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The day after I acquired a large quant.i.ty of meat I Stood in front of the adventurerers guild with feru

I went to the purchase window from yesterday, where the same person was standing

[Good morning]

[ah, because the amount of meat is large, follow me into the warehouse]

Both me and feru follow

In the warehouse meat was piled up

[This is it]

This is even a large amount for the big eater feru, This might just last for a while

I immediately put the meat in the item box

[I thought so as well yesterday, but you have quite a large item box don’t you?]

To that question, I simply replied with [haa]

Because the meat is more important there is no time for respect (ED. rude guy….)

With that my business here is done

To be honest though I don’t think I will meet this guy again, I might not even come here again

I am scheduled to go out of town by the end of today or tomorrow

Staying to long will be bad

[Then next is the purchase of the materials]

When I finished with the meat, The old man came out with a jute bag which seemed heavy and put it out in front of me

[Well, we should break it down, first the orc.The most valuable part is the testiciles, for the five it is two gold and five silver coins.Next the red boa.It is two gold and four silver for the 2 skins and four fangs.For the c.o.c.katrice though, the meat has a high price the only thing sold are the wings, It is 3 silver per wing, but since one is damaged, it is only five silver.

The t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es of the orc, are one of the materials required for energy medicine, I hear that both are needed to produce one energy medicine (ED. “step right up step right we have grounded orc b.a.l.l.s in a cup drink this to live forever”)

Though It is slightly unpleasant, energy medicine is still very helpful.

The skin of the red boa is popular for shoes and bags, and recently red boa belts are becoming popular, while the fang is used to craft art

The feathers from the wing of a c.o.c.katrice seems to be used as a pillow

[next is The loc bird,It is seven gold coins for the wing and beak. The giant dodo is quite small, so it is not worth much, but because there is a demon stone it is worth 22 gold coins, And then the giant deer. The material from the giant deer is the skin and it also had a demon stone so it is 28 gold coins, you are quite lucky to get two demon stones]

The beak and feather from the lock bird seems to be used for arrows

It seems to have quite the penetration ability so it’s worth quite a bit

The giant dodo’s, beak is used in magic tools, like pendants and bracelets that have various effect, and the feathers seem to be materials for high level duvets

For the giant dear the skin becomes leather armor, while the horn becomes good material for a wizards cane

The demon stone that was taken from the deer and the dodo, seem to have many usages depending on the attribute. Because it can only be found in monsters of B rank it often is worth a large amount of money

Not all rank B monsters have a demon stone though, it is only around 30% that have one, but the closer to Rank A you get the more common and stronger they are.

[next are the two A ranks, these are the first A ranks I have seen for quite some time. As for the materials, from the black serpant we have the poison sack, the livert, the fang, the eyes, The skin,With that and the demon stone, It becomes 64 gold coins.Next is the murder grizzly, liver, claws, Fur and the A rank demon stone it comes to 78 gold coins]

From the black serpent the poison sac has various uses many I don’t know but are scary, while the liver is used as a medicine for nutritional fortification

The fang is used for evil things as well,The eyeball used for wands,The skin will become leather armor for a high ranking adventurer.The demon stone was of a good size and of the water element

From the bear, the liver is used for medicine, as for the claws, n.o.bles seem to buy them for evil tools, while the fur is used as rug

The price for the demon stone was quite high as well because it was quite large

[overall it is 205 gold coins and 4 silver. From there the dismantling cost will be deducted,There is a slight discount because it was a large amount and of high rank, so it was only two gold and four silver,For a total of 202 gold coins, currently it is all in gold coins, if you want, it is possible to exchange for some white gold coins large gold coins.

[no, it’s fine as just the gold coins]

I commonly shop around in the town, and coins like large gold and white gold coins will not be accepted because the amount is to large.A large gold coin is the value of ten old coins

Large coins like white gold or large gold, do not appear to often in the market

Still, 200 is a lot of coins

Though, it doesn’t really matter

For now, I have other thing to think about

Like what kind of meat I should feed to feru later

[I heard from an acquaintance that your contracted demon is a fenrir, is that correct?]

From behind me I heard a yawn, it seems feru is bored as well

But, what is it?

[Well, if you say that, he is only just a great wolf]

I have also heard of the rumours about a [A guy with a fenrir following him entering the town]There would definitely be trouble for a person who has a legend following him,So I made up the lie that feru is not fenrir, but instead only a great wolf.

A great wolf seems to be the same size and also has the same grey coat that feru has, but is only A rank

[In the first place, there is n.o.body who has seen fenrir in person,However, I wored as an adventurer before this.Though It’s not worth uch from me this does not look like a fenrir

Does fenru really look like a greatwolf?

Or did I hear it wrong

Maybe next time I should choose a smaller town,If I say feru is a great wolf, would it be easier to enter a town。

Though it might still cause a commotion as a ggreat wolf is still of A rank

So I quickly gathered the money and left without another word if feru is a fenrir or not

I pa.s.sed through the eyes of the adventurers similar to yesterday and quickly left with feru

[Feru, because I have finished everything I wanted in this town we are leaving, is that ok with you]

[It will be fine If I get to eat lots of delicious meals]

Is that so?

[Then, let’s go]

Thus with that we left Farieru town

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