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"Opareal asked you out last night?"

"Yes…" Oscar could have refused to answer, but the person he was currently talking to was Opareal's mother, Her Majesty the Queen of Deiss Kingdom. Therefore, he nodded his head silently, though his face remained expressionless.

Her Majesty the Queen appeared to be livelier today. She wore a maxi black dress and paired it with a satin shirt of the same color. A black gauze hat was resting on her head, and its veil covered her face from forehead to chin. Oscar had met with the Queen several times in the castle, and that had been how the Queen dressed ever since the death of her husband.

Today was the wedding day of her daughter. Although the aged Queen was slightly delighted, she did not look excited. In Deiss, marriage wasn't really worthy of praise, especially for a woman of n.o.bility household. It was a challenge to marry the person they truly love. Just like in the world of animals, candidates were selected based on their height, physique, age, and level of aggression. As for humans, the norms were set to become family, background, status, potential value, and so on. Even though all the candidates began on the same starting line, humans had ways to mull over the final decision on the choice of their spouses. Hence, it was hard being a woman, and it was definitely harder to be a woman that was soon to success the throne!

The Queen was lost in her own thoughts. Her daughter had not done anything wrong ever since she was young. As for last night… Well, at least she managed to complete the tasks she had always been told for the past years! The old Queen was once young, too, and she didn't need the recount from night shift knights to guess what had happened in the church last night.

"So… what's your plan?"

"Me?" Oscar forced a smile. "Honestly, Your Majesty the Queen, I've not got any plans. As long as you take care of me like before and keep me sheltered under your castle then I don't think I would need any plans for the near future."

The aged queen shrugged, "Young man! I can't keep on protecting you. Look at what your knights have done to my castle! Yesterday's fight ruined many of my precious items, but fortunately, they didn't set the castle on fire."

Oscar scratched his head; it made him slightly embarra.s.sed to think of the incident happened last night. "Your Majesty the Queen, you see, I've not got any coins on me right now, unless… Unless you accept a bill?"

"Hahaha!" the Queen laughed. "Forget about it, who cares about those things! On the other hand, Your Imperial Highness the Prince from t.i.tan Empire, more than thirty knights of yours lost their lives in the land of Deiss, would you like to be compensated in return?"

Oscar still maintained a carefree smiling face, but his nails were almost piercing through his palms!

"They… never existed! No one would be held responsible for their deaths, and no one would award these knights for their meritorious services," Oscar glared at the eyes shielded behind the thin veil. "Therefore, Your Majesty, I believe no one would bother about any of it."

The Queen shook her head, "No, Your Highness the Prince, you don't have to hide it from me. I can tell you're planning to take revenge on this matter into your own hands."

Oscar muttered to himself, and turned his head away.

Her Majesty the Queen of Deiss Kingdom smiled to herself. She had encountered stubborn and determined young persons like this too many times in her life. "So… Your Highness Prince, let's talk about last night! Think more in-depth, Real invited you out of the castle, your knights failed their mission, as they were shot dead by the guards who had prepared and hid in ambush. Don't you think…"

"Yes! I know!" Oscar nodded impatiently. "I know perfectly well, that, be it here or in my own country, there are people insisting on taking my life! If Real hadn't brought me out of the castle last night, once the thirty knights located me and rescued me out of the castle, Marquis Harriens Van Rousted would have every reason to execute me summarily! This marquis has been dying to kill me, and he would never miss a perfect opportunity like this. As for the other party from t.i.tan, I still have no idea who he is, but this is indeed a brilliant move, getting someone to kill me on their behalf! But… do you want me to thank Real for this? I'm afraid I'm incapable of doing so!"

"But my daughter hadn't done anything wrong! You, on the other hand…" the Queen paused for effect. "Your Imperial Highness the Prince, look into your conscience. You don't have any dreamy fantasies toward my daughter, but why did you do that nonetheless? Don't blame it as an inherent weakness of all men. You're a Highness, more so a hero! I believe you can bear loneliness and seduction! So, tell me, why did you do that to my daughter?"

