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Chapter 01 – I got caught in a different world summon



My name is Mukouda Tsuyoshi (向田剛志). By the way, I’m 27 years old, single.

I’m a humble salaryman who lives in a rural area of j.a.pan.

And the reason why I’m in this fantasy world of sword and magic that is similar to medieval Europe, is because I was caught in a『Hero Summoning』.

I had read so much of those kinds of web novels for pa.s.sing the time, but never that I imagine that it would happen for me for real.

On top of that, to think that I was not a Hero, but only someone who’s caught in……this isn’t a joke.

And the one that took command for that『Hero Summoning』ceremony that was not a laughing matter, is a country called Leysehel Kingdom.

The Summoned Heroes should’ve been only 3 people, but since 4 people appeared, the big shots in that place made a confused face.

But well, you know, the ones who was the most confused was us who were suddenly summoned to a different world right.

And although it was like that, it’s suddenly like「Hero-sama!」, you get that. (TL: Yuusha-sama!〜)

Being someone who fancies reading web novels, I immediately realized it was a different world summoning though.

Since we were called as “Hero-sama”, I expected just a little bit, you know.

Despite the fact that it turned out to be a disappointment soon.

The status identification was performed on us who summoned at that place.

According to them, they did it using an identification magic item or something.

And with that status identification, the people other than me (they’re wearing uniforms, so I think that they’re high school students), had『Hero who came from another world』in their job column, but I only had『A person from a different world who got caught』.

On top of that, compared to the other 3 who had 700 to 800 stamina and magic powers, I only have around 100 more or less.

Even so, they said that I have the strength that is more than this world’s average.

But, compared to the other three, there’s no doubt that it is not as good as them so I couldn’t be comforted by it.

The number of skills I have compared to the three is completely different too.

Other than the skills like Identification or Item box that we have in common, they had skills like Holy Swordsmanship, Holy Spearmanship, Holy Magic that made the big shots in that place astonished.

In addition to that, they had magic skills for Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Lightning, and Ice.

It’s the thing that you call a cheat.

Compared to that, my unique skill is『Net Super』.

Well, I was like, “No, no, what the heck is that”.

You get it right, I also know what a net super is.

I have been under their care for many times too.

However, it’s a skill bro, a skill.

Isn’t there some kind of a magical thingy.



The people from the other world was like “What the heck is that”, and the other three heroes were laughing too, and because of this unique skill, I’m immediately treated as useless.

Even so, there’s no doubt that I’m summoned to this world because of the『Hero Summoning』, so I was able to meet with the king in the audience hall, but that king’s words was like super suspicious like I meant it.


According to the king,

The Demon King plans on dominating this country and frequently attacks this country. We are able to stop them somehow, but we do not know how long that would last. In this situation, the citizen of this country are suffering. With desperate emotions, we performed the ancient ceremony which is the Hero Summoning. This is a very selfish wish, in addition to summoning you due to our own conveniences, but please save this country. This country does not know the way for returning you to the world you were in before, but the Demon King who had lived for a very long time and is excellent at magic should know.


Well, his words were just like that.

It’s obviously suspicious right.

Especially when he mentioned about returning to the world before.

Also, from how the king spoke, this country should be in a dangerous situation, but the people in here doesn’t have tragic feelings, you know.

On top of that, the king is a fat middle aged man that is wearing a blinding, flashy, jewelry embedded cape that was like “how much d.a.m.n money did you pay for that”.  

The queen who is sitting beside the king and the princesses that were standing beside are wearing flashy dresses that were like saying “we’re living extravagantly~”.

The king and the rest, worried about the people suffering, even though you’re experiencing luxury in such a way?

And the result of comprehensive evaluation of such various things, I came to the conclusion that this is a “bad” type of different world summoning.

Even though they’re saying “Hero”, in the end, we would only be thrown into a war for expanding this country’s territory or something, anyways, we would only be used by this country as they wanted.

On top of that, I’m not a Hero or whatsoever, so I probably won’t get treated well, at worst, there’s even the possibility of getting executed.

I decided that I should leave this castle right away.

That’s why, for the meantime, I a.s.sumed a humble att.i.tude, and said this.

「I am not a Hero, and being in this place, I would be only a nuisance for everyone. That really breaks my heart, so if I were to be allowed to receive money to live 2-3 months until I gain a job, I think that I can do something about myself」

And then, as expected, should I say, or did they think like “good riddance” or something, I was given 20 gold coins and was taken out of the castle.

And it comes back to the present where I am currently walking in the royal capital’s town

I don’t know if 20 gold coins are expensive or cheap, but anyways, I got money that I could live with for a while.

Including monetary value, there’s a need to learn about this world quickly I guess.

And then, if possible, I will leave this country as soon as I can.

Judging from how that king was, there’s no way that this would be a good country, and I feel like I would experience only bad things in here.

Yosh, now that’s decided, let’s start right away.









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