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Published at 11th of September 2019 09:20:07 AM Chapter 307

 Rain mountain, the peaks of the mountains are bursting .

 The sound of the bang, resounding between the heavens and the earth . . . When this sound slowly dissipated .

 In the Dan field of the main peak, the body of the sword is already dissipated, and the double dragon is also sleeping again .

 Heaven and earth, it became quiet, only the wind blew the smoke .

 Two figures, slowly appearing in this Dan smoke .

 Qin Feng, Mo Xiong .

 At the moment, the two of them seem to be not in a good position, and they are all broken .

 If it is hard to say, Mo Xiong is way more awkward .

 A sullen sigh, Mo Xiong could not suppress, a glimpse of blood falling from the corner of his mouth!

 "How could it be so strong . . . "

 Muttering to himself, Mo Xiong could not believe at all . Just now it was his strongest blow, Jian Yu, this is the secret of Yusu Mountain!

 Coupled with the power of his own Yuan Yin, it is just a tie with the kid!

 If not personally experienced, Mo Xiong would not believe it .

 "Can't continue to play with this kid . "

 Thinking in his heart, Mo Xiong is very clear that he has just condensed Yuan Yin through Ju Ying Dan . The strength of Yuan Yin has not been completely stabilized . If the cultivation is stable, his own combat power is enough to improve by 50%!

 By then . . . Must be able to kill this kid!

Advertis.e.m.e.nt If he continues to fight here with the kid, he is not afraid, but it doesn't make much sense . In his view, Yuan Yin cultivation, which is not fully stabilized, can't kill Qin Feng .

 Since it can't be killed, it's better to stop it than to spend the Yuan Yin that has just been condensed here .

 After all, Yuan Yin is just a success, once the spiritual power is overdrawn, there may be some problems, and he does not want to leave any sequela .

 Moreover, Qin Feng in his eyes experienced the same blow, and it seems to be the same as nothing!

 Qin Feng with a golden cudgel with one hand and Mo Xiong stood outside the thousand feet, the eyes are still calm, but . . . It can be observed in the faint that he's left hand in the trouser pocket, and the blood falls down the fingertips .

 "Kid, the day I stabilize my cultivation, it is when you are buried!"

 Moxon made a decision by biting his teeth and a voice was introduced into the ears of all Yusu cultivators : "withdraw!"

 Turned into a black gold sword light, skyrocketing, the rest of the Yusu cultivator, although it is very strange why suddenly the boos issued a retreat order at this time, but there is no delay, have to go backward .

 However, it is dozens of seconds, and all Yusu cultivators have withdrawn from the main peak of the rain mountain .

 The main peak of the rain mountain , which was originally smothered by the sound of roaring, suddenly recovered quietly . . .

 The wind is bleak .

 Broken mountain, collapsed pavilion .

 The quiet and peaceful Medicine Pavilion has disappeared .

 Those Medieval Pavilion disciples, after stunning, are ecstatic and shouted! They are coming to Dan field and coming to their benefactors!

 At this time, Yun Ling also suppressed the internal injuries, the first time she flied in the wind, falling on the side of Qin Feng .


 Yun Ling landed, not waiting for Yun Ling to finish speaking, Qin Feng's face was pale, blood squirting, and spit a few mouthfuls of blood, the body is shaking, almost fall .

 Only . . . He forcibly suppressed the raging injury in the body, just to scare Mo Xiong!

 In fact, at this moment, he is already exhausted . If Mo Xiong started again, there is no resistance, no doubt!

 This is a gamble on life . Fortunately, Qin Feng won the bet!

 Yun Ling was nervous and quickly helped Qin Feng .

 "you…" "you…"

 Yun Ling looked at such a weak Qin Feng, her eyes filled with tears, and fell into a row .

 She was crying .

 Although she doesn't know what it feels like, it's so sorrowful, it's like having a knife across it, hurting . . . It hurts .

 "Why are you crying, stupid girl . "

 Qin Feng looked at Yunling with tears streaming down her face and couldn't help froze, because in his view, the woman didn't understand the world .

 But now . . . She is crying for him .

 Qin Feng raised her hand to wipe the tears on her cheeks .

 "I… I am afraid that you will leave me like the Master . "

 Yun Ling bit her lip and slammed into Qin Feng 's arms and hugged Qin Feng tightly .

 Qin Feng smiled, then he laughed .

 Just as he wanted to comfort Yun Ling, he coughed up fiercely, and the blood spits out .

 This time . . . The injury is heavy enough .

 Lifting his eyes slightly, Qin Feng looked at the direction in which Mo Xiong left, and his eyes showed cold .

 The injury of the moment, he will let him repay with his life!

 In the land above the rain mountain, a huge flying boat, above the flying boat, tens of thousands of Yusu cultivators stand densely, and they are very excited at the moment .

 Because they are very clear, what will happen this time back!

 The ident.i.ty of Yusu Mountain will change and will become the owner of Yunshui!

 They will dominate Yunshui!

 In the past, those who are on an equal footing with them, Penglai, Da Zhao and Xiaozhao Temple, will fear them, they will respect them, they will all obey their orders, and they will all face their arrogant heads in the face of the prime!

 In front of the flying boat, Mo Xiong stood here and watched the main peak of the rain mountain, which gradually went away . There was a touch of vicious in his eyes . At this time, he was already neatly dressed, the jade crown stood, and a majestic let out from the body . Others did not dare to look directly into his eyes .

 On his side, an old man opened his mouth .

 "Lord . "

 This person is the third elders of Yusu Mountain, and also the confidant of Moxiong . This sentence seems to be asking for something .

 "Let this Medicine Pavilion become a cloud of smoke in history . "

 Moxiong said casually, then he turn and walk toward the attic on the flying boat .

 "Yes, Lord . "

 The third elder of Yusu respected the back of Moxiong, and then he looked at the main peak of the rain mountain . He made the spell and shouted .

 "Destroy, start . "

  . . . . . .

 The main peak of the rain mountain has already become a ruined Dan field .

 Yun Ling is holding Qin Feng tightly, Qin Feng is looking at the sky, that is the direction of the Yusu mountain cultivator . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

 Just at this time…

 A devastating atmosphere is scattered from the main peak of the rain mountain!


 Qin Feng's heart thumped, and narrowed his eyes in an instant!

 Subconsciously looked at the Medicine Pavilion disciples who are coming to Dan field! At most, only a few dozen people have entered the range of their own, but . . . There is no time to wait!

 Almost subconsciously, Qin Feng forcibly squeezed Dan Tian, which had been completely empty, he started the spell with one hand!


 The first step of empty tomb , with Qin Feng as the center, s.p.a.ce is suddenly blocked!


 Just at this moment!

 The main peak of the entire rain mountain, the Medicine Pavilion has been pa.s.sed down for thousands of years . . .


 Looking from a distance, the whole mountain has become a powder in a moment! All traces have been erased from this world!

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