Oscar realized that he was at a complete loss for words when faced with the interrogation of a mother.

The old Queen sighed helplessly, "Last night, Real wept her heart out in my arms. I've never seen her like that! She was devastated, disheveled. She lost her dignity, her carriage of a great dictator…"

"Where is she?" Oscar blurted; even he himself wasn't sure why he would want to know that.

The Queen motioned toward the room on the right, "She's just right there! But… have you thought of what to tell her?"

Oscar nodded, but then quickly shook his head.

The Queen thought for a long time, and finally, she made up her mind. If this wasn't put to a stop, it wouldn't benefit either the country nor the ruler of it.

"You met Real on the battlefield, which means that you're both enemies that fight against one another. Therefore, you should know that it's very likely for you to meet her on the battlefield again! Once you entered that door, it's not my concern about what you say or do, but the moment you leave the room, I genuinely hope that you'll have a clearer picture of her, as well as your own, standpoint and place in life."

Oscar didn't reply. Instead, he stood up from his seat and bowed to the old queen with respect.

"Young man!" The Queen suddenly called at young Oscar who was about to open the door, and this n.o.ble lady of benign face finally put on an impressive and dignified manner of regal bearing. 

"Know that you're nothing more than a pa.s.sing visitor, in my country and also in my daughter's life. If you have difficulty trying to distinguish your standpoint and place, then I will have no choice but to go to extremes in order to straighten things out for you. Trust me, I don't wish for things to end like that!"

Oscar shrugged nonchalantly, although he agreed to the old woman's words. He was only a pa.s.sing visitor to Real, and everything would change when she eventually became the Queen. By that time, Oscar? She could be as well without him as it was.

Glowing sunshine pierced through the French window into the ma.s.sive room, and the pots of flowers and bonsai placed on the windowsill attracted the attention of a couple of b.u.t.terflies. This was the place where the new bride and groom were going to complete their mission of marriage. In accordance with the ancient traditions of Deiss, on the embroidered bed curtain and the drapes of the window were sprinkled with fresh dew and adorned with seeds of paddy and wheat. A gigantic birdcage hanged in the center of the room, imprisoned within was a grown condor. This large condor was the values of Deiss Yaran people, as they believed themselves to be the descendants of the condor. Therefore, the totem of their belief had to be there to witness their marriage and to bless the newly-weds on their first shared night.

The ladies surrounded a tall chair chirped continuously like magpies. Some prayed for the bride while others were amazed at her beauty. However, what was most discussed revolved around the groom - the dashing palace chief. Undoubtedly, Eisenstein was the ladies target of l.u.s.t.

The first to discover the man that entered the bride's room wanted to yell at the intruder, but her hands immediately flew to her mouth. It was Her Royal Highness's rumored boyfriend! It seemed like it was time for the man and woman to bid their farewell.

The ladies gradually retreated from the bedroom, though not forgetting to cast a bantering look at the t.i.tan prince as they walked toward the door. Their actions inwardly disturbed Oscar, who felt he had been made an object of ridicule, but quickly he lost his soul as he met with the perfect bride.

Opareal sat by the window, her face and that pure white wedding gown basked in tender warm sunlight. The lower hem of the white dress so long it dragged on the ground was embroidered with bright shining diamonds and lacy white roses. Just like every other princess, Opareal sat on the chair gracefully, her folded hands rested on her lap. She looked out into the window, and Oscar wondered what occupied her mind. 

"I… I'm here to say goodbye!"

"Oh… it's about time!" Opareal nodded, but her gaze was still out in the distance.

"Don't you feel strange? I mean… I'm leaving!" Oscar took two small steps forward and stopped behind the princess.

"I saw your knight pa.s.s you something last night, so I think it's natural that you're leaving."

Oscar touched his nose, he didn't know what to say as his trick was exposed.

"Actually… the feelings I had for you wasn't love!" The princess confessed suddenly.


