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Chapter 25 - Arrival at the Town of Rautel

It was so troublesome entering the town of Rautel.

Rather than because Fer was around, it was because there was a very long line of people entering the town.

And lining up there, screams were raised as well.

It was so troublesome explaining to everyone around,「He’s my familiar, so it’s alright」.

And getting near the gate, there was also a problem, the soldiers wearing full plate armors near the gate stopped us while pointing their spears.


「Fer, please stop」

When Fer stopped, the soldier holding a spear approached.

「Is it a familiar?」

「Yes. He’s my familiar. Please check my adventurer’s guild guild card」

I showed my guild card to the soldier.

「It’s true, it’s really a familiar. Is that a Great Wolf?」


「That’s amazing of you, making a familiar of an A-Rank monster」

「Yes. I believe that I was very lucky」

「On top of having a familiars contract, he’s carrying you as well so I think that it is alright, but in the case where anything happens, it will be your crime as the owner of the familiar. In the case where casualties appear inside the town, there will be cases where you would be punished to death or turned into a slave according to the scale. Be careful on using your familiar」

「I understood」

Fuu〜, although I was given warning, he let me enter so easily.

But, punished to death and turned to slave…………that’s too scary.

I mean, there’s really slaves huh.

There’s no human rights in this different world huh. This world, it’s so scary.

First, I need to get an inn.

Ah, it might be faster just to ask the soldier in the gate.

When I asked the soldier about an inn where familiars could also stay, he suggested「Elmira’s Inn」in the third corner after pa.s.sing through the gate.

I went to the inn the soldier told me.

The town of Rautel, as expected of being second to the royal capital, there were many people.

There are not a lot of them, but I could see beastmen that has cat ears and tails here and there.

But most of them are wearing collars, so they might be slaves.

Although some people see me and Fer walking together and get stunned, they did not make commotions.

I could hear「A familiar huh……」whispers, so there might be many adventurers who bring familiars with them in this size of towns.

When I reached Elmira’s Inn, the lodging fee was 8 silver coins including the familiar.

I let Fer stand by on the beast house, and went to the bookstore I asked in the inn.

When I entered the bookstore, there were old looking books filled inside.

I searched around the store looking for something like a map, but I didn’t find something like that.

Instead, I found an interesting looking book.

It’s called『A Magic Introductory Book for Dummies』. (『誰にでもわかる魔法の入門書』)

This, I want this.

Right now, I’m able to use Fire Magic/Fire Ball somehow, but learning other magic spells would be equal to the increase of my own protection too.

I heard that books are expensive, but how much would it cost normally?

「Excuse me, how much is this book?」

The store owner took a glance towards me, and said「It’s 7 gold coins」.

Uwwa, it’s so expensive!

Even this costs 7 gold coins, this, I’ll refrain.

I heard that there’s a library in this town as well, so let’s look at books about magic there.

The thing that I want which is the map, that at least,  I should buy it even if it’s expensive.

When I asked if they have some map here, the store owner said「There’s no way that a common bookstore has something like a map」.

According to him, only those in a high position like the military authorities in the royal castle would have something like a map.

Ah〜, I see, maps would be a cla.s.s of military secrets huh.

Well, of course I can’t get them in my hands.

While I return to the inn, I thought of what should I do about the map.

It’s not like I want a very detailed map though.

I just want a world map that roughly shows this country is around here, there’s this kind of country in the north, and there’s this country in the south, something like that.

The state affairs for each country, I should be able to know about them by listening to adventurers in pubs where adventurers seem to gather.

Ah, I might be able to hear about the neighboring countries from the adventurers.

Adventurers, from how their jobs are, they would visit many countries after all.

If that is so……would there be an old map in the library?

I don’t mind even if it’s an old map, as long as it roughly shows this continent’s shape, and if I write the countries there with the stories I hear from the adventurers as a base, I think that I would be able to make a decent map.

Yosh, let’s do it like that.

I should go to the library tomorrow and find some old map.

Ah, I also want to look at books about magic.

Beastmean or Beastkin?

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