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In the end! Oscar still did not receive the armor he wanted. That old man who guarded the family's armory used an infuriating excuse to reject the young lad.

The old man said. "Kid, go home and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Your body size... Let me make this clear! I have no armor here that you can wear. The dignity of our ancestors has been embarra.s.sed by you! You even have the guts to ask for an armor from me?"

Oscar wanted to use his action to present his anger, but Figg learnt to be obedient this time. He pinned his little brother at his place.

But everything turned for a good at the end. The old man promised to modify a set for the young lad. Oscar did not fight with the old man anymore because his body size truly was not suited to wear an armor.

In general, the trip to the armory was definitely worth it for the young lad. He received a legendary weapon - the machete that was used by the Emperor of Persian Empire who conquered the world! The young lad was extremely satisfied with the machete! Especially its name - Anti Dragon Scale! Such a wonderful name! Every time the young lad thought of this name, he was so excited that he trembled.

The trip to the armory also made the young lad understand one thing. And that was his second oldest brother. His brother was definitely a fake gentleman throughout! This guy would not leave any chance of getting his way. Oscar thought that his brother was so kind to choose an armor for him. But what happened in the end? Hehe! The old man who guarded the armory asked Figg to show the authorization letter from the Duke. In the end, it was all the arrangement of their father. Without the authorization letter from the Duke, any member of Andrew was not allowed to take any weapon from the armory even if it was just a nail.

This d.a.m.n Figg simply let Oscar believed it was him who arranged it all along without feeling embarra.s.sed! Oscar thought hatefully.

"Brother! Have you been acting without any shame all this time?"

"No! Even like just now, I was feeling a little bit embarra.s.sed actually for a moment."

"Brother! What about now?"

"My little Oscar! My dear little brother! It has all pa.s.sed, no?"


When the two of them went back to the compet.i.tion grounds, the compet.i.tion between the knights has entered the final stage! Figg carefully avoided the gazes with bad intention directed towards him. But unfortunately, as soon as he went up the stand, he was immediately found by Miss Tracey who has been searching for him for a long time.

Tracey blocked the path of General Figg while Oscar retreated to the side, being understanding.

He began to size up this possible future sister-in-law.

Travis was a typical lady of Narcissus. But to be more accurate, this lady should be a typical lady military officer of Narcissus. She wore a clean and neat military uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel. Her perfect face seemed pale under the sun. Unlike other ladies from other places, this Narcissus lady's face has distinct features. It gave off an aura that was filled with determination and perseverance. She even had short, light brown hair that was tied to back into a neat ponytail.

Oscar did not care about his brother and his rose. He greeted his father and showed his new weapon to this Narcissus Marshal. In fact, his original machete no longer existed, now what he has was 'Anti Dragon Claw'! What did 'Anti Dragon Claw' mean?

The meaning behind 'Anti Dragon Claw' was demonstrated very clearly as soon as Duke Andrew took his youngest son's machete! This Marshal, who has experienced numerous hardships in life, was touched. He touched every detail of the machete with his trembling hands.

The Marshal knew of the prophecy. He just did not believe there would be such a thing in this world. But this legendary G.o.d-like weapon actually appeared before him at this moment. Could this be the arrangement of the G.o.d of Light?

No one cared about the intense fight of the compet.i.tion anymore. The Generals of the Narcissus surrounded them. They could recognize that sheath. There was a direct record of it on the mural by the Persians. The military officers of Narcissus were not unfamiliar with the name 'Anti Dragon Claw'. That was the synonym a.s.sociated with the devil who slashed down countless soldiers and citizens of t.i.tan!

"Everyone, be quiet!" The Duke used a loud voice to calm the officers. "Go back to your places. Act like as if nothing has happened. Do not let anyone see through!"

All the officers immediately understood. They were at a public area. They must not discuss about anything regarding this machete at this time.

The Duke turned to his youngest son. "You! You truly know how to look for trouble! How can I not worry about you? Remember this, Oscar. I'll let today pa.s.s. In the future! I mean in the future! Do not ever show this machete to anyone else!"

Oscar was a little confused. He still had not had enough with this cool weapon. "Why?"