"Because in this instance I realized that I don't know anything about you! Although we have spent half a year together, but never once you showed me your true self, and… and I feel like the person who stands in front of me right now is so surreal! Anyway, it seems like all men are the same. Perhaps you would be adored by many women in your life, but in the end, only one will truly win your heart. Of course, the one that you spend the rest of your life with might also not be the one that once touched your heart."

Oscar nodded, "Yes, that's right! I adore many ladies, but… all these fleeting romantic moments would never lead to any proper ending. As time pa.s.ses, the initial admiration weakens and pales into insignificance when faced with another one with a more intense infatuation. We're still young, who knows what or who we'll encounter in the future!"

Opareal sneered lightly, "Which means to say, you've never loved anyone! Your love is merely self-deceiving, something that satisfies your need to be admired! Love is a unique desire. You admitted to being moved by many women, but even if the final one who will win your heart hasn't appeared, it already shows that you're not worthy of love, and not worthy of being loved! Your fiancée, or even that Young Lady, do you truly love them? Oh! You will certainly answer yes, however... love is impossible to be divided, not to mention shared."

"Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?" Oscar questioned, confused.

"Nothing, it was just that I've finally seen through you, and discovered the true colors of O'Neil Andrew Morisette."

"Which is…?"

"Do you really want to know?" Opareal finally turned her head over and was met with His Highness's gaze. There was no more tender, loving care in the gaze of the future's Deiss queen. What replaced was a spell of silence.

"Yes, I'm dying to know what is it that completely changes your att.i.tude toward me in only one night."

"As I've mentioned earlier, O'Neil Andrew Morisette, I'm not sure what happened in your life that caused your lack of deep emotions, but I'm sure you will never truly fall in love with anyone because your love is always one-sided and divided into pieces. It is not only utilitarian but also entangled with the intricacies of personal benefits and interests, which further reflects on your hypocrisy and selfishness! You can keep countless mistresses, but don't ever tell them you love them, because… for those who have seen your true colors, they would only regard it as a joke!"

"These are my true colors?"


"Simply because I'm O'Neil Andrew Morisette?"

"That's right!"

"And… you…"

"I admit that I'm such a fool!" Opareal finished the words of His Imperial Highness Prince, "After a night of pondering, I realized I have been searching for an illusory phantom, an ideal subst.i.tution. I'm not satisfied with both my marriage and love, and I'm extremely disappointed at my place in the world! I wish to be freed from this cycle, but I can't! So, I think we are the same kind of people; we both do not know what love is. For example, I slept with you, but it doesn't mean I love you profoundly, and even if you're willing to take possession of me, you know you don't actually love me! Don't argue, as this is the truth, what happened was purely the plain result arose from mutual attraction."

"I should go!" Oscar voice was low. Opareal's evaluation didn't matter to him, but he felt himself being stripped naked in front of her. The sunlight was unusually cold, and it made him immensely uncomfortable.

"I'll not bother to see you out then!"

Being treated with indifference by the Princess stimulated some anger in Oscar. As he was getting close to the door, he suddenly turned around, "Real! You're also just deceiving yourself. You don't easily surrender yourself to anyone, but you've chosen to give yourself to me! Perhaps you're right, that we're the same kind of person. We're trapped in the cage of utilitarian and hypocrisy, to the point where even an occasional indulgence should be comforted by an excuse. However, your excuse seems plausible, at least... I feel much better after hearing that!"

Looking at the door closed behind him, Opareal Roulexberg eventually let out the breath that she had been holding. She didn't show her weakness, and finally ended this false search for closure. Was she really deceiving herself? Was it all an excuse to reason out her indulgence in emotions? Her Royal Highness the Princess couldn't be sure. She had long lost her true self, perhaps. She was no different from O'Neil Andrew Morisette. She had also never once regarded to her own true emotions.

On the vast sky that stretched into infinity, the strangely-shaped clouds would skid across occasionally. A northern wind blew coldly and weakly, and the air emitted a scent of fall. Flowers withered and fell, as well as tree and gra.s.ses, exuding a stench of rotting in the soil.

