


「I also have one. Look」

Saying that, the thing that he showed me was exactly like the map that I bought for 8 silver coins from the adventurers earlier.

When I was stunned seeing that same map, the man threw in additional bombs.

「By the way, that’s sold at the adventurer’s guild for 1 silver coin」

one, silver, coin……

8 silver coins for 1 silver coinsーーー?!!

UOOOOOOO!! I was cheatedーーーー!!

「Those guys, they actually sold it so highly huh, 1 silver coin for 8 silver coins. Gahahahaha」

With those words, the adventurers in the pub laughed out loud.

d.a.m.n it, don’t laugh at me.

I want to cry you know.

「You know, this map, it’s made by the adventurer’s guild from what they heard from adventurers. That’s why, although it’s paper, it’s price is also made at a price we could afford」

「That’s right. Well, there are also adventurers who doesn’t by maps and rely on their memories, but there are a lot of those who buys maps. And then, they would write things like the towns and villages they pa.s.sed through, were there a lake along the way, places where monsters often appear near this town, and make it a map on their own」

「There are also guys within the adventurers who are mainly active in their own country would copy that country to a large size, and write in it specific details. Although, those things are their a.s.sets so they can’t let other people see it so easily」

「Come to think of it, there’s also maps sold in the merchant’s guild」

「Well, both adventurers and merchants walk all over the countries after all」

The laughing adventurers said that one next to the other.

It’s not only sold in the adventurer’s guild, but in the merchant’s guild too huh.

The bookstore’s owner didn’t say anything like that though.

The bookstore owner should be registered at the merchant’s guild too, but bookstore owners doesn’t look like they walk through towns or countries to sell things, so he might have been clueless about that.

Anyways, you adventurers laughing there, if it’s like that, if would’ve been great if you told me beforehand〜.

「「「「「「Well, it’s your fault getting cheated」」」」」」

……that is very true.

Gunununu, I feel frustrated but they’re right.

In this world, I’m sure that something this much wouldn’t even be a crime.

I can only think that I learned something from this.


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