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Chapter 15 Meat is necessary for me

I entered the adventurer guild, but there were not many people around, perhaps its to early for other adventurers.

Maybe I should hand in the remnants of Feru’s catch. Before it’s too late

I lined up at the counter which was almost empty

Because there was only two people in front of me It was my turn almost instantly.

When I reached the receptionist I pa.s.sed up my card and the Kiayu gra.s.s

[You got he request this morning and have already gotten this much?]

I put up 40 Kiayu gra.s.s, so she was right to be surprised]

[Ah, well I Guess I got lucky]

Was 40 too much though?

Though I used appraisal, I kept it a secret

[ah , found a big cl.u.s.ter eh?]

The receptionist said so, It does make sense put this way

[the request was for 5 Kiayu gra.s.s as you have 8 sets the reward has become 6 silver]

I got six coins and then pa.s.sed over the application for Maju gra.s.s

For the Maju gra.s.s quest I only handed over 5 this time

Even though I had more I decided to hand in a little bit.

The remaining maju gra.s.s is kept in my item box, which I would use another time

[Because there is 5 maju gra.s.s, the amount the request specified it comes out as 1 silver and three copper please confirm the amount]

With that I felt relieved

It’s great that I can start a quest and then hand it in immediately

And appraisal was also helpful.

Then next is ferus catch

[by any chance do you buy red boa?]

[E? Red boa? But , you are only G rank]

Apparently red boa is not something people of G rank hunt

Well looking at it, it is quite large

It is impossible to say I hunted it myself

[Ah well, I didn’t catch it, my contracted demon did

When I said so the receptionist seems to agree that it is possible (ED. this woman is very rude … never underestimate main character kun)

[Because it is sale of a large demon please move onto the next window, over there please]

The receptionist today is in a good mood.

The requests were handled quickly so I moved out to the next window as fast as I could.

[excuse me, will you buy this?]

[ah , please take it out and put it here]

The receptionist was an ossan (ED.slightly less rude then calling him an old man)

he was very stern faced and not amused.

[ah well there is quite a lot is it ok to put it all here?]

[a large amount, do you have an Item box?]

[yes, then I shall start]

First I take out 5 orc

Then 2 red boa

[woah woah wait please]

Eh, but there’s still more

Then the old man asked me to follow him to the depository

[Ah, this is place alright for me to take my contracted demon into?]

I got permission, and then I called feru in

Feru and I entered a warehouse behind the purchase window.

[so, you are that guy from the rumor?]

Rumor? What rumor?

[A Guy who has contracted with a fenrir is going to start a rumor if he were to enter town]

ha, it comes from such a thing

Wa, feru is actually quite conspicuous

[A guy with a fenrir?]

[well then we should begin]

Rock bird, giant dodo, black serpent, cocatris x3, Giant toad, murder grisly

[this is all of it]

The old man opened his mouth in surprise

Is this guy alright?

He still hasn’t moved yet is he really ok?

But then he finally moved

[ this is a great amount, but they are also all strong, Rock bird, giant dodo and the giant toad are all B rank, but you also have the A rank black serpant and the murder grizzly oh, I didn’t know these guys were that strong

Well all of them are very large so it is as expected

Well, I thought they only had dangerous names, but they were actually strong

Well, because feru was the one who caught these theres is no problem

I was actually able to learn from it

[ah, um, Can I eat all these demons here?]

Well, it is meat

And feru was securing meat for me to cook

[Ah, yes you can eat the entirety of these monster, they are all also a high quality item


I thought I would be able to eat it but I did not expect it to be a high quality product!

It is quite a relief,

[Then am I able to take all the meat and just sell the materials?]

[Even though this meat is worth a lot, do you not want to sell it?]

[no I don’t, Feru here is quite the big eater]

The old man seemed disappointed but he looked down at feru with an [Ah I understand] looking face

[Well that is possible, but because there is a large amount, please come by tomorrow morning then you can take it back, the money from dismantling will be deducted from the materials]

Well then I will come back tomorrow

But I want meat now

[Is it possible to get meat from one right now?]

[hmm, ah a meal for the demon, then please just wait a moment]

So saying, he handled the red boa

He was quite professional, he skillfully divided the skin, meat and internal organs fast.

The skin will be sold, while the organs will be thrown away

[well, this is it]

There seems to be 200kilo of red boa meat pa.s.sed to me

With this I do not need to worry about feru for a while

I put the meat in my irem box and thanked the old man as I let the workshop

When I walked out into the guild again I got many looks from the adventurers

Well I did sell many strong monsters just now….

However feru’s meal has been acquired as well (ED. as long as the giant demon wolf is happy so am I)

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