Church's calendar year 797, the 31st day of 10th month. The city of Dulin was unusually peaceful in the noon. The streets were cast with warm sunlight, but neither carriages nor pedestrians enter the eyes. Dulin Scott Cathedral was decorated with countless candles, and due to the quiet streets, the sound of music and carols performed by priests in the church could be heard from afar.

The Tower of Heroes soared high into the sky. It was covered in the dappled sunshine, which silhouetted the sculptures on the tower in strong light contrast. Each of the sculptures carried a different and exciting battle story, as this was the place which rested the remains of one after another heroic t.i.tan martyr. Flowers hung in front of the heroes' tombstones rustled at the cold northern wind. All of a sudden, the sun was covered by the pa.s.sing clouds, and it made the flowers trembled even more.

At nine minutes past two, on the top of Tower of Heroes, a beacon fire was suddenly ignited, and the bell on Dulin Scott Cathedral struck unexpectedly! Exactly at this time, this day, seven months ago, this was the moment when the Saijo Mountain Battle opened fire.

Slowly, but gradually, the source of voice which came from the direction of t.i.tan Gate of Light was finally clear enough to be identified! It was the sound of footsteps, to be more precise, the footsteps of countless people. They belonged to the Imperial Guards, which came from the empire's nineteen main military regions and three main army groups. These soldiers who gathered here from all quarters of the Empire lined up neatly and marched in unison. They marched their way into Victory Square in spirits of triumph. Soon, the soldiers crowded every corner of the square with camps. Thousands of people breathed the same air, and the wind became stronger, colder! Victory Square was suddenly turned into a sea of soldiers, a field planted with shields, rows of mountains built with fields. From afar, the dark color of armors floor tiles, rooted in the square.

The soldiers set aside only a walkway from t.i.tan Gate of Light Gate to the Tower of Heroes. When they settled down, all of them turned to look at the direction from which they came.

The wind blew more violently, causing the flags to flutter strongly. The spirits of the soldiers were also affected. Their yearning to be honored and worshipped for their sacrifices boiled within them. These soldiers which came from all parts of t.i.tan were summoned here today by the Imperial Army. Some of them were born from n.o.ble houses, some came from highly-honored family, but the majority that gathered here today were simple-minded, industrious farmhouse children. The faces of these young men accustomed to pastoral work were flushing with redness. In their hands were not held familiar farming tools, but weaponry that overawed people by just the sight of it. Perhaps, these naive young people were still not aware of the changes that were slowly creeping up on them...

However, even though the war against invaders happened regularly, the only thing that remained unchanged, was only the hearts of these t.i.tan fighters.

A sound of bugle horn was heard loudly. The Imperial Guards were drawn up into square formations, the bugle call received multiple responses. The call for a.s.sault echoed between heaven and earth, leaving the roar in the distance appear like mere, floating illusory. Shouts, hoofs, broken shields, and clashing of swords seemed to all mingled with the sound of the horn.

From t.i.tan Gate of Light Gate gushed in a team of cavalry. They were dressed in silver armor, equipped with swords and spears. When the first among them galloped into the territory of the square, the Imperial Guards. .h.i.t loudly on their shields, and once again another deafening roar came from the clamorous crowd.

If looked closely, the knights had engraved their respective names on the golden ribbon slanted through the bezel with blood ink.

"Murat Bedoya, Gondol Aba.s.sia, Endorph Diaphise, Arcan, Kamille Rayen, Shaw Sh.o.r.enstein, Krapitch Drake, Tove Van Sukhoi…"

As they read the familiar names one after another, these soldiers grew even more excited. Disregarding the paint that had begun to fragment, they beat violently on the shield, trembling the ordinance.

The knights stopped in front of the Tower of Heroes. They jumped off the horse in one swift move uniformly alighted and positioned themselves in the most solemn military posture in front of the martyrs' altar.