"Why?" The Duke made an unbelievable expression. "You actually asked me why? Oh G.o.d! The thing you hold in your hand is not any ordinary weapon. It is the death reaper! Death reaper, you get me? The Persians have been searching for this blade since four hundred years ago. If they know this blade has appeared in Andrew Haila! Haha, it's gonna be big! They will use the whole force of their country to rob of this here. Believe me, child! We knights cannot take that sort of attack!"

"But we have four hundred thousand well-trained warriors!" Oscar looked as his father kept the 'Anti Dragon Claw'!

"Yes! That is correct! It is the matter of manpower!" The Duke's eyes lit up. "Do you know of the number of armed forces the Persian Empire can employ?"

The young lad shook his head.

"If we don't count the youngsters from the age of fourteen to sixteen, they have an army force of three million people in total!"

"Then how did we manage until now?"

"This is because the ones who attacked us were simply a small part of the Persians!"

The young lad was speechless. No one told him how strong the Persian Empire was.

"Then... Then fine! I do not want to keep a death reaper with me. This way it's better to just give it to the Persians. Let them fight over it themselves."

The Duke's eyes suddenly lit up! This was definitely a good idea that was employable! Yes! Why not? Why not transfer this trouble to the enemy?

"When did you learn to be like your second brother?"

"Hehe! Just now!" Oscar smiled. He was not furious that his weapon was confiscated by his father.

"The last compet.i.tion in the big ring is about to start!" The commentary officer's scream once again reverberated throughout the whole venue. The crowds responded pa.s.sionately. "In the previous compet.i.tions, we were truly impressed! The warriors of each field army have fully showcased their own strengths. We have witnessed numerous exciting duels!"

"Yes!" The other commentary officers agreed. "After such an intense compet.i.tion, we have seen the birth of nine champions on the compet.i.tion ground! They are: Captain Rayton who is the champion for both Archery and Archery While Riding! He is the pride of the Rangers! He came from Buchwald Field Army; Sergeant Ferrari of Traisen Field Army had won the champion of Equestrian."

The first commentary officer who spoke just now continued the words of his companion. "Also Sergeant Ciel who won the champion of Gun Casting. He has broken the record of that event in history! Oh G.o.d! It is actually his first time joining the compet.i.tion! He also came from Traisen Field Army."

"The next one is still a warrior from Traisen Field Army, Lieutenant Colonel de Barry. Without a doubt, no one can win against the spear in Lieutenant Colonel's hand on a horse! Cheer for him! He won the sixth win of this Spear on Horse event for Traisen Field Army."

"After this, it is First Lieutenant Cyrian who has won the event of Equestrian Obstacle Course. Haha! You lads will have to be disappointed. First Lieutenant Cyrian is going to be a bride during the ma.s.s wedding after the compet.i.tion. For the safety of the bridegroom, we shall not announce the name of this lucky guy. We almost forgot about it! First Lieutenant Cyrian is from the highest military authority in Andrew Haila!"

"Also there is Colonel Loran who easily received a win in the Fencing event. He comes from the McCarran Field Army."

"Also Lieutenant Colonel. He won the champion for Epee event for Nedgabel Field Army."

"Next, it is two group events! Again, it is Traisen Field army. They won the Duel Match for a group of five! Also the Duel Match for a battle team of fifty people! Without a doubt! The winners are the lads from the heavy-armored knights in Birboehm Field Army!"

The crowd's continuous cheers finally came to a stop. They became silent because the following compet.i.tion was the most exciting event of the whole compet.i.tion!

"That is to say in the previous compet.i.tion, the Traisen Field Army already have four champions in the event." The commentary officer asked his companion.

"Yes, that is correct! The compet.i.tion has entered its final stage. Can the warriors of Traisen realize the words of General Figg? Are we able to see General Figg's b.u.t.t beaten up badly as we wish?"

"Yes! The key lies in the last event! The most nervous! The most exciting! The bloodiest Free-Boxing!"

"The champion of the Free-Boxing will be decided between Major Lurrian of Traisen Field Army and Lieutenant Colonel of Neruda Field Army!"

