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Chapter 24 - Giant Deer actual eating

「O〜i, Fer, the sun has fallen, so let’s go camping around here today」

When I called out while being shaken in Fer’s back, Fer stopped his steps.

『Umu, let’s eat. I am hungry』

Yes yes, you let me ride on your back today after all.

I’ll bring out meat, Fer’s favorite.

If that is so, I should bring out something that you’d really feel like you’re eating meat.

If it’s like that, this one might be good.

I took out the Giant Deer’s meat from my item box.

Giant Deer, literally a huge deer-like monster.

Actually, I have once eaten deer before.

A senpai co-worker received fresh meat from his relative that is in a hunting group, so I was treated to eat it in senpai’s house.

According to that relative in the hunting group, deer meat is eaten best by making it a steak, so senpai made some deer meat steak.

Deer meat has the image of being tough and has some distinct taste, but it was very different when I ate it.

Although it’s chewy, it’s not hard, but it didn’t have a distinct taste and it was delicious.

This Giant Deer meat is similar to the deer meat that I ate in senpai’s house because it has a red meat that has low fat so I might be able to make it.

I’m thinking of copying what senpai made and make a Giant Deer steak.

First, I put small cuts on the Giant Deer meat that I divided, and pounded it with the back of the knife.

Deer meat has a lot of fiber so pounded it and cutting it would make it a soft and juicy meat.

After that, I sprinkled salt and pepper on the Giant Deer’s meat and let it sit for a while.

After a while, I melted b.u.t.ter in the frying pan and begin to fry the Giant Deer meat.

When the both sides had fried color, it’s finished.

「Fer, here it is」

I served the Giant Deer Steak to Fer.

Well then, I shall eat it as well.

*MoguMogu*…………ohh! So good〜.

It doesn’t have a distinct taste and is decently chewy, the more I chew it, the more meat juice it releases.

It doesn’t have a strong flavor so I can eat it all that I want.


It looks like Fer also felt it was delicious and immediately asked for seconds.

I fried the additional Giant Deer meat.

The taste of the next one……*Ja〜n*, it’s the cla.s.sic steak with soy sauce.

I really think that it’s this when it comes to steaks.

It looks like Fer liked it as well.

First, I made it with garlic, the one that Fer said he likes the best.

『*HaguHagu*……umu, umu, it is delicious』

After that, I made it in the order of daikon-oroshi flavor, onion flavor, and b.u.t.ter flavor.

I also ate an additional onion flavored steak.

It doesn’t have a persisting taste so I ate another one.

『Giant Deer tastes good eaten like this huh』

Well, he probably usually ate it raw after all.

j.a.panese food companies are great, really.

Even so, the Giant Deer’s meat tasted greater than I expected.

*Burp*……it was so tasty so I couldn’t help but eat too much.

Although it was smaller compared to those I made for Fer, eating two pieces of steak is too much after all huh.

Well then, after finishing cleaning the cooking utensils, preparing for bed is next.

To prepare the bed, first, I placed laid out cardboard.

It’s the cardboard that comes out when I buy things in the Net Super.

I have understood, it is wrong to place futon directly on the ground.

I placed it directly on the ground without thinking very well at first, so the moisture in the futon that I bought was terrible.

It would be great if there were slat foundations, but well, those aren’t sold after all in Net Supers right.

And so, I thought of things that I should lay down under the futon, and “Ahh, there’s the cardboard box”, I thought.

The cardboard boxes increases every time I buy things in Net Super, but they were completely trash up until then.

As trash, together with the bags where the food ingredients that I bought in Net Super are placed, they were placed deep within my Item Box.

However, laying the cardboard like this and placing the futon on top of it, there isn’t a lot of moisture absorbed, and it doesn’t get dirty.

It is the good utilization of the cardboard box.

It’s eco, it’s eco.

『Oi, prepare my bed as well』


Seeing me sleeping on the futon, Fer said『That looks good. Prepare mine as well』, asking me, and I couldn’t help but buy it in the end, yes.

It’s uncomfortable with just me sleeping on the futon, and it’s also Fer who’s earning money after all.

That’s why, well, I don’t mind, but Fer’s body is huge so could only buy three futons.

On top of the cardboard, I laid down three futons for Fer’s use.

「Fer, I finished making your bed」


*Goron*, Fer laid on the side on the futon.

It looks like he’s sleepy after getting full.


Look, the legendary magic beast is making a huge yawn.

「Just make sure you make a barrier before you sleep okay」

『I got it……I made it. I sleep now』

Saying that, Fer immediately started to sound asleep.

「So quick! You slept already huh. Well then, I should sleep as well」

I can sleep without worries thanks to the Fer’s barrier.

I slept deeply on MY futon.

Tomorrow is finally the town of Rautel.

Fer said something like we’d reach it before lunch.

It would be great, if we could enter it peacefully though……

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