His Majesty the Emperor Alfa III of t.i.tan Empire was already waiting there. There was no need for empty speeches or meaningless words of exaggeration. Everyone present there was well aware of the heroic deeds of the Red Tiger a.s.sault Division. His Majesty the Third took over a banner from a military officer, on which was hand drawn the symbol of Red Tiger. He pa.s.sed this new banner, now belonging to the Narcissus Knights Red Tiger a.s.sault Division, over to the Duke of Andrew who stood beside himself. As the commander-in-chief of the Narcissus Knights, Dortmund Andrew Nedgabel then pa.s.sed down the new banner to the major general of Red Tiger.

When Murat took over the flag, Alpha III went forward to award the Empire Warrior Medal to the commanding officer of the cavalry. Then, the Majesty His Third called out the names of the survivors and awarded all 84 warriors with the honor medal which symbolized valiant and loyal.

"Do you know what you should do next?" Dortmund asked quietly, just as Murat intended to leave the podium.

Murat turned around and glanced at the sea of warrior stood behind him, and returned the gaze to his commander-in-chief. He raised the banner aloft in the air and shouted, "Let this flag wave proudly above the head of the invaders."

The priest spread his hand and succeeded in calming down the thrilled crowd, "Alright! In the name of G.o.d, and prove by the vows sworn by both parties! Duke Eisenstein! You are now joined to be a couple with Her Royal Highness Prince Opareal Rouxelerg!"

The small church erupted into warm cheers. Relatives of the Roulexberg Royal Family threw flower petals up high in the air, and the honored guests who came from distant lands to congratulate the newlyweds also began shouting excitedly. Eisenstein returned the blessing and glory of the future with a satisfying smile; while Opareal Roulexberg, downed in the sea of colorful flower shower and warm applause, the heir to the throne also revealed a heart-warming smile.

As she walked down the aisle toward the church door, Opareal glanced to the emptiest corner in the left part of the room. She noticed her young Oscar had occupied a whole row of seats to himself. It seemed as if no one was willing to sit with him. The smile on his face was unfathomable, and, in fact, it annoyed the princess slightly. All of the sudden, it came to the mind of the Princess that it was exactly on that row of seats that they… Hold on! Nothing happened here last night! Moreover, he was leaving, wasn't he? She silently wished him all the best!

Standing in the watchtower of Lombardy Castle and looking at troops coming at full speed in distant, Marquis Harriens Van Rousted finally feel relieved. It seemed that the wedding went smoothly, and everyone was returning safely! It had been rather tough for Harriens lately, as he was fiercely attacked by sharp words from the Supreme High Command due to his poor performance dealing with the incident happened in National Theater. Harriens, however, was never the kind of person to give up easily. The annihilation last night was a masterpiece of his, and he was extremely satisfied with the outcome. The senior military personnel who came to Lombardy Castle to attend the royal reception successively started to change their impressions toward him, and this was certainly enough to make the highest commanding officer feel proud of himself.

In Harriens' opinion, the t.i.tans undoubtedly mobilized ma.s.sive manpower, material and financial resources for the operation on the evening of the 30th. Those who were specially trained were likely to succeed if it wasn't for the t.i.tans that leaked the information. That probably meant that t.i.tan would not be able to organize a rescue operation on a similar scale for some coming time. However, what worried Harriens the most was still that infamous killer that appeared and disappeared as he wished, and this remained a thorn in his flesh! Tonight, in Lombardy Castle was going to hold an unprecedentedly large-scale reception, and about more than a thousand guests were expected. Wouldn't this be a good opportunity for the a.s.sa.s.sin to take action?

At the thought of this, Harriens sneered a few times. He had mobilized all the capital's security forces; even the nearby villages were planted with army forces. Not only did the regular forces block all pa.s.sages, but also closed the entire Laufenkamen River.

"Your Excellency!"

Harriens turned his head around in surprise, "It's you, diplomatic officer. Are you looking for me?"