"Everyone, look!" The commentary officer suddenly shouted! "Major Lurrian of Traisen Field Army cannot wait any longer! He walked towards the compet.i.tion ground first..."

"Oh that's not right!" The other commentary officer realized the problem! "That is not Major Lurrian! Oh G.o.d! That is the commander of Traisen Field Army! Oh G.o.d! It is Lieutenant General Figg! What is he doing?"

That was correct! The one who stood proud in the middle of the compet.i.tion ground is Figg Andrew Tibotty. His upper body was naked and it showed that his whole body was full of scars like gully. In his hand was a knight's sword.

The people who were watching did not know what was happening, but they had a hunch. There would be a good show ahead! They knew that every time Lieutenant General showed up, laughter and happiness followed suit.

Figg made a silent hand sign towards the crowds. The Madame and ladies quickly shut their mouths! They saw this hero of the Narcissus walked up to the stand.

Figg stood in front of the stand and went down on one of his knees. The people started to murmur. What was this General about to do?

"Tracey!" Figg Andrew Tibotty who kneeled on the floor shouted in a loud voice. "My pride! My love! The perfect Narcissus in my heart! Where are you?"

How could people not understand now? Tracey was that beautiful confident secretary of the Marshal while General Figg made a proposing pose! The atmosphere became crazy! The people screamed the names of Tracey and Figg with their full strength.

Duke Andrew showed a smile. Madame Pauline was so excited that she couldn't sit tight. Tracey, the main character, stood up unwillingly.

After a long cheer the people finally became quiet again. The people were waiting for the answer from this lady.

"Jerk! What do you want?" Tracey's voice was not loud, but the people who heard this roared in laughter.

"Dear Tracey if you think my love towards you cannot stand any hardship, then please use this compet.i.tion as your standard. I shall represent my field army in this compet.i.tion. If I lose! Please marry me!"

The people held their breath.

Tracey did not want to fight with this jerk at this time, but she felt that she couldn't control her anger no matter what!

"You jerk! What are you saying? What do you mean 'please marry me if I lose'? Then what am I to you? A consolation prize?"

The people roared in laughter again. But this time everyone heard it clearly, so laughter filled the venue.

"No!" Figg suddenly yelled! The people became quiet!

"No! Tracey! You didn't understand what I meant. I meant that if I lost, you can consider marrying me or not. But if I win! You must marry me! We will swear in the church of the G.o.d of Light- never leaving each other!"

The cheers of the people reached a maximum height. The loud roar seemed to shake even the base of this huge training ground.

"Then let's begin!" Figg yelled at the right timing. He calculated the time in which he spoke. At this time he didn't even need the reply from Tracey. He would make this a reality. At that time, if he won, Tracey has no chance of saying no! This insidious guy already planned it all. He was full of confidence to win this fight!

"The warrior from Neruda Field Army! Please come out! Let us finish this compet.i.tion!" Figg confidently stated his challenge. He looked at the entrance at the other side of the place, but he saw a person whom he never expected to see walking out from there.

"Little Oscar? Oh G.o.d! Did you walk to the wrong place?" Figg's expression was broken.

Oscar walked towards his brother under the murmur of the audience. "Brother! The one representing Neruda Field Army is me!"

Figg stole a glance at Duke Andrew who had a bad smile on his face. s.h.i.t! He was trapped again! This little brother of his was not the little guy who would cry after he was beaten in the past! Figg recalled that one slash this guy used towards Grandfather Logiartes. Such a terrifying slash! Figg calmed himself. He knew that things became complicated suddenly. It was definitely not easy to win against this little guy!

"Hey! This is against the rules of the compet.i.tion, you know. I am the commander in chief of Traisen Field Army. I have the right to represent my knights in this compet.i.tion. But what about you? What qualification that you have to allow you to represent Neruda Field Army?"

Oscar knew that he was going to say this. "Brother, did you forget? The Red Tiger a.s.sault Division of Neruda Field Army is my direct Division. Do you think I have the qualification to represent Neruda now?"

"As expected! I am trapped by these guys as expected!" Figg cursed in his heart, but this did not stop him from getting the final win! Figg said no more. The one standing in front of him was an enemy. There was nothing more to say!

