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Ch 70 -- We try katsudon

I decided to prepare a meal when we got out of the cave. Because I fried some pork cutlets yesterday, I wanted to eat 'that'. Since it would take some time to cook I decided to offer deep fried pork cutlets to Fer and Sui first.

"There is something I want to make but it'll take a while to cook so please eat this while I get it ready."

"What are you going to make? Is it delicious?" Fer inquired.

"It will be super delicious. I guarantee you'll enjoy the taste." I replied, somewhat offended at his lack of faith in my cooking skills.

"Well, you do not have to say that much." It was sort of an apology, quite something from Fer. "I'm looking forward to it." he finished.

"Are we going eat delicious food-? " Sui interjected.

"That's what we're going to do, but it will take some time to cook so eat this right now."

"Well, Sui will wait for you-"

Right, let's get cooking. The other two spent their time eating fried pork cutlets.

So the meal plan today is katsudon. I wanted to eat lots of katsudon with runny eggs and sweet-sour soup stock. First I needed the ingredients. I bought onions and seasonings to use for soup stock as well as rice and eggs on the Net Super.

I started by cooking rice. I washed the rice and started it cooking it in the pot. After slicing the onions thinly, I made soup stock. The package soup stock is almost as good as when I make it from scratch. I've tried using different soups like soba noodle stock and the like but this is the best one in my opinion.

I broke the eggs and mixed them lightly, being careful not to make them too consistent. I like it when the yolk and white are a bit separate.

While the rice was cooking and steaming, I added dashi soy sauce, sweet sake, sugar and onions to the frying pan and put it on the stove.

The onions were boiled in the soup stock until they became translucent and then I added the pork cutlets. I boiled them for a while to let the soup penetrate into the cutlets and then I added half the eggs. I continued to cook the dish until the eggs start to solidify and then I turned the heat off and added the rest of the eggs, letting them cook from the residual heat. After that the katsudon was completed by putting it on a layer of cooked rice topped with runny eggs and sweet soup.

 "The katsudon's ready." I announce.

"What's this... Mmmm, this is delicious. The egg is mixed with the Orc General meat and it tastes really good." Fer gobbled the katsudon in his usual rush. Yeah yeah, of course it's delicious.

"It's delicious, the meat and runny eggs are delicious-" Sui agreed. So Sui also thinks it's delicious? Excellent. This rice bowl dish was not a failure.

Well, it's time for me to eat too. With a rice bowl dish and especially something like katsudon, you want tea to refresh your mouth so I purchased a PET bottle of tea from the Net Super.

So what's katsudon like after such a long time without? Well, the mixture of eggs and sweet juice soup is the best and having rice underneath to soak up the juices just adds to the flavour. It's delicious, just as I antic.i.p.ated.

Glug- I take a big drink of tea. The inside of my mouth is refreshed, then more katsudon, working my way down through the bowl's contents.

"Seconds here." demanded Fer.

"Sui too-"

That was quick. "Here you go." I piled more katsudon in front of the two gluttons. Both of them started eating again.

I didn't eat fried cutlets earlier like the other two so having some more katsudon myself will be OK. I started to eat, finishing off the remaining katsudon before it got cold even though I think it's still quite tasty even when it cools down.

*munch**munch**munch*... Fuuu- I ate it all.  I gulped more tea to rinse the fat from my mouth.

"Aruji-" Sui interjected.

"What is it, Sui, are you wanting more?"

"No, I'm full. Hey, is that green drink delicious?-"

"Oh? It's tea, would you like to have a drink?"

"Yeah, I'll drink some-"

I put a little tea in an empty dish and offered it to Sui.

"Oh, this, bitter. Not delicious. Sui doesn't like this, peh peh-"

Odd, Sui will eat pretty much anything (even other-world garbage) but somehow she doesn't like the bitter taste of tea. Well if you can't cope with bitterness ... How about this then? I bought some cola at the Net Super.

"Sui, how about this?" I poured some cola into the dish.

"This isn't bitter?- " Oh my dear Sui, how can you be so suspicious of me?

"No it's not bitter, it's sweet, honest!" I was hurt. Sui put a little tentacle into the cola hesitantly.

"Wow! ! !-" Apparently she thought it was delicious as the cola in the dish disappeared instantly.

"Wow, this is-, please give me more!-" I poured more cola into the dish for her. *glug**glug**glug*

"This is sweet and sweet and delicious -" I added yet more cola to her dish. *glug**glug**glug*

"Is that stuff delicious? Let me drink it too." Fer said so I poured some cola on a dish for him.

"Gulp.... Nuku, what is it, this is strange, it p.r.i.c.kles on my tongue." Fer was surprised by the carbonation bubbles.

"Gulp, gulp. Well, my first time drinking this is not unpleasant. To think there are such mysterious drinks in the other world."

Fer and Sui both seemed to like cola, they drank a 1.5 litre bottle each.

"Well, we should be heading back to the city soon."

"Right, let's go." Fer agreed.

"Let's go back, Sui." I said. Sui got into her bag, I climbed on Fer's back and we started on our way back to the city.

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