"Of course!" The diplomatic officer of Deiss Kingdom wiped off the beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Climbing up many flights of stairs at once was certainly not an easy task. "For safety reasons, you blocked the pa.s.sage to Laufenkamen River, and it's understandable. However, your security troops are holding back the West Percy Kingdom Royal Envoy which came to pa.s.s their blessings, and this is rather difficult to explain away, don't you think?"

"West Percy Kingdom Royal Envoy?" Harriens tried hard to think from his scrambled thoughts, he vaguely remembered the Royal Family sending news about the marriage to the West Percy Kingdom.

"They're traveling by boats?"

"Of course they are! They are the West Percians, the Wolves of the Sea! Are you expecting them to come on horses? Your Excellency Highest Commander, hanged on their boat is the national flag of West Percy Kingdom, so hurry and let them in! If we hold back for too long, it might perhaps turn into a diplomatic dispute! I genuinely don't wish to have trouble with the West Percians, especially not right now when the t.i.tans are under our siege."

"Alright, alright!" Immediately, Harriens signed off on the bottom of the special pa.s.s in a hurry and handed over the doc.u.ment to the anxious diplomatic officer. "I'll have to trouble you to settle this, as you know, I can't leave my spot here."

"Thank you!" The diplomatic officer grinned from ear to ear and quickly turned to go.

"What a hypocrite!" Harriens muttered softly to himself. As he turned his attention back to the castle, the carriage which transported the Princess and her groom was already entering the castle gate.

Oscar and Paladin Sarlat Drosha was allocated to the tiny guest room situated on the second floor of the castle. They sat facing each other, and on their back stood four tall and strong knights.

"Let's have some wine!" Young Oscar suddenly said.

"Sure! What do you like to have?" Sarlat rubbed his hands in excitement.

"Ola… what about some local red wine?"

Without waiting for a response, a guard went up to the wine cupboard and took down a bottle of Laufenkamen red wine. Oscar nodded at the excellent choice and motioned that he needed a gla.s.s.

The locally-made red wine emitted a rich fragrance, and the amber-like liquid shone brightly by reflecting the light of the gla.s.s. Sarlat's eyes grew wider as he was suddenly surprised. Underneath the gla.s.s of His Imperial the Highness seemed to be floating with a series of symbols. If not mistaken it should be the reflected image of the words written on a small piece of paper, which was stuck between the prince's palm and the bottom of the gla.s.s.

The handwriting as not difficult to recognize. In fact, it was only one word, "Boat!"

Taking the opportunity, Sarlat took a sip of the wine and said, "Excellent wine," as he nodded his head.

"Exactly!" Oscar put down the gla.s.s. He then grabbed the wine bottle and handed it to the knight guard. "Do you mind bringing this to the other two of my friends? I hope they can taste this too."

The paladin nodded and left the room with the wine.

Oscar stretched his neck to obtain a better hearing of the paladin's footsteps. Turning left after the door, and somewhere about six to seven meters! His Imperial Highness smiled slightly and leaned back on the sofa in delight. As expected, Wellington Steinberger and Mendez Blane were held captive in a room not far from himself.

"Ola! Waiting makes a person weary!" His Imperial Highness Prince sighed silently.

"How long is it until the opening of the reception?"

Aeolia shrugged nonchalantly, "About… three to four hours."

Ricky the Liar nodded, "I would never have guessed... That I have the chance to become a diplomatic envoy ever again!"

The countess smiled slightly, she knew more or less about the butler. "Don't worry, this will be the last time!"

Ricky shrugged, "I sure hope so!"

Aya looked at Ricky the Liar and the Clown, who was busy disguising, and let out a deep, emotional sigh. "Please make the best use of your time, and meet us at the main cabin when you're done, as I still have to run through the overall plan once more. This decides our victory or defeat!"

Ricky and the Clown exchanged glances, and nodded at each other. They both knew that if they failed this mission, then this would really be their final performance.

As the evening was approaching, the sun hung low on the horizon where sky and land meet. A fiery red light reflected on the ripples appeared on the water surface. A ma.s.sive West Percy sailing boat with five masts moved forward leisurely in the center of the river course, and the Deiss guards on small boats avoided it with slight terror. These soldiers that were used to living on land looked at the maritime transportation with curiosity, and let out sighs of admiration unanimously. 