The People saw that General Figg straightened up the long sword in front of his chest. This was the announcement of the start of the fight!

The people looked at the young master again! The hushing sound was suddenly heard. In a while, the hushing sound filled the place! How could a man of Andrew use a Persian's weapon? The people were complaining about the distress in their hearts. What if the one holding the machete in his hands was the young master of Andrew? Didn't he know how many lives the machete has taken from Narcissus?

At the entrance, the captain of the Red Tiger a.s.sault Divisions Major General Murat used his hands to cover his face. He knew it! That guy's weapon would surely be cast aside by the people.

Oscar did not care about the angry audience. He let the blade of the machete faced his opponent with the body of machete horizontal in front of his chest. Then, he put the blade slightly forward! The hush of the crowds became louder. The people started to yell without caring anything. This young master of the Andrew would actually perform the evil ritual of the pagan.

Major General Murat squatted on the floor in pain! It was finished! The squat and he were all finished! Was there a future following this young master who cared about nothing?

A judge stood in between the two young masters of Andrew. He took a glance of both of their weapons. The knight's sword and the machete have not been taken out. This was completely within the rules of the compet.i.tion. This judge made a hand sign and the people became quiet completely. Free boxing has started!

Oscar chose a very normal machete. His 'Anti Dragon Claw' has already been confiscated. At this point, he was still testing the weight and curve of this new weapon. These were all keys to his winning.

This Free Boxing event was once stopped because it was too intense! The knights who joined this compet.i.tion usually risked their lives. Even though the weapons were not taken out completely, but getting hit by it would usually end up in broken bones or ligaments.

To train the knights, Dortmund reinitiated this compet.i.tion. Even though getting injured was normal, the few Paladins staying on watch outside the ring ensured that they could intervene the compet.i.tion at the most critical moment. They have successfully stopped a few fights before.

Oscar's opponent was his blood-related brother. They both have not initiated their attack. They were simply moving slowly in circle in the ring.

Figg did not want to attack, but he did not dare to stop his moving feet. Because if there was a moment of pause, that guy's machete would be right on his head.

Oscar was finally impatient! He picked up speed in a swift moment! His body gushed towards Figg as if he was flying in a parabolic curve. Figg's sword moved almost subconsciously. The long sword was up against little Oscar's body that came rushing forward!

The humming of the collision of the sword and blade was followed by the cheer of the audience! The brothers moved past each other.

Figg took a glance towards the stand. He saw that Tracey closed her mouth nervously.

Obviously, she was scared that she would scream.

"Chance!" Oscar's machete attacked Figg from an angle he could not see. The young lad did not believe that his brother would be distracted at this moment!

The blade and sword collide again. At the exclamation of the audience, Figg's sword-holding hand trembled, but he successfully directed the machete away.

Oscar realized a problem. And that was no matter how his machete changed form, his brother could always find the point at which the form had not been changed. That force was eliminated by the long sword at that particular point.

"I can't do it this way!" Oscar became serious. He wanted his brother to be able to marry a beautiful lady, but he forgot the true meaning of the compet.i.tion now. This young lad was furious. He simply wanted to win now.

The two people in the ring began to move in circles. They stared hard at the weapons in each other's hand.

The first to attack was still Oscar. Figg used his blade to welcome the attack, but he quickly found that his little brother's machete was gone! Figg did not know if he should be happy or worried. His knight's sword slashed towards the abdominal area of his opponent according to plan.

The light of blade suddenly appeared on top of his head! Figg sighed in his heart. He knew it would not be an easy win. Oscar's machete would definitely reach its destination faster than the knight's sword. Figg abandoned his attack. And the cost of changing his attack was that the machete that came from above was flown away.

The yelling of the people became even louder. They were complaining about this compet.i.tion that was not taken seriously. Because to them, the actions of the two partic.i.p.ants were nonchalant. It was far from the intensity they had imagined.

In fact, Oscar was not serious. It was a life-or-death situation. He simply couldn't acc.u.mulate enough killing intent and force. He was always slow for a fraction of second during the critical moment. Like just now, he kept his machete behind his back. His arms and shoulders were at the best angle. If it was as usual, the coming hit from above would definitely slash his opponent into a half, but Oscar was slow as he swung his blade. Thus, Figg successfully got off from the attack!

