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Feru the matchless

I had a good sleep

It it’s different than usual because of the bedding.

[Agh! What is that!]

Three heaps of corpses were piled next to me


Even if you were overflowing with energy isn’t this a bit over the top, Feru?

Feru, was lying down peacefully asleep on the other side

I do not know what I am to do with the three piles

I guess it will just have to go into my item box after all

But it is fine because my item box stops the pa.s.sage of time

After all the vegetables I brought online one week ago are still fresh in my storage

With this amount in storage I can take it to the adventurers guild little by little

I could dismantle it myself, but I am a bit weak to gore and things of that sort

We should stop there, let me think

But, I don’t even know how many are there

I used judgement on the monster mountains

Giant dodo and fiant deer, these were cought by Feru

The are individuals bigger than last time

After that lockbird x3

Maybe I could use this lock bird in place of chicken

There is also some black serpents which will sell for a large amount of money at the guild

As well as some murder bears which have a large sale price as well

Because they are large and frightening they will be able to sell for a large amount

There is also red serpent

It is just like the black one but different colour

Nn? Actually the overall size of the red serpent is bigger

Next is 5 ork generals and one ork king

Is the ork king the leader?

Why was the king of the orks in a place like this?

Feru, just what have you done?

Feru got up when I was thinking about such a thing

[Mu, what is it?]

When I looked at feru he had a face like he is wondering what is wrong

The large pile of monsters is lickelyl to be the thing Feru cought last night

[no no no, everyway you look at this, this is too many]

[Mu, I was filled with strength, I did this much and I did not even end up tired]

Haa if that’s the case

[Though what is the reason the ork king is here]

[I found an ork village and in that we fought, it became a festival of blood. Though I only brought back the king and the generals because for monsters the strong ones always taste better]

……..Really? A festival of blood?

[Just how many orks were there?]

[It was around 150 of them there]

One hundred and fifty of them………. (this was in katakana)

Feru was non standard to begin with, but with the power supermarket food he became unstoppable

Besides I had no impact on what happened last night

These are all monsters feru hunted

I turned my attention back to the piles and judged them further

Ogre X4….. Can you eat this?

[hey feru, this ogre here, is it okay to eat such a thing?]

[the muscle of the ogre is tough and distasteful but the skin is valued highly for armor so I thought it would be good to grab]

Ah, is that so

I was able to afford everything because of feru

In that case let’s keep it all for now

Then next is, blue ogre

It is different because the skin is blue

A subspecies?

The reason Feru got this was because it was profitable.

Then, metal lizzard

True to it’s name it is silver with very had skin as well as being a lizard

With such hard skin how did feru knock it down

The lizards is as hard as iron

But still it’s good because the leather should be would a bit

This lizards death may be to cruel to imagine


Then next is what

It is…. chimira?

The chimera with a head of a lion snake and goat?

Isn’t that like a final boss

No no no no, that can’t be

But it still has all three heads

[Umu, this chimera will be a tasty dish, usually it is a hard fight but I ended it with one blow last night]

To be able to beat such a thing in one hit

This guy is a crazy one

Perhaps it doesn’t matter if the rank is A

I got a chill thinking about the day I would take this to the adventurer guild

This is not good

Let’s just keep it in the item box for eternity

Yep, it’s fine just like that

While in thought I heard feru say he is hungry

He ate a lot last night though

But thinking that is useless

The piles that were in front of me were all put away in the item box

as well as my bedding

Well, what should I make

It will use mostly monster meat

Last night I learnt about the effects of products from the otherworld so I should keep those down

But I will still need to buy the seasoning, the sauce that I used for the spaghetti seemed to have been fine, so that can stay on the menu

I need to think hard about the menu

Everything needs to be moderated

Maybe I can use the meat of a c.o.c.katrice that looks like chicken

Chicken saute?

The extra fat of the c.o.c.katrice is removed and then lightly seasoned

I put a small amount of oil in a pan and started to cook the meat

The skin crackled and the smell leaked out

And then I cooked the back side until it was brown

After the meat is cooked I made a sauce in the pan

It is good to make it in the same pan because you get the flavour of the meat you just cooked in the fat that come off

In the pan I put b.u.t.ter and some lemon juice and a small amount of soy sauce, lemon b.u.t.ter sauce

Though just the lemon b.u.t.ter is good the soy sauce gives it another edge

The sauce is laid over the c.o.c.katrice and the dish is complete

[Feru, it’s done]

I put the dish of chicken saute out in front of Feru

For me I got some bread and made a chicken sandwich

And also canned coffee which i had ordered an abundance of yesterday

The sandwich is delicious

The coffee is delicious

It was good I brought coffee

Though instant coffee might be good

I also want to drink warm coffee

Then sugar and milk is also necessary

The seasonings and vegetables are running low, maybe I should buy them all tonight

[Seconds please]

Yes yes

I made a shopping list while making more for feru

After finishing and having a small rest we got up

[then, let’s go]

Together with feru I walked again

Training magic on the way

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