The ma.s.sive sailing boat ignited some lights as the night fell, and sailed slowly toward a plank road under the guidance of a small boat. As the big boat berthed steadily, the sailor lowered the anchor and wooden ladder with dexterity. The Deiss guards waiting on the side also lent a hand to fasten the thick rope. An officer boarded the sailing boat using the wooden ladder. He greeted the diplomatic envoy of West Percy Kingdom, and examined their official doc.u.ments. He kept on a straight face as he performed his usual routine.

When the officer disembarked, Aeolia gathered everyone to the main cabin.

"Alright, everyone! It seems that everyone appears rather excited, still, please allow me to speak for another second!"

The crowd which was in their own heated discussion stopped whatever they were debating and listen quietly. After spending time together with this lady for a short moment, they were all aware of the lady's capability.

"First and foremost! I would like to thank Little Stammer! Her fake doc.u.ments and proof of ident.i.ties successfully brought us here to where we are now. Secondly, I would like to express my gratefulness to our butler, Mr. Ricky!"

Ricky removed his hat, and waved to the crowd.

Aya smiled at the playful man, "Mr. Ricky's amazing performance made the Deiss's diplomatic officer to never doubt our ident.i.ty for a second! Also, I want to thank the soldiers from Cecil Island of the Crelini House. You guys are indeed the most experienced sailors and pirates! It still amazes me that you managed to steal a ma.s.sive West Percy Royal Family's boat."

The captain of Venetian Gypsy was a Cecil inhabitant which kept a red mustache. The adorable lady's flattery went to his head.

"Next up, I would like to thank a great lady in the distant West Percy Kingdom. If it wasn't for her help, no matter how much mischief we create, it would have deceived the West Percy diplomatic envoy who lives here in Deiss."

"Lastly, G.o.dot! The hawk eagle that he takes care of not only acts as our eyes, but it's also our messenger, which have been of a great help!"

"What about us?" The King of Sins was slightly displeased. He pointed at the others sitting beside him, the rest of them who also hadn't been mentioned by Aeolia. "We contribute a lot to this too!"

"I have to admit that!" Aya laughed, "Left Hand racked his brain to produce a master key. Diener Edward created a couple of really interesting tools. As for you, Mr. Doramy! It seems like all you've been doing was fishing?"

The old man chuckled, "Have you not realize I'm the one providing all your meals? Moreover, I did that to check the water temperature and direction of wind! Which are equally important!"

Red mustache captain suddenly tapped at the King of Sins' shoulder, "Hey, old friend, that's my specialty."

"Alright, gentlemen!" Aya stopped the bantering men, "Did you hear that? The music has started to play in the castle, and the show is about to begin! Are you all clear of your specifically-a.s.signed tasks? Mr. Ricky!"

Ricky nodded when he was called, "My task is to socialize, socialize, socialize until we confirm the location of Oscar and the others. Then, I shall organize the retreat route when the first mission is complete."

"Clown!" Aya called out to the next person.

"My task is to provide support! To support anyone that encounters a situation, and cover for their retreat."

"Mr diener Edward!"

"I'm a.s.signed to dissect, to dissect anyone who dares to cut off our retreat."


"I will attack the tower, shut the door, destroy the winch, and lock all the enemies inside of the castle."


"Ha! It's finally my turn! My task is to sneak into the place where they imprisoned our friends, with Left Hand, and attack when necessary."


"I have to arrange and allocate the sailors to resist the attack of Deiss people when His Highness the Prince board and alight the boat, and to make sure the boat speed off as fast as possible."

"Little Stammer!"

"I… I… I… I…"

"Alright! Your task is to stay put in the boat. Don't play with fire, and don't try to talk to people!" Aya spoke for the girl. "So… does anyone have a different idea?"