"That is the duel between two local gangsters using fruit knives!" Tracey could not watch this anymore! She expressed her dissatisfaction to Duke Andrew beside her.

"Daughter-in-law! Be patient!" The Duke took advantage of Tracey. "Figg is a partic.i.p.ant who needs to warm up. Moreover, that little guy is truly hard to deal with."

As expected, Figg has started to warm up! The first strike, the second strike, the third strike... When he struck seven times at his brother at a great force, little Oscar finally showed his weakness. The people cheered enthusiastically!

Oscar knew his brother started to show his jerk nature. The young lad did not have a tall build, nor did he had a long arm. The older brother took advantage of the difference in build to perform a strategy of hit-and-run. Even though this strategy used up his energy quickly, Oscar was completely pa.s.sive now. The knight's sword of the older brother could easily stab any of his body parts, but his machete could not touch the former's body at all. This was because that his older brother was always out of his attacking range.

The young lad stopped seven strikes. He was feeling exhausted now. The force on the sword became stronger and stronger each time.

Figg saw the loophole in Oscar's defense. That was a really rare loophole! The speed of the knight's sword was promoted to the maximum. The long sword seemed to spark a bright sunlight as it rushed forward.

Oscar stared hard at the direction in which the long sword was coming from. He made a mistake! Even though this mistake was designed, he needed a dagger to complete his attack and turn a lose into a win. He had no dagger now. The result of using a machete to block was definitely injury!

The young lad turned around in a swift. This was not the moment he should be hesitating. The machete faced the long sword from an unbelievable angle. The young lad held his step and got prepared to block and defense.

Figg was truly an insidious guy. The long sword did not hit the machete as imagined. Figg simply touched it slightly then left. The spark from the trembling of hands confused the young lad's eyes. When the machete did not transfer the force that he had imagined, the young lad, who was prepared, felt terrible! He wanted to curse because this was completely the strategy he employed when he was facing old Logiartes.

The light of blade touched the body. Oscar retreated in a bad state. Figg obviously did not plan to let him go. This brother continued striking his little brother six times at an impressive force. Oscar could no longer feel his hands!

The last strike! Figg used up the energy of his whole body, but he quickly realized something was wrong! His little brother did not choose to block. Instead, he hugged his machete as he crashed into the embrace of his brother. Retrieve the sword! Face the attack! Figg's movement was truly agile. His little brother was not able to get advantage of him. The machete and the long sword collided in a huge humming noise.

This was the moment to compete on their brute strength! Oscar pressed his elbow on the back of his blade and pressed onto the knight's sword little by little. Just when Figg ran out of ideas, he suddenly saw a hint of cheekiness flash in his little brother's eyes.

Figg was pushed away by the machete, but no one noticed that there was something in the hand of the bridegroom-to-be.

"Finish it off!" Oscar sent his last challenge.

"Yes! It's time to finish!" Figg put the knight's sword horizontal in front of his chest.

The people's cheer suddenly became enthusiastic. They knew it was about time to decide the winner!

Oscar rushed forward with his machete still at the left side of his body.

Figg did not move. His knight's sword was still horizontal in front of his chest.

Oscar launched the strongest strike. The light from the blade was biting cold as the blade itself propagated a terrifying aura. Figg started to move! His body turned to the side, but the knight's sword accurately hit the point at which there was strongest force on the blade.

Oscar only slashed for half of the course of the strike because the long sword accurately hit on the blade and caused it to break in half. The blade flew upwards, but Oscar did not stop his momentum to move forward. Figg knew it was too late to keep the sword. He saw his little brother's hand enlarging in front of his eyes.

Great pain! Figg knew that half of his ugly face was finished! But this was not only it! The machete that followed slashed at his chest in a solid strike. Figg almost broke his teeth only to stop himself from yelling in pain, but the force on the machete actually sent him flying!

Figg laid on the ground. Without sound!

"No!" A scream shocked the bewildered crowds! They saw a beautiful figure rushed out from the stand!

