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It seems that Lu Yun doesn't notice the sharp eyes of the heroes. He enters the mansion with his head held high.

The residence of the Chen is big and luxurious, with whom clan Lu is not comparable.

The two long rows of seats have been set for the occasion. Some of those who come to attend the banquet are from more than a thousand miles away.

Lu Yun has heard a lot about Chen Jitai. Because Chen Jitai is a man born in Yidong city, Lu Yun regards him as the most admired hero.

Lu Yun feels somewhat uncomfortable. He thinks that he is invited because of his relation with Chen Dan. He saved Chen Dan. It must be Chen Dan who wants to give him a chance to meet important persons on this occasion.

But it is not the good time yet. In the eyes of other guests, he is but a kid. Lu Yun can see the surprise and contempt in their eyes.

"Lu Yun!"

As expected, Lu Yun hears Chen Dan's voice when he steps in.

Even on such an important occasion, Chen Dan's still dressed as hot as before. She reaches out and hooks Lu Yun's wrist closely.

"Who is that kid?" The heroes are puzzled. But those who know it well can see that he is invited by Miss Chen.

"What a mess! This kind of person is to partic.i.p.ate in the feast with us?!" The heroes see this situation, unpleased in the heart.

Lu Yun hears all the voices. Chen Dan pays no attention to what others say, but high-spiritedly shows Lu Yun around in the residence.

Lu Yun understands her kindness, but still says, "Why didn't you let me know before inviting me. It is not very …"

"Hey! Do you think I am so thoughtless?" Chen Dan says, making a funny face. "I just saw your name on the invitation and asked carefully. Lu Yun from clan Lu, that's n.o.body but you!"

"Well? Didn't you invite me?" Lu Yun is puzzled.

"Please, my grandfather's 80th birthday. I should know the limit, but I didn't expect that you are among the invited. I was afraid of the happenings like that a moment ago so I come to meet you at the entrance." Chen Dan says.

Lu Yun is even more confused. It seems that Chen Dan is the only one he knows in her family; how can he be invited? Is it just because he defeated Lu Ji? This is a ridiculous reason.

"Forget about it, why do you take the trouble to think about it. Let's have a walk. I will show you around." Chen Dan says with a smile.

"Yeah!" Lu Yun agrees. Now that he is here he'd better stay.

No one would have noticed Lu Yun, after all, he is an unnamed junior invited by Miss Chen. But in the crowd, there is a teenager whose eyes are especially fierce.

His name is Ji Yong, of the same age as Lu Yun. He has become famous in spite of his age, known as the fast sword prodigy.

Ji Yong is the eldest grandson of clan Ji, the largest clan in Yidong City. He was fascinated at the first sight of Chen Dan, but unfortunately for several years, it seems that Chen Dan never noticed him. Ji Yong thought that Chen Dan already had someone she likes, and now he has found the answer!

Having crushed a wine cup in his fingers, Ji Yong says to himself, "A nameless p.a.w.n is competing with me for Chen Dan! You are wrong in accepting Chen Dan's invitation to come to the feast for the heroes! I will make you feel regret at being present at the feast. No, I will make you feel too shameful to live in the world, you the good-for-nothing!"

Lu Yun naturally does not know anything about Ji Yong, someone of the same age as him invited to the feast. After Chen Dan's introduction, Lu Yun comes to know that they are all from the big families in Yidong City and even the surrounding towns.

There are two exceptions. The eldest grandson of clan Yi is absent because he was a.s.sa.s.sinated days ago. The one invited from clan Lu is Lu Yun.

Lu Yun explains to himself why he is invited probably because he defeated Lu Ji.

Chen Dan shows Lu Yun around in her family residence. The chamberlain comes to tell Chen Dan that the banquet is about to begin. As a hostess, Chen Dan has to prepare in advance. Lu Yun returns to the seats for the guests.

When he is back and all the guests are consciously seated according to their seniority. Lu Yun is the last who arrives. Only the last seat remains vacant.

Several satirical comments are heard in the crowd. Lu Yun looks at them calmly and takes his seat.


Among the guests, someone turns his attention to Lu Yun. He is Zhang Yuanzhao, whose importance is only next to Chen Jitai in Yidong City.

His "Oh" is to marvel at Lu Yun's reaction. The young man is not angry, nor abashed, but calm. That is something!

"Who is this young man?" Zhang Yuanzhao wants to know.

He has heard about all the youths here. About Lu Yun alone, he does not have any idea about his background. The more mysterious the young man is, the more he wants to figure it out.

"Here comes my lord!" At this time, the chamberlain says in a raised voice.

Chen Jitai, in plain clothing, appears. His long white hair is neatly combed and hangs down to his shoulders. His eyes seem able to see through everything. His presence holds everyone in awe.

The owner of Yidong City, Chen Jin follows. "As his father, as his son," is what comes into one's mind at the first sight of him. Moreover, Chen Jin is obviously very sophisticated, that's why he is capable of keeping the position of the owner of Yidong city.

Following them is Chen Dan, the apple of clan Chen's eye. Everyone knows that she doesn't carry on the talent of her family in terms of cultivation. But she is a born beauty and quick-witted.

Many young men want her hand. Ji Yong is one of them. Now, the folk count Lu Yun as one more but believe he is aiming at the moon.

However, Lu Yun does not care about this because, at this moment, he comes to understand why he is invited. Chen Jitai in front of him is n.o.body but the old man he saved.

He never thought that this is the case.

Chen Jitai turns his eyes to Lu Yun with a kind smile. Those arrogant people around him all think Chen Jitai's smile is for them.

"Thank you all for partic.i.p.ating in the banquet. You are all my friends. Please take a seat and make yourself feel at home!" Chen Jitai says.

"We wish Mr. Chen a long life with good fortune!"

Being seated after exchanges of greetings, people report to Chen Jitai one after another. The impression given by Chen Jitai is that he is the one who can keep everything under control.

Lu Yun is admiring and decides one day he will become somebody like Chen Jitai.

One important part of the banquet is the compet.i.tion in the younger generation. The winner can get Chen Jitai's advice in martial art. For such an opportunity, several young men are gearing up and look for their opponents.

Among them, Ji Yong's gaze locks on Lu Yun. He has no appet.i.te for the delicious food in front of him, just waiting for the contest at the end of the banquet.

Lu Yun has noticed it and he is completely fearless.

Under the gaze of Zhang Yuanzhao, he has his food and drinks calmly.

"Good!" Zhang Yuanzhao thinks with a smile at the corner of his lips. "This young man will become somebody in the future!"

After several toasts, the guests are almost full. It is time for compet.i.tion among the younger generation, which is the most important part of the banquet. Chen Jitai once again turns his meaningful eyes to Lu Yun.

Ji Yong stands up abruptly, goes straight to Lu Yun and says, "I'd like to know if you dare to accept my challenge!"

Lu Yun has noticed Ji Yong's unfriendliness since a long time ago. He immediately stands up and says, "With pleasure!"

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