At the same time, the crowd turned toward the direction of the sound. The King of Sins, who had the fastest reflexes, pulled out his saber and jumped on the table, while diener Edward threw three sharp surgical knives toward the direction of the dark.

Paul revealed himself from the dark, and the red-bearded captain was the first one to run into his arms. He didn't even know someone had snuck into his boat!

"Hold on a minute!" Aeolia's loud command cooled down the crowd which had gone berserk at the appearance of an old friend. "Let's listen to what this gentleman has to say!"

Paul scratched his head shyly, "There's a point which I don't understand very well. If we don't create some troubles and chaos among the Deiss people, then how are we going to realize all the aforementioned?"

Ricky rushed forward to hugged his old friend who had gone missing for the past six months.

"I knew you'd be around! Why do you only show yourself now?"

Snowstorm laughed in delight, and hugged his old friends one after another. He also acquainted himself with the new faces, and not forgetting to return the surgical knives back to diener Edward. The latter was truly amazed, he never expected Snowstorm to have block down all his attacks with using only one hand.

"Alright! My friends! Do you want to hear my explanation?"

"Of course!" Ricky was already impatient, "Don't you know everyone was so worried about you? Lady Antonia even shed tears for you several times!"

"Is that true?" Snowstorm found that rather unbelievable.

"Indeed! But it was only out of convenience when she was crying for Oscar!"

"Hahahahaha!" Those among the crowd who knew better laughed loudly, while Paul's expression changed as if he had just swallowed a fly alive.

"Alright, I have to admit, that Ricky is really great at mocking! But don't you all want to know the reason why I had been hiding in the dark?"

"Of course!" Ricky's hand shot up in the air.

"Alright! The reason was that... As a super a.s.sa.s.sin, I only reveal myself at the most crucial moment! Unlike some other guys who took action in the first phase, those peoples' fates normally didn't have a good ending," Snowstorm said while moving his body to one side. "Let me introduce a friend! Shaw Curlink! The exclusive a.s.sa.s.sin of Morisette Imperial Family codenamed Black Devil."

Once again, everyone had their attention turned to the dark in astonishment; their eyes wide open. How many more had been hiding in that corner!

"Haha! Hi everyone!" Shaw greeted simply. "It seems like Paul is pretty good at the sarcasm game too. Now that my ident.i.ty is exposed, I have no choice but to join your forces! Do you all accept me into the team?"

The King of Sins was the first one to agree, but Aya, on the other hand, locked her brows together.

"Shaw, tell me, what's your plan?"

Black Devil looked at the commander of this operation and performed to her a gentleman bow, "My lady, I'm going to spill a bad information. You have probably underestimated the strength of the Deiss people. Nearly half of the high-ranking generals of the Deiss Kingdom are gathered in the castle tonight, let's forget about them for a moment, and say the paladin who was guarding the Princess. Apart from Paul, no one else here is fit to be his opponent, not even me. Therefore! We have to create a ma.s.sive chaos for them to be scared them out of their wits."

"I… I… I… I… have got it covered!" Little Stammer suddenly raised a piece of doc.u.ment up in the air.

Aya returned with a fierce glare, "Keep it!"

Little Stammer was intimated, and sunk back quietly into her seat.

Aya laughed at the Black Devil, "As you can see, I come well-prepared. Therefore, can you tell me about the plan you mapped out with Paul?"

A slight sneer crept on his face, and King of a.s.sa.s.sins replied, "Hehe! Not so fast! Anyway, have you noticed the vast grape vineyard located in the back of the castle? I'm warning all of you, do not go there unless it is necessary, because it will soon turn into a ma.s.sive abyss of suffering!"

"I really don't understand! Why are you jumping into the fire pit even if you are aware of it?"

Eisenstein looked at the prince in astonishment, "A fire pit? I'm not sure what you mean."

"Marriage! I mean marriage! Especially your marriage! Don't you forget, that your wife is going to be Queen." Oscar said and pointed at Princess Opareal on the dance floor. "You can never jump out of it once you're in, and you will slowly be tortured to death!"

Eