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Chapter 27 - This is not a kind world

I left Fer at the inn again and came to this town’s pub.

It’s to ask adventurers many things.

This town is a huge town so I thought that there are adventurers in any pub but it looks like this store is a “hit”.

It looks like it’s a store where adventurers visit, and there are many adventurers inside.

What I had taken a look on are four adventurers who are probably in the same party.

「Uhm, can I ask you something for a while?」

I immediately called a waiter and ordered ale for the 4 adventurers.

「Oh oh, you know your stuff huh」

The tough looking skinhead man that seems to be their leader tapped me on the shoulder and made me sit.

「And so, what do you want to know?」

「I am doing something like peddling while traveling, but I have started this kind of job. That’s why, I thought that I’ll be really thankful knowing about each of the countries’ situation from everyone who is well-experienced adventurers」

「What, that’s what you mean huh. If it’s like that, it’s just good that you asked us」

After the leader said that, the beastkin (Probably a tiger?) that has a similar strong looking body like the leader nodded and replied「It’s true that we visited many countries」.

「Ou, what the h.e.l.l are you looking at?」

When I looked at the beastkin member while thinking “is he a tiger?”, he glared at me.

「You idiot, beastkin other than slaves is rare in this country you know」

When the other member said that, the beastkin member nodded with understanding.

「About that huh. It’s true that in this country, when you say beastkin, it’d be slaves. Even so, this country is still well-off」

When the beastkin member said that, the other members including the leader said「That’s true」, and nodded.

According to them, the Sacred Kingdom of Rubanoff and the Geisler Empire and the Soles Kingdom that is treated as a va.s.sal state of the Divine Kingdom especially treats races other than humans like beastkin, elves, and dwarves very badly.

The Geisler Empire is a completely dictatorial military state and those who does not obey the emperor, death is the only thing waiting for them, and the beastkin, elves, and dwarves are treated the same as domestic animals.

The Sacred Kingdom of Rubanoff is a humans supremacist religious state and in this country, those who believe in the Rubanoff Religion claim that those who does not has the fate of destruction. They believe in their own G.o.d, treating the beastkin, elves, and dwarves as heretics, and does cruel things to them without batting an eye.

The state of affairs of the Soles Kingdom which is treated as a va.s.sal state of the Sacred Kingdom of Rubanoff does not differ much to the Sacred Kingdom of Rubanoff.

The fate of the beastkin, elves, and dwarves who became slaves in this country is full of misery.

Compared to that, although they are slaves here in this Feenen Kingdom, they have it better for them because on top of having cheap wages, their minimal lifestyles are guaranteed.

「What about the Leysehel Kingdom? I have pa.s.sed through that country but, I feel like I did not see beastkin……」

「Ahh, that country too」

The Leysehel Kingdom is also a human supremacist country just like what the Rubanoff Religion believes, and they normally do not allow beastkin, elves, and dwarves to enter the country.

However, ever since the current king, their territorial expansion had pushed through, constantly making battles here and there.

And in those battles, it is an open secret that beastkin, elves, and dwarves who should not exists are partic.i.p.ating.

Also, they said that it is famous that many n.o.bles in the Leysehel Kingdom have female beastkin, elves, and dwarves as s.e.x slaves.

…………this, is not a kind world.

The Malbare Kingdom that is bordering the Leysehel Kingdom, which is also these 4 adventurer’s homeland, they said that it is a good country where one doesn’t need to worry about racial discrimination.

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However, they were not blessed with their neighbors.

It is the demon race’s territory to their north, the Geisler Empire to the south, the Leysehel Kingdom and the Sacred Kingdom of Rubanoff to the east.

The adventurers said that their territory is constantly being targeted.

In fact, very recently, the confrontation of both of the armies of the Leysehel Kingdom and the Malbare’s Kingdom in their borders has continued, and it is being said that the war is only a matter of time.

Come to think of it, I heard in the town of Keels that war is going to start between the Leysehel Kingdom and the Malbare Kingdom.

Probably, these 4 also have given up on that motherland and left it.

「If we had families in that country, we wouldn’t have thought of that, but we’re all orphans」

According to them, they’re comrades who grew up in the same orphanage and became adventurers.

There seems to be a warning from the adventurer’s guild to the countries to not prohibit the movements of adventurers above C-Rank, so unable to make enemies out of the giant organization that exceeds that of a country, every country, although reluctantly, allows that.

「We also pa.s.sed through Leysehel coming here, but the looks that those guys in that country gave me is disgusting」

The beastkin member spat that out.

U〜n, hearing their story, this world, is it really alright?

I feel like I came to such a terrible world……

Continuing the conversation, the name of the Kuraasen Empire on the east side of the Leysehel Kingdom came out this time.

This country is a country that has a very long history, but according to them, it is currently turbulent within the country because of the internal troubles in the house of the emperor.

Also, they said that from the south to the center of the continent are small countries whose name are not even clear.

They said that the situation there is that there is rivalry between warlords, so adventurers do not get close there as much as possible.

「But, about 5-6 years before, small countries in the seaside gathered up, and made, hmm, what is it called again,「It’s the Quinn Republic」, that’s right, the Quinn Republic was created, but it’s said that they’re already on the brink of splitting up」

Un, I should not get close to those small countries as much as possible.

After that, the Erman Kingdom and the Leonhart Kingdom to the east of the continent.

Both the Erman Kingdom and the Leonhart Kingdom are a comparatively free country, and most of all, their armies are super strong so there are no worries about getting invaded.

On top of that, these Erman Kingdom and Leonhart Kingdom is in a good-neighbor policy, so their current internal affairs are stable.

「We’re also on our way to Leonhart. We’ll also go to Erman though」

According to them, there are many dungeons in both the Leonhart Kingdom and the Erman Kingdom, and both countries are countries that are profitable for doing adventurer’s work.

It came out huh, the dungeon.

It really exists after all.

I’m a little interested but, I would probably never enter it.

After all, safety first is the best.

Life is very important!

But, hearing many things from the adventurers, my destination is decided.

It’s only either the Erman Kingdom or the Leonhart Kingdom.

Both seems to have a stable state of affairs so whichever one is good.

The problem is, if Fer knows the route there or not.

It would be great if maps exist in these kinds of situations though.

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