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Wagyu steak

(Wagyu is a breed of cattle that has high quality meat, and is bred for that reason)

[Feru, should we camp around here today?]


Because feru caught many monsters today, it shall be a feast

A magnificent feast of meat from another world

[Hey feru, since we earned a lot of money should I use my skill here?]

[Food from another world? It is fine if it is meat]

As expected

I search the net supermarket for something good

Feru stood next to me with eyes that was expecting something good

Then the side dish

What would be good, perhaps fried chicken or maybe meat dumpling.

After that, Hamburg steak, no a thick sirloin

I kept putting things in the cart

[Oi, is it ready yet?]

Feru had a long string of saliva dripping down to the ground already

For Feru it is hard to stop such a thing, then I will adjust the things from earlier

The cost for one serving was 4 silver coins and 7 copper coins

So for now I brought 5 gold worth

After that the cardboard boxes appeared immediately

Inside the boxes were warm meals

[Ooh, it’s warm, this is good]

I take the warm dishes out of the boxes and placed them in front of feru

[Hey, here you go]

As soon as I stepped away feru jumped into the food

But it was still eaten carefully

Because these might be insufficient I continued the look on the market.
I bought meat for the main dish

Sausage and roast pork, the sausage is cooked and served with salt and pepper, and the pork is roasted

The main is beef

for the main I was thinking about using wagyu beef

I’ve eaten many delicious dishes, but it is not common to reach that level

After all wagyu would be the best

It is slightly expensive, but it is worth it

Because I never had many chances to have it let’s go with a leg of wagyu

One steak has the cost of a silver coin and 5 copper

….it is indeed quite high

Feru might eat up to ten

But for me, I won’t need much

The amount for the pork the sausage and the steak that I will eat comes out to 2 gold coins

Feru had also finished eating while I was shopping

[What will be the next meal?]

Feru ate quite quickly

[It will only take a short while, but it is a delicious thing]

I put five pieces of pork onto the plate

While feru ate that I prepared the sausage, cooking and then seasoning it lightly

[Here, take this as well]

When I served the sausage, feru became happy

[All this is delicious]

But there is still the main to go

The first two steaks are only cooked and lightly seasoned

[This is steak from cooked with only salt and pepper]

[hmmm…… this meat is so soft, and delicious, this is a delicious dish

[ho hoh, this meat was raised in my country specifically for that meat]

[What!?, to eat cow raised in another country?]

[Ee? Do you not raise animals to eat them here?]

[No, the monsters here are abundant, so they are hunted and they are eaten this is enough]

Well, monster can be quite nice, if that’s the case raising animals might not be necessary if there are plenty of monsters

I cook additional steaks while talking to feru

This time there is soy sauce on the steak

I kept serving steak with different seasonings, garlic, onion, grated radish, and lastly b.u.t.ter

[In master’s country they have created something wonderful through raising food]

[Un, in my country we did not compromise on food]

If you travel to tokyo, you can get any kind of food you want, regular b grade shops to gourmet to french. You can get anything without needing to travel abroad

[The dishes that master makes are the best afterall]

Well it is the victory of the foodstuffs company that own the net market and the seasonings

Feru seems to have been satisfied through the power of the wagyu steak

[You made many great dishes today, I think I could even beat an old dragon right now, I am overflowing with energy]

Is you power really to that extent?

All of today’s ingredients were from the net market

As for the meat, it was all regular stuff you buy, but there was a large amount

Therefore, I am pretty sure that is just feru’s regular strength and not something from the steak

Feru ate many things from my original world

He seems to be filled with energy

I try to judge Feru


{Age} 1014

{Race} Fenrir


[Strength] 9843(+5118)

{magic} 9481(+4550)

{Offensive power} 9036(+4518)

{Defence} 9765(+4394)

{Agility} 9684(+4551)

{Skills} Wind magic, Fire magic, Water magic, Earth magic, Ice magic, Thunder magic, Holy magic, Barrier magic, Scratch,Body strengthening, attack resistence, magic resistence,Magic consumption reduction, Judgement

{Divine protection}Protection of the G.o.ddess of wind.


Are my eyes deceiving me?

After blinking feru’s status was still the same

His status has increased by 50%

The status up might be a result of the quality of the meal.

It is apparently it is because of the quality of the meat from another world

But it is surely alright

Then we should check for a time limit

Feru ate many things form the other world, I will check in the morning if the effect is gone


[oi, It is a waste If I do not do anything with all this overflowing energy so I will go hunt.]

[Woah woah wait, what if I get attack by monsters?]

The sun has already set, and a person being alone will be dangerous

[Then, I will be put up a barrier that won’t lose even to the breath of a dragon]

It even repels a dragon, you……..

[Then, i’m going now.]

After saying so feru left into the dark forest

[….. then maybe I will eat my food in the dark.]

When feru is around there is a slight glow, perhaps it is due to his magic that’s why it was fine even when dark.

[The net is very helpful at this time]

I opened the market window and brought a flashlight and batterey

Then it’s good with this.

Because I have not eaten meat is some time I am looking forward to this

A lunchbox with riceb.a.l.l.s

And coffee

I drank it every day when I was in j.a.pan

[Haa, Rice b.a.l.l.s are always good, even when cold and the coffee is great]

After I have enjoyed my meal I will sleep

I was going to lie down in my mantle, but that did not end well

Then I opened the market again

[hmmm, then I want a blanket and sheets, as well as asoft pillow]

Thanks to feru I had plenty of money so this is fine

Sleeping in the open with this will be comfortable

Then, let’s buy it

With a click

[now I do not need to worry about anything, because of feru’s magic I should be able to sleep easily]

I was wrapped in soft bedding and was able to fall asleep easily

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