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Chapter 16 Sweet and sour Chinese miso

When I returned to the inn, feru said he was hungry

The sun was beginning to set, I should make a big meal for feru now.

Oh there is no ginger

what will I make today?

Because all feru’s eaten lately is meat, he better eat some vegetables today (maybe something with vegetables would be good)

野菜と肉で手早くできるって言ったら野菜炒めか。Are you making stir fry with vegetables and meat ?

フェルの分は肉多めで。for Feru’s share it requires too much meat

Because of him the amount of meat decreases quite fast,Though I can’t really complain as he is the one that catches it

I currently have cabbage, onion, carrot and green pepper

Though I was bean sprouts and mushrooms, I will just endure through today

But because I have seasonings it is ok

First, I cut the meat of the red boa to a good size

As it’s for feru it is cut quite largely

I also cut the vegetables

I rubbed a light amount of salt and pepper onto the red boa and lightly fried it in a pan

Frying it with sesame oil, would be better for taste

But I just used salad oil as that is what I have currently

In the frying pan I put carrot, onion, green pepper, then cabbage. In that order

I like to have a slight chewy texture, so I fry just enough to keep that feeling

When the Vegetables were done I began on the on the meat

Then for flavour

I added chinese miso(tube form)

modern foodstuffs are really something aren’t they

This wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have chinese miso paste

The harsh chinese miso paired with the fried vegetables and red boa

A familiar smell came out when I was completed

[Feru, dinners ready]

[I would be fine if it was only meat]

[having only meat would get unpleasant after a while wouldn’t it become unpleasant, it’s good to have a few vegetables every now and then]

[well, it might be nice to have some leaves occasionally, but it is not a problem if I don’t eat them, I have gone many years without eating leaves]

I wouldn’t have said it like that, it’s like you’re bragging about it

Though what’s up with the leaves, are you a herbivore?

But you should eat some vegetables it’s not bad for your health

I put a large quant.i.ty of the miso stir fried meat and vegetables in front of Feru who took the first mouthful

He began to eat, piggy like always

Well, it’s to be expected

Miso is delicious afterall

Well, I should eat as well

Mm mm it’s delicious

…. But there is no rice

Rice would make it better

I… forgot completely

This, would be the best with rice

Though It can’t be helped so I ate it with bread instead

I think I should stock up on rice

The meal was also popular with Feru who had 3 servings and seemed satisfied by the end of it

Afterall Feru is a big eater

But, I wonder what the meat tomorrow will be like

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