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Chapter 21 – Fer-san’s Bootcamp

I did my best.

I did that thing of spreading magic powers throughout my body for three days continuously.

That is why, I should be able to do it.

I can, I can do it.

Let’s go!

「Fire Ball」

A soft ball sized fire ball appeared above my right hand’s palm that I reached out.

However, it cannot be called as a Fire Ball with just that.

It is called Fire Ball once it was shot and exploded.

“Ei〜”, I threw the fire ball ahead of the road.

The fire ball flew with the speed of a ladies’ bicycle.

And when I reached 20 meters away it lost its speed and fell.


A small explosion(if it could be considered as one) occurred.

I hate myself for saying this but, it’s so shabby.

If it’s like this, it cannot even become the letter A of the word attack.

Fer is Fer as usual, he scoffed at me with ridicule.

d.a.m.n itーーーー!!!

『I have said that there all that you can do is practice but, if it comes to this, how about doing a real fight. Rather than long period of training, there are more things that you can get during a real fight would 』

「Well, that might be true but……you mean fight monsters by that right? I can’t use a sword, and my magic’s just how you saw it. What would you do if I get injured?」

『What, do not worry. I shall make you a barrier. It will block the attacks from monsters, but it will not hinder your attacks. And also, I shall be by your side, there is no need to be afraid』

「But……I don’t want to get injured……」

『Eeii, you coward!  Hurry up and ride on my back!』

Fer who got p.i.s.sed off with my whimpering att.i.tude and forcefully placed me on his back.

「H-Hey wait, where are you planning on taking me!」

When I asked that in a hurry, Fer said『Of course it’s where there are monsters』.

「What! Monsters you say, I’d get killed with my strength right now!」

『It’s alright. I shall pick weak monsters that are suitable for you. And I am with you, do not worry』

Do not worry you say, of course I’ll be worried!

Call me a coward or whatever, but you shouldn’t make someone fight a monster so suddenly.

『Nu, there’s a goblin. Good timing. I shall erase my presence so that it will not notice, so you should be quiet as well』

After saying that, Fer ran.

d.a.m.n your “good timing”.

…………what the heck is this.

There are so many goblins.

The place Fer took me to was the settlement of goblins.

『It’s goblin. Shoot them with your magic』

No, no, no, isn’t this too ridiculous.

What the heck do you want me to do bro.

『Hurry up and shoot』

「What the heck are you saying, that’s absurd, look how many they are」

『Nu, I told you I shall create a barrier. There, it is alright now』

「Alright you say, d.a.m.n your it’s alright!」

『You coward. If you shall not go, then I will』

Saying that, Fer howled『Wuuーーーーn』.

Hey, don’t howl here!

Look, the goblins looked here at once.

Ge! They noticed us.

GYAAAAAA, a whole lot of goblins with clubs and swords and axes are comingーーーーー!!!

『Hmph, with this, you have no choice but to fight. Shoot and shoot and shoot magic so that your body shall remember it. I shall hunt higher tiered goblins』

「Hey! Don’t leave me alone!!!」

d.a.m.n your『Shoot and shoot and shoot magic so that your body shall remember it』!!

d.a.m.n it!! I’ll remember this, Fer!

Uwaaa! Goblins are comingーーー!!

「Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!!」

My shabby fire ball hits the goblin.

Although it’s shabby, fire is fire, so damage was dealt to the goblin.

I continued to shoot Fire Ball.

My surroundings were already full of goblins, but even if the goblins swing their clubs, slash with their swords, or try to split my head with their axes, all of them were blocked by the barrier that Fer made.

But even so, the looming army of goblins raises my fear.

And as if to dispel that fear, I shot and shot and shot Fire b.a.l.l.s.

「Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!」

Just like Fer has said, I shot and shot and shot Fire b.a.l.l.s.

「Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!」  

d.a.m.nn, I’m not yet finished!!!

「Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!」   

And then, what happened was that the more that I shot, the more its speed and power increased.

It looks like I grasped the feeling after getting used to shooting so many times.

I continued to shoot Fire b.a.l.l.s.

「Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!」    

I shot once, I shot twice, I shot many times.

How long has it pa.s.sed since I started shooting Fire b.a.l.l.s.

「Haaa, haaa……F-Fire Ball!!!」

The volleyball-sized Fire Ball flew with quite some speed, hitting the goblins and exploded.

That shot was my ideal Fire Ball itself, but it was also the last one.

「I-I can’t do, no more……」

Is this what they call, drying up magic powers?

I can’t conjure any strength.

There are still many goblins remaining, but I can’t move anymore yo.

『Hmph, see, you can do it if you want to』


Ohhh, he returned.

I’m already finished.

I-I’ll leave the rest to you.

As soon as I saw Fer’s appearance, I lost my consciousness at the same time.

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