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Ch 87 -- Wyvern Attack part 2

There was a group of Guild staff members cl.u.s.tered near the reception desk. "Move aside, move aside!" the voice of the Guild Master separated the group. The figure of a blood-stained man lay on the floor in their midst. From the games I had played I remembered that Wyverns had a poisonous barb on their tail. The man seemed to have been stabbed in the abdomen with that sort of stinger. Blood was flowing from the wound and the skin around the hole was a horrible purple colour.

The Guild Master opened the bottle of Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion I had given him and sprinkled it on the man's belly wound. The hole where the potion was sprinkled healed up as we watched and even the surrounding skin which had been purple returned to a normal skin color in a few moments.

"Wha, what's this... as soon as the wound heals, even the poisons are counteracted..." the Guild Master said, looking at me. No, I do not want you to look at me. I stared at the Guild Master, feigning ignorance. Don't ask questions, not here where there are so many nosy Adventurers around.

"Well, well, this fellow seems to be healing up. Take him to the aid room and put him in a bed to rest." The Guild Master instructed then called "Listen up!" to the gathered Adventurers.

"Right, as you people know," he loudly announced, "A pack of Wyverns have appeared. All C-rank Adventurers and higher are now conscripted to fight them, no exceptions. This is an urgent quest order from the guild!" On hearing the words of the Guild Master the Adventurers present started muttering to themselves dispiritedly.

"Quiet!" the Guild Master thundered. "I know that the idea of fighting Wyverns worries you, but if you don't fight them now they'll come and attack the town!" His voice softened. "It's what it means to be Adventurers, to fight for others. As Adventurers, let's go and save this town! "

Loud cheers greeted his words, the Adventurers excited by his call to arms. However my mind was still stuck on what he had said earlier, that all C-ranked Adventurers had to go fight the Wyverns? I'm a C-rank, aren't I?

"Wait, you lot." Fer said, having stayed silent until now. Fer's voice over-rode the loud voices filling the Adventurers Guild. Whispers started as they stared at Fer. "It's a Fenrir...?" "You sure, I though it was a Great Wolf?" and so on.

"Let us take care of that pack of Wyverns for you guys." What? What are you talking about, Fer?

"What's the problem?" Fer turned to me. "It will be good exercise for me, and I told you Wyvern's meat is delicious, remember?"

"No no, you didn't tell me." I lied desperately.

Fer turned to the Guild Master. "Hey you, when we deal with the Wyverns will they all belong to us?"

"Of course, of course," the Guild Master said in a relieved voice. "Wyverns that are subjugated belong to the ones who succeed in the task. Besides, if you subdue them we will pay you a subjugation fee too."

"Well in that case I'll go and take care of them right away. It's been a while since I could go all out in a fight." Fer was eager to get started but I wanted him to slow down. If I could have a quiet word before we go haring off...

"Hold on a minute and calm down, Fer." I said telepathically. "It's not for you to deal with these Wyverns, the people here will handle them. Just step back and let them do their jobs."

"Nu..." Fer whined. Whined?

"Are you going to fight, Aruji? Sui will fight too!-" Sui said telepathically as she poked herself out of the bag,

I heard more whispers from the Adventurers, "That, that Slime?" "Can you really have a Slime as a contracted beast?" and so forth.

"Morons. Sui is a Slime, true but if any of you tried to hurt her I'd destroy you all." When Fer spoke, the room went deathly quiet. Hey Fer, I know you're only trying to protect Sui and they all know you're a Fenrir now but maybe that's a bit over the top? Haa~, I suppose it's some kind of miracle that we've kept Fer's ident.i.ty a secret as long as this. Well, saying that we've still got the letter from the royal palace promising us we won't be bothered. That should keep us out of trouble...

"Fer-sama, please save this town with your power." Saying that the Guild Master bowed to Fer.

"Yeah, I got it." Fer replied, nodding in agreement.

"Thank you Mukoudsan, too." Huh? Guild Master, are you not going to let me refuse? It was an official request now...

The Guild Master turned to the Adventurers in the room. "Let me make this clear to all of you. Do not bother or harra.s.s Fer-sama and Mukoudsan. This country's rulers have proclaimed they are to be left alone, to go where they will and do as they will as long as they wish to stay here. That being the case the Adventurers Guild will offer them any a.s.sistance they require." He fixed them with a steely glare. "Understand?" The resulting silence was agreement of a sort. Well, the Guild Master certainly made things clear, didn't he?

"Hey, get on." said Fer.


"We're going to deal with those Wyverns." Fer said exasperatedly.

"No, no, just go by yourself, I'll be waiting here." I countered feebly.

"Idiot. After my exercise I'm gonna be hungry. If you're not around who's gonna cook dinner for me?" What, you want me to go into a danger zone where Wyverns are flying around just so you can eat a hot meal afterwards? "Right then, get on quick."

"Mukoudsan, the entire town is in danger. Please help us." Hey, Guild Master, are you going to sacrifice me too?

"Hurry it up." Fer was getting impatient and grabbed my collar with his teeth. "Whoops-" I fell onto Fer's back as he swung his head.

Hold on tight or you'll be shaken off." Fer warned me.

"d.a.m.n, why is it turning out like this-" I wailed silently, clinging to Fer's back for dear life. As we headed for the door I heard some Adventurers mutter things like, "We're saved" and "a pack of Wyverns, even if we were all C-rank, half of us would be killed." and such. Wyverns, are they really that dangerous?

"Well, let's go." said Fer as he dashed towards the gate leading to the western gra.s.slands. Why is this happening to meeeeee--- !!!

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