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Chapter 50: The First Crock of Gold 5

Dabao, Erniu, and Xiaobao were initially hiding by the door. However, the three children were terrified of the crowd who had gathered outside while holding money to buy pork. They laid by the threshold in a daze and looked at the commotion outside, stunned.

A catty of pork for a Mace of silver was a wonder that could not come true — not even in a dream.

Over twenty families in the village had spent their money to buy a catty of pork. Among them were her uncles, both older and younger. After all, their surnames were also Qi. When they came to buy pork, they seemed a little apologetic, appearing a little afraid of their transaction being rejected by Qi Qingyao. That was not the kind of person Qi Qingyao was. She had a conflict with her family, but not with these uncles. Anyway, there was no need to make things difficult with money, was there?

Of course, she had to keep one eye shut when dealing with them. As the saying goes, only a fool would not take the money that they could earn.

When Madam Wu and Madam Guo arrived at home, Old Man Qi had also returned. Madam Wu lamented to Old Man Qi tearfully, “Oh, Old Man Qi! Our family really is unfortunate!”

Old Man Qi had initially not taken his wife's ramblings seriously. However, the solemn expression on his daughter-in-law's face looked as though her father had just died. He could not help but ask, “What's wrong? Why do both of you look so serious? Did something happen?”

Madam Guo made a cup of hot tea for Madam Wu. While Madam Wu held the cup in her hands to warm herself, she grumbled, “That sly little b*tch, she really angered me to death…”

“Let's talk about what happened first…” Old Man Qi asked frantically.

“Father-in-law, let me.” Madam Guo sorted out her emotions then began to talk about what had just happened. This time, she did not exaggerate the details. There was simply no need to. The story itself was interesting enough.

After Old Man Qi heard about what had happened, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He turned to look at his wife, “You offended the village head and half the villagers, yet you still thought about eating?”

“But that boar…” The mere thought of the boar filled Madam Wu's heart with rage once again.

“We'll talk again at night.” Old Man Qi appeased her.

Madam Wu and her daughter-in-law Madam Guo met eyes and thought that Old Man Qi's behavior was a little odd. Did he have a backup plan in case the first one did not work out?

After the twenty-plus villagers bought the pork, they happily returned home. Before they left, Qi Qingyao cut another string of meat for the village head, Ma Sanye, as a sign of grat.i.tude. Ma Sanye smiled from ear to ear and instructed Qi Qingyao that she should inform him immediately should anything happen in the future. He would support her.

Qi Qingyao smiled as she led the village head away.

After the crowd had dispersed, the three children came out from their hiding spot. They watched Qi Qingyao count the money with excited expressions.

Xiaobao tugged on Qi Qingyao's calf. His eyes were twinkling, and his brows arched as he smiled widely. “Mommy, how much did you earn?”

“Not much. Just a little more than two strings of Maces!” Qi Qingyao said with a smile after counting twice to ensure she was correct.

“It's more than two Taels,” Jiang Yeqian said.

Qi Qingyao said with her lips pursed, “Only two Taels of silver. What is that even sufficient for?”

The two talked, while the three little children felt a little sluggish as they listened. Two Taels of silver this, two Taels of silver that! Mommy was amazing!

Xiaobao felt emotional and his eyes shimmered as he cried out, “Mommy!”

“Hmm?” Qi Qingyao hummed as she picked up Xiaobao and embraced him.

Dabao whispered falteringly, “Last time, I heard grandmother say that in a year, the family only spent three Taels of silver. Mommy, it's already a lot that in just a short time, you've earned two Taels of silver. It's already a whole lot and enough for us to spend for a year!”

Erniu was so emotional that tears had streamed down her face. “That's right, mommy! It's already enough for us to buy more than a hundred catties of grains!”

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