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Chapter 151 -- Tenant

After finishing breakfast I decided to check everyone's Status. We'd beaten all the level bosses of Doran's dungeon and even polished off the final boss, Behemoth so we must have picked up some levels and status boosts. First up I checked Fer's Status.

[ Name ] Fer
[ Age ] 1014
[ Type ] Fenrir
[ Level ] 921
[ Stamina ] 10003
[ Magic Power ] 9637
[ Attack Power ] 9275
[ Defence Power ] 10001
[ Agility ] 9839
[ Skill ] Wind Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Ice Magic, Lightning Magic, Sacred Magic, Barrier Magic, Claw Slash, Physical Strengthening, Physical Attack Resistance, Magic Attack Resistance, Magic Power Consumption Reduction, Appraisal, Battle Enhancement
[ Protections ] Wind G.o.ddess Ninril's Blessings, War G.o.d Vulcan's Blessings

O- oh? Fer's level looks about 10 points higher than when I appraised him before the 26th level boss fight... Fer had mentioned once that the higher someone's level is, the harder it is to increase it but well, the dungeon boss was Behemoth. His strength and defence exceed 10,000 too. Was there anyone, any monster who could go up against Fer the way he was now? I supposed being that strong wasn't a bad thing, not like I would know anything about that personally of course ha ha.

Next up is Dorchan.

[ Name] Dorchan
[ Age ] 116
[ Type ] Pixie Dragon
[ Level ] 160
[ Stamina ] 1092
[ Magic Power ] 3223
[ Attack Power ] 3115
[ Defence Power ] 1057
[ Agility ] 3893
[ Skill ] Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Wind Magic, Ice Magic, Lightning Magic, Recovery Magic, Bombardment, Battle Enhancement
[ Protections ] War G.o.d Vulcan's Blessings

Ohhhh... Dorchan's level has also increased, maybe by about 30 points or so. He fought Behemoth too, of course as well as a lot of the level bosses and high-ranking monsters. All his Status points exceed a thousand now, a big boost. Next I looked at Sui's Status. She seemed to have grown the most.

[ Name ] Sui
[ Age ] 2 months
[ Type ] Big Slime
[ Level ] 88
[ Stamina ] 1489
[ Magical Power ] 1467
[ Attack Power] 1460
[ Defence Power ] 1464
[ Agility ] 1491
[ Skill ] Acid Bullet, Restorative Medicine Creation, Growth, Multiplication, Water Magic, Smithing
[ Protections ] Water G.o.ddess Rusalka's Blessing, Blacksmith G.o.d Hephaestus' Blessing

Oh, that's a lot of levelling up she's achieved since I last looked, probably due to fighting Behemoth and the other big battles against strong monsters like the a.s.sorted S-rank bosses in the later dungeon levels.

All my contracted monsters are amazing. Now it's my turn, I suppose. My Status is visible when I'm using Net Super but I don't pay much attention to it since I'm usually hungry or selecting offerings for certain Deplorable-samas and I want to get finished and go to sleep. So, Status...

[ Name ] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda)
[ Age ] 27
[ Job ] A person from a different world who got caught
[ Level ] 20
[ Stamina ] 280
[ Magic Power ] 273
[ Attack Power ] 254
[ Defence Power ] 252
[ Agility ] 232
[ Skill ] Appraisal, Item Box, Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Familiar, Perfect Defence
[ Contracted Monsters] Fenrir, Big Slime, Pixie Dragon
[ Unique Skill ] Net Super (+1)
[ Protection ]  Wind G.o.ddess Ninril's blessing (small), Fire G.o.ddess Agni's blessing (small), Earth G.o.ddess Kishar's blessing (small)

Okay, my level is up, but it's not as much improved as everyone else. Well it's not a surprise, I didn't get involved a lot with the level boss fights and I stayed well back from Behemoth. I wasn't really expecting much of an improvement... actually, I'm lying, I was expecting a big increase, I got to the final level of the dungeon so I hoped it would be better than it is. The difference in improvement between myself and the other three is pitiful, really. Safety first is my motto, but yeah.

Hold on though, I didn't notice yesterday but there's a (+1) beside my Unique Skill of Net Super. What's that? If I select it by touching the (+1) I get...

[ The Unique Skill Net Super 'Tenant' has been unlocked. Please choose from the following... MacDonalds / Sanke ]

Huh? W- what just appeared? 'Tenant'... that's a store within a supermarket, selling specialised items or offering franchised food -- MacDonalds, for example. So if I chose that one I could order junk food through the Net Super? Hmmm, it's been a long time since I ate junk food but the other choice, Sanke -- that's a cake shop with Imperial connections, wagashi confectioners who supplied the three Tokugawa clans...

I saw Sui bouncing around me. Sui really likes sweet things. "Hmm," I asked her, "Does Sui like sweet things?"

"Sweet thing is pudding or cake? Umm, Sui looooves sweet things-" Of course she does. That's it decided, I'll go with the tenant shop that supplied the three Tokugawa clans with sweet things. Sui-chan is healing, it's the obvious choice. I touched 'Sanke' on the Net Super display.

[Tenant agreement with Sanke? YES / NO]

Oh, it's asking if I'm sure. I looked at Sui-chan, of course I was sure. I touched YES.

[You made a tenant agreement with Sanke. The next tenant availability will be at level 40. We look forward to your next visit. ]

After displaying this message for a few seconds it returned to the usual status screen where the (+1) beside the Net Super had disappeared. I stared at the screen, trying to figure out what was going on. I would get to choose another 'Tenant', another in-store shop when I reached level 40, it had said. Did that mean I got this first 'Tenant' because I reached level 20? I didn't expect Net Super to change at all, this was a real surprise since it was a Unique Skill. Fer had said some Skills never evolved or improved, things like Item Box but, well, my Net Super had a 'Tenant' now. I should really check it out, shouldn't I? I opened Net Super and, let's see, yup there was 'Sanke' in the first menu. I chose it and, ohhhh, my mouth started to water at the a.s.sortment of cakes and baked sweets that appeared, the sorts of wagashi and cakes you might see displayed in a high-cla.s.s confectioners back in Tokyo.

I manfully resisted the temptation to start pumping gold coins, no, large gold coins into the Net Super interface. I had other things to do first but later, oh yes later, I would be buying cakes and sweets from my Net Super's tenant store.

"Fer, Dorchan, I'm going back to the room right now and I'm going to be busy sorting through the drop items."

"Okay. Don't forget lunch." Fer reminded me unnecessarily.

"Yeah, lunch." added Dorchan.

"I won't forget." I told them. "Sui-chan, I've got something I'd like you to do for me so can you come with me?"


I wanted Sui-chan to make something for me while I sorted through all the drop items we had collected. I had been using the one I already had a lot, overusing it really and it was likely to break soon. I could buy another one in the Net Super of course but if Sui-chan made it from Mithril then it would be a lot tougher, and she could make it bigger too, make it easier for me to use. We headed back to our room so I could show it to Sui and ask if she can make it. I was pretty confident she wouldn't have a problem.

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