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Published at 11th of September 2019 09:20:05 AM Chapter 308: 308

 The huge flying boat of Yusu Mountain disappeared into the rain mountain skyline .

 In the pavilions on the flying boat, Moxiong stood on the third floor of the pavilion . From here, he looked at the main peak of the cracked rain mountain, and there was a sigh of a smile in his eyes .

 " Qin Feng . . . You and I will meet again . "

 "Next time, you won't be so lucky again . "

 In addition to being vicious, there is still the curiosity in the eyes . . . Mo Xiong, very interested in the dragon soul that Qin Feng called out!

  . . . . . .

 Rain mountain main peak, Medicine Pavilion .

 In other words, the main peak at the moment is already non-existent, and the peak of the kilometer is only a complete collapse .

 The mountain peak collapsed and splashed with smoke and dust, and the stone ruins were above .

 'Wow', Qin Feng knelt, his hands were on the ground, the blood continued to spit out, only the empty tomb condensed into the barrier directly collapsed, the power of counter-attacks hurt him, if not There is Eight Nine Xuan Gong, perhaps he can't hold it anymore .

 "I am healing you!"

 Yun Ling, she quickly responded . Thirteen silver needles floated into the body of Qin Feng and began to adjust the injuries in Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng gasped with a big mouth and looked at Yun Ling . He saw her nervous expression and couldn't help but smile: "Rea.s.sured, I am fine . "

 Suddenly, Qin Feng stood up slowly under the help of Yun Ling .

 His eyes were sweeping across the square, broken .

 When the rolling dust completely dissipated, everything was finally seen . The number of people who had previously entered the Medicine Pavilion in Qin Feng's empty tomb barrier range was less than one hundred .
 These people saved their lives under the protection of the empty tomb barrier .

 However, the rest of the Medicine Pavilion people . . . All die!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

 The wind is pa.s.sing by .

 "Mo Xiong! My Medicine Pavilion will be absolutely irreconcilable with you! "

 Tie Mu, who is messed up, looking at this scene, burst into tears, roared to the sky!

 The rest of the Medicine Pavilion is also extremely sad . The original Medicine Pavilion is thousands of people . Even the previous killings are just less than 100 deaths .

 But what happened just now, the eight hundred Medieval Pavilion disciples died .

 Medicine Pavilion, almost extinct!

 Fortunately, Qin Feng is here, if there is no Qin Feng, none of these Medicine Pavilion people can survive! That is also the result that Moxiong hopes to see .

 Qin Feng stood up straight, his brows wrinkled up . . . A pair of eyes continually glanced around, looking for the ruins of Pharmacopeia Court!

 He wants to find Dan formula of Life Dan!

 At this time, Tiemu took the remaining more than 70 Medicine Pavilion disciples and walked forward, ten meters away from Qin Feng .

 Tiemu, the most qualified elder of the Medicine Pavilion, knelt toward Qin Feng .

 "The grace of the benevolent, the Medicine Pavilion will be remembering for life, but if there is an order, the Medicine Pavilion will obey!"

 In the phrase, full of grief and full of grat.i.tude .

 Not only Tie Mu, but more than 70 surviving Medicine Pavilion disciples are kneeling: "We will obey!"

 "The one you have to worship, not me . "

 Qin Feng glanced at these people, said casually .

 The Medicine Pavilion, including Tie Mu, heard Qin Feng's words and they were stunned . At this time, Qin Feng grabbed Yun Ling 's wrist and lifted her hand slightly .

 At the same time, the former Ouyang Changyi gave Yun Ling 's ancient Dan vessel in her hands .

 When they saw this Danding, everyone at the Medicine Pavilion, who was so devastated, was excited and re-emerged in the eyes!

 Qing Mu Vessel, the vessel of the first lord of Medicine Pavilion, has become the token of the Medicine Pavilion in the past . Whoever has the Qing Mu Vessel in Medicine Pavilion will be the owner of the Medicine Pavilion !

 "I am Tie Mu, greetings my lord!"

 Tiemu was looking up at Yun Ling, he is extremely respectful and bows .

 "Greetings my lord!"

 The rest of the disciples are the same .

 Yun Ling looked at this scene, subconsciously looking at Qin Feng, Qin Feng 's mouth is only with a gentle smile .

 But he suddenly froze, Qin Feng covered his heart, the blood spurted again, his injury . . . Completely broke out .

 His eyes were black just before Qin Feng pa.s.sed out .

 Grabbing Yun Ling 's hand fiercely, three words were squeezed out of his mouth: "Life . . . Life Dan! "

 After that, he completely fainted .

  . . . . . .

 Yuzhou, one of Jiuzhou, which is also the center of the earth .

 In the center of Yuzhou, there is a deserted city, with broken wood and broken .

 There are strict rules in the customary world, and no one is allowed to enter the city around the deserted city .

 The reason given is that this deserted city is abandoned due to the leakage of nuclear power plants, so it has extremely strong radiation . This official announcement comes out, unless it is not desperate to seek for death, otherwise, no one dares to approach .

 At this time, on the side of this deserted city, there was no s.p.a.ce in the sky . At this moment, there was a flying boat slowly showing its shape .

 Flying boats are not big, they can only carry about 30 people .

 The boat slowly landed, and people from this flying boat came out one after another .

 "Homeowner, Celestial City is here . "

 Behind Qi Linger, Qi Hong held his own goatee and said with a smile .

 "Here is the Celestial City?"

 Qi Linger's body has not recovered and her movements are not convenient, so she was carried by Niu Dazhuang at this time . Looking at this dilapidated city in front of her, she is a little unsure . After all, she has never been to Xiange in the past .

 "Linger sister, I heard that Celestial City is as beautiful as a picture scroll? But here . . . This place is so broken . "

 Liu Man was in the side of Qi Linger, looking at the dilapidated surroundings, could not help but be disappointed, apparently completely different from her expected Xian Ge .

 "Hmm Hmm Hmm!"

 Niu Dazhuang also followed a few screams, which meant agreeing with Liu Man's opinion .

 "The homeowner does not need to be confused . "

 Qi Hong smiled, and then in the crowd behind him, there was a person walking forward, and when he walked out about twenty meters, he took out something like an invitation .

 He was respectful and presented the letter, and suddenly, the void in front of the person began to tremble .

 The invitation was even floating and directly fell into the void in front him .

 then… It seems that it got the certification .

 The scene that surprised Qi Linger appeared .

 Just as a camouflage cloth was torn off, the original empty s.p.a.ce slowly appeared a gap . From this gap, they can see a suspended cable bridge . The end of the bridge is a high-rise city gate .

 There is a plaque on the gate, which has two words: Jing Men .

 Xian Ge is in the middle of Celestial City, and Celestial City is in Yuzhou . Therefore, Celestial City has eight gates, except for Yuzhou, Jing, Qing, Yong, Liang, Chong, Xu, Yang, and Ji .

 This is eight gates .

 Qi family is the first family in Jingzhou, entering the Celestial City, naturally, they choose Jing Men .

 "Lord, let's go to the city . "

 Qi Hong smiled and opened his mouth and called Qi Linger, who was in surprise .

 Taking a deep breath, Qi Linger's eyes showed a glimmer of joy, she . . . Most like novelties, it seems that this Celestial City should not let her down .

 "Let's go into the city . "

 She patted on the big man's shoulders, then Niu Dazhuang steps toward the front cable bridge .

 These days, forces like the Qi family have been coming in an endless stream .

 Immortal League Conference . . . It is about to kick off!

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