Tracey did not think it would be this way! Her Figg actually lost. Moreover, he was knocked down to the ground!

This lady rushed into the compet.i.tion ground. She went directly to Figg. When she helped this jerk up, she was shocked to see a large amount of red blood!

The people screamed once again! Even the generals on the stand were so surprised that they stood up. But they all knew that Figg must not make it already! The weapon that was not taken out from its sheath was also extremely terrifying. If it even caused an injury to the deadly parts of the enemy's body, then this injured person would mostly die.

"No!" "No!" "It shouldn't be this way!" Tracey moaned in pain subconsciously. She finally understood why she could not accept this reality! Because for a very long time, in her heart, her Figg has never lost!

"Tracey!" Figg opened his eyes. He felt relieved. At this moment, the scars on his face was relaxed and sweat was all over his body. There was an unspeakable aura about this strong man.

It was the aura that showed his utmost weakness! Tracey's tears dripped onto Figg's chest. His chest was full of blood stains. The greenish-purple wound was also stained with the dirt on the floor.

This lady did not wish to be strong anymore. All her pretense and determination disappeared along with the loss of this man. She wanted to wrap the wound for Figg, but Figg held her hand tightly.

"Tracey! I have lost! But I am truly happy. I know you love me just as I love you!"

"Yes! Figg, yes! I love you! But I beg of you! Please do not speak! You are bleeding!"

"You have finally admitted it! Will you marry me then?"

"Yes! Yes! But my husband should not be a short-lived ghost! I beg of you! Stop talking. Let me wrap the wound for you."

"This means that you have agreed to my proposal!"

Tracey was an extremely intelligent lady. She sensed a small hint of alarm. This guy should not speak so much, but she still agreed. There was no need to hesitate anymore at this point.

As expected! Figg got on his feet clumsily. A cheeky smile was shown on his face. This guy did not care about the extremely dark expression of Tracey.

"Haha! This is great, my dear Tracey! Let's hear from you! Where do you think we should arrange our marriage? I will listen to everything you say!"

The people were finally able to react accordingly! Even though it was a lowly strategy for General Figg to propose to his lover, but they did not hesitate to give their blessings to this pair of couple. Cheers and flowers! Even the knights in the compet.i.tion ground hit their shield loud as a sign of support!

Tracey was still trapped by this guy! The cost was her whole life. But when she saw the happiness on her lover's face that no words could describe, it didn't seem so bad marrying this guy!

"Kiss her!" "Kiss her" "Kiss her!"

"Tracey!" Figg made a hopeless expression. "My beloved, look at this pa.s.sionate people. Should we do something about it?"

Tracey's face burned. Her action just now was embarra.s.sing enough! She would not agree to anything he said now.

Figg approached and took Tracey in his embrace. This lady wanted to struggle, but she found Figg's embrace contained so much strength in it for the first time ever. It was hard to resist.

His Royal Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette realized that he was not the main character for the first time. He stood at the side of two lovers that shared a kiss as they hugged, silently surrounded by the flower petals that flew all over the sky. He thought that love should be an extremely wonderful thing, but he has never truly experienced it. About this, he decided to properly review his own att.i.tude from now onwards.

Duke Andrew was the first to clap. Even the insidious strategy of his son to propose left him feeling extremely embarra.s.sed. But as the child's father, he finally saw the day of marriage of this kid. This Marshal always thought that his second son would cause trouble for him forever, but at least he was really pleased with his son's marriage.

The third son of Andrew ran into the compet.i.tion ground. At this time, his brother and his sister-in-law have already separated from each other. Figg stretched his arms open and hugged his third little brother who came rushing to give him the blessing.

"Dear Cody! Say it! This time no matter how many yoghurt you want, I promise to give them to you!"

Cody stared at his brother in confusion. He did not come for the yoghurt. This silly child broke away from his brother's embrace. He pointed to the hilly area on the east.


"Beacon?" Everyone looked to that direction! That was correct! Beacon from the east! d.a.m.n those Persians ruining Andrew's Day of Army Formation again!

