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Chapter 22 - Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, Cream-filled Bun and the Shocking Truth

「n…………u-uwaa, goblin!」

When I jumped up and looked around, in the dark, Fer was beside me.

It was already this time huh, it means that I have lost my consciousness for so long huh……

『How was it? The real fight was a good experience right 』

What experience you say.

Making me encounter such a terrible situation.

It’s a light trauma, seeing small dirty green goblins coming all at once.

I’ll probably have nightmares about a huge number of goblins chasing me for a while.

『The last Fire Ball, it was quite good though』

Saying that, “Un, un”, Fer nodded.

『It is all thanks to me that you finally can use magic』

「What thanks to you. I’m a beginner you know, we should’ve started with one or two. But skipping that, you suddenly brought me to a goblin village」

It is true that the last Fire Ball that I shot was great.

But, but, I think that taking me to a goblin village so suddenly should be reconsidered.

『It is your fault, being so slow to learn that level of magic』


This is why I hate geniuses.

「There’s no way that I can do it like Fer right. Fer could use Ident.i.ty too so you should know my status points right」

Really, there is the difference between heaven and h.e.l.l between Fer and me.

『Nu, you, it looks like you have leveled up』

Eh? You serious?

I hurried up and used Identify on myself.

【 Name 】 Mukōda (Tsuyoshi・Mukouda)

【 Age 】 27

【 Job 】 A person from a different world who got caught

【 Level 】 3

【 Stamina 】 110

【 Magic Powers 】 110

【 Attack Powers 】 83

【 Defense Powers 】 82

【 Agility 】 78

【 Skill 】 Identify   Item Box   Fire Magic


《Contracted Magic Beast》 Fenrir

【 Unique Skill 】 Net Super

Yay! I leveled up!

My stamina, magic powers, and the other status points also increased.

Ah, also, there’s the Fire Magic in my skills.

I’m now a magician with this! My job is still a person from a different world who got caught huh.

This, I wonder when it will change?

It would change if my level goes up or my skills increases, right.

……don’t tell me, it would be like that forever, no way right?

No, no, no, there’s no way.

『That’s right, take this』

When I was thinking about this and that about my status, Fer suddenly stood up.

And, he rolled a large green colored object that was about two and a half meter towards me using his forepaws.


It was a super large goblin.

When I identified it, the result was Goblin King.

Goblin King you say, Fer-san……

It’s true that you told me that you were going to hunt a higher tier goblin, but, to think that there was a king in that village.

That means, Fer brought me to a village with a king huh.

『There is a magic stone in that Goblin King. Magic stones can be exchanged for money between humans right? Goblins cannot be eaten and they are useless, but that Goblin King has a magic stone so I brought it all the way』

Ah, was that so.

That means, Goblin Kings are more than B-Rank huh.

「Is Goblin King B-Rank or A-Rank?」

『Rank? I do not know the rank you are speaking of, but if you became as great as me, you would be able to tell whether they have magic stones or not』

He〜 is that so.

Then, if I can ask Fer to preferentially hunt monsters that have magic stones, then I am going to be filthy rich huh.

But hey, I won’t do it though.

If I do something like that, it would absolutely bring me troubles.

『You have also lost your consciousness after all. Carrying you and that Goblin King while moving, would be very hard for me as well. That is why I waited for you to wake up』

Fu〜n, and so?

I wonder why is Fer-san stealing glances from earlier?

『That one possesses a magic stone』

Un, that’s why I’m asking you what then.

『Magic stones can be exchanged for money right?』

That’s true.

When I went to the adventurer’s guild a while ago, with the B-Rank Giant Dodo and Giant Deer having magic stones although they were small, their purchase prize jumped high.

『If so, should you not reward me with the food from the other world?』


This guy, he got addicted to the taste of the Domestic j.a.panese Black Wagyū Meat Steak huh.

「Hey listen, there was a lot of monsters at that time right?」

『Mu, did I not hunt a lot of monsters a while ago as well. Most of them has magic stones too you know』

They’re those that you got when you went on a hunting spree while saying you got full of vitality after eating the food from the Net Super right?

Of course, that’s not counted.

It was the fault of the Net Super/other world’s ingredients after all.

「Hey listen, I still have a lot of money from the ones sold to the adventurer’s guild so I won’t be selling the ones you hunted a while ago for the time being you know」

『Nu, is that so. I shall give up with the other world’s food then. However, I am hungry』

Really, he remembered such a weird thing.

Thank goodness he didn’t make things difficult.

However, I’m not in a great shape you know.

I have depleted my magic powers so my body is a little dull.

Making food for Fer is troublesome.

And also, I need to pay him back for throwing me into a group of goblins.

This, it should be the punishment, not making him eat meat.

I opened the Net Super’s window.

E〜to, it should be sweet things when one’s tired.

Bean Jam Bun and Strawberry Jam Bun should be good, I really like them as well.

The same should be enough for Fer, but hey, he eats a lot so I should buy him Cream-filled bun as well.

For the meantime, five pieces for each.

After that, when you say Bean Jam Bun and Jam Bun, it’s canned coffee right.

Oh, it looks like I could buy canned coffee in a box, let’s pick this.

Since I’m going to buy a canned coffee box, the instant coffee that I thought of buying isn’t needed for the time being huh.

Also, I planned on replenishing the stock on seasonings and vegetables, but I want to them while looking carefully, so I’ll leave that to next time.

Well then, let’s calculate all of it.

The remaining amount that I charged is only little, so I additionally charged 5 gold coins and paid all of it.

I took out the Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, and Cream-filled bun and placed them in front of Fer.

『What, is this?』

「Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, and Cream-filled bun. It’s a sweet bread」

『Mu, is there no meat?』

「Fer asking me who have just woke up after collapsing to prepare food huh?」

『Gununu. I got it, this is enough』

*FunFun*, Fer smelled it then ate the Bean Jam Bun.

『Mumumu, this is quite tasty』

Eh, you can eat sweet bread too?

When he ate the Jam Bun next,『Ohh, this is good too』, he seemed to like it.

And the Cream-filled bun,『This tastes like thickened milk. This also tastes good』, he likes it as well.

Ehー! Fer also likes sweet food?

This isn’t pay back at all


Rather, he’s even asking me for more.

I mean, you’d eaten 15 sweet bread you now, you’d be eating too much if you eat some more.

You should pay attention to diabetes (I don’t know if Fenrir would be diabetic though) and tooth decay, if not, you won’t be able to eat meat anymore.

「You’d get sick if you eat too much of sweet things you know」

『Hmph, how would I get sick. Rather than that, give me some more』

It couldn’t be helped so I added Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, and Cream-filled bun, two pieces each while asking「What do you mean by not get sick?」.

『I have the blessings of the Wind G.o.ddess Ninril-sama after all. In my case, other than being better at using wind magic because of her being a G.o.ddess of the wind, not mentioning poison and diseases, it would neutralize all kinds of status ailments. By the way, neutralizing of status ailments would be added with any blessing from a G.o.d. A G.o.d’s blessing is something like that』

Just having a G.o.d’s blessing, would neutralize all kinds of status ailments?

Eh, what, that shocking truth.

A G.o.d’s blessing, that’s cheating.

Neutralizing all kinds of status ailments, isn’t that already cheating with just that.

Fer is strong even without the blessings right.

It is me who needs a G.o.d’s blessing you know.

Dear G.o.d, I don’t care who it is but, please give me your blessingsーーーー!!

Which is better, Servant or Familiar?

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