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Magic training

I walked out of fear meru town with feru by my side

Is it because I am with feru?

Though I have gone a great distance I have not encountered a single goblin or grey wolf

Though I was quite anxious going out with no destination in mind

[hey, feru can you use magic?]

[well, yes I can]

Though I practiced during the herb collection I was not able to create a visible form, or cast a spell

[Will I also be able to use magic one day?]

I had such feelings after coming to a world with magic, I wanted to use it. It’s magic you know, magic

I am quite excited about it

[If it is magic, you are likely able to use it]

Woo hoo!

Because i have magic inside me does that mean I can use it?

[How do I practice magic?]

[When you try use it think about how you are going to use it]

[What I intend to do with it?]

[It is possible to practice wind magic, but wanting to practice it,If it is fire magic, you can use it If you want to]

…..It’s no use

Furu might be a genius that grasps it very easily

Ok, So I have to imagine it

Image, image, image

Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, I thrust out my right hand [Fireball]

Ha, shame

[Master, what did you do]

It seemed like feru was disappointed

Kuu, don’t look at me like that

[You must practice magic in the mind, not with the body]

Ee? What do you mean?

I would have prefered to know such a basic thing earlier

[What is it like to use magic power?]

I do not know what magic power is in the first place

[It is hard to explain in words, I will cover my body with magic, if you touch me you may be able to feel it]

Is such a thing possible to feel?

I touched feru while feeling a little doubtful


I somehow understand

I was able to feel something warm

I was faintly able to grip something

[Did you understand?]

[Aa, I did somehow]

[If so there is only training now]

It is just like that isn’t it

Alright, let’s give it a go

Magic, magic, magic, what is warm? Magic, is there something?

I felt it, it’s like it is flowing around my body, in my blood

I concentrated on that feeling and continued training, and I was able to force the magic around my body

[Oi, I’m hungry]

I was interrupted like that by feru

Is it time allready?

[Then, should I make lunch?]

I moved out onto the empty road

Well what should we makke?

It should be easy, So I will make pork chop

Though it is not pork it will be the meat of ork

Actually, is it safe?

Because it is a big that walks on two legs

However, people of this world seem to get a lot of meat from adventures as well as some high quality goods as well

Because there is plenty of ork meat it would be a waste to throw it, so let’s have fery eat it all

First of all the onion was sliced and I cut the meat thinly

Ketchup and worcester sauce, sugar, liquor and soy sauce was mixed to make the sauce

The onion and ork meat was cooked in a pan and it changed color quickly

When the onion turned transparent I added the sauce and thus was the completion of pork chop

When I pulled it out feru made a hiku hiku sound with his nose and quickly began to eat

[UMU, it is a delicious dish]

It was good

Feru is completely ok with the ork meat

Then, should I also try it

And the appearance of pork chop is nice

I boldly put it in my mouth

Mogumogu, mogumogu……… huh? It’s delicious!

Even if the ingredients are uncommon it is still nice

It is like a brand name high-level pork

What a delicious thing, ork

Though there is a slight evasion due to the look of the creature it was a good dish

It is safe after, it is luxury pig

Un un, delicious

I put the unorthodox pork chop into bread

Yes, it is good, it is good

[Oi, more please]

While I eat I also prepare more for feru

There was a small rest after eating and then we continued walking

Of course I do not neglect magic training

I was able to do magic image training while walking, I felt the magic

Good, I thrust out my arm with the palm up

[Fire ball]


A small fire, like that from a candle lit atop my arm



Feru snorted, please stop with the disrespect

I do not feel as though this is a failure

I was able to produce a flame

Yes, no failure here

Even if you say there is, there is no such thing

……However from now I continued training so I could do it better

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