"Everyone, don't panic!" Duke Andrew said in a loud voice. His attention has been on his son all this time. He actually did not seen the beacon from afar.

"Do not panic! This is only an attack. Now, the citizen first evacuate, then the battle units who partic.i.p.ated in the Day of Army Formation at Andrew Haila rush back to your own Front at the fastest speed."

Without further orders from the Duke, everyone began to move. The generals of the Front were the first to leave the ground, then the audience who came to watch the compet.i.tion. As if they have practiced for countless of times, they left the huge training ground in order. The people seemed to not worry about the battle alert that came from afar. They were still excitedly discussing the dramatic proposal just now.

Figg brought his bride-to-be towards the stand. The sudden attack of the Persian seemed to have infuriated him.

'Father! That means I have to leave my wife behind now?"

"Who is your wife?" Tracey already resumed to be her usual self now. But she soon realized that everyone was looking at her with all smiles. She blushed again. Even though she did not want to admit this, but everyone sees her as the daughter-in-law in the Andrew family.

"Tracey, now is not the time to argue about this!" Figg turned to his father. "Is that so, my dear father? The Persians who are lonely just can't let us celebrate our day properly! What arrangement you have in mind?"

Duke Andrew pulled Tracey over. "She is still now my confidential secretary. Of course, you should get back to your own Front, but the situation is still unclear at this moment. I will make a decision as soon as I receive an accurate piece of information."

"Tracey." The Duke continued to give his orders. "Make a notice to all the Front. If they have not found the enemy within their area of defense, then all sorts of celebration during the Day of Army Formation can still go on as usual. Of course, let them stay on the highest alert. Also, cancel the holidays of all military officers. The camp is entering battle mode. Inform the military to shut off all the transport leading into Andrew Haila at the fastest speed. Do not let any Persians that may have infiltrated from the border to take advantage of us."

"Oscar!" The Duke called for his youngest son at the last.

The little Prince who was dumbfounded came forward. There seemed to be only him who did not know what is happening in the whole Narcissus County.

"Father, you ask for me?"

"Yes! Your duty is to stay obediently at home! Look after your third brother and take care of the safety of Her Royal Highness Princess."

"Is there any other thing?" Oscar was a little expectant.

"No! There is none! Remember what I have said. Without my order, you should not go anywhere."

Oscar replied him with an 'okay'. He sent the Duke off with the protection of a bunch of military officers as the Duke left the compet.i.tion ground. Even his second brother and new sister-in-law left the scene. After the whole commotion at the huge training ground, there were not many people left. The young lad scanned the crowd. Luckily, Her Royal Highness Princess was still here. His third brother also did not run off to somewhere. The people were waiting for his decision.

"Hmm...Then... Then... Let us go home!"

At last, Oscar brought the Princess who was still in a daze back home. The ma.s.sive training ground was empty just like the opera theatre in which its show just ended.

The celebration of the Day of Army Formation in Andrew Haila once again did not end properly. The Persians always knew how to pick the timing. On the hill of the east, the beacon burned by itself. It told the people of Narcissus County that their fated opponent was fierce and strong. The Persians whom used invasion as their motto once again came to their home. A large war would soon break out!

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Extraordinary Genius

Extraordinary Genius

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 469 Author(s) : 穷四 View : 607,375
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 996 Fatal Teleportation! Author(s) : The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow,卧牛真人 View : 1,089,922
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao

Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao

Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao Chapter 313 Author(s) : Mei Xiaoguo, 梅小果 View : 447,813
Stealing The Heavens

Stealing The Heavens

Stealing The Heavens Chapter 746: Cover The Sky With One Hand Author(s) : Blood Red,Xue Hong,血红 View : 558,324
Deposed Empress General

Deposed Empress General

Deposed Empress General Chapter 51 Author(s) : 一度君华 View : 21,704
The Antelope And Night Wolf

The Antelope And Night Wolf

The Antelope And Night Wolf Chapter 81 Author(s) : Yi Xiu Luo, Yì Xiūluō, 易修罗 View : 33,960

Titan Beneath The Heavens Chapter 57 summary

You're reading Titan Beneath The Heavens. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): 新月. Already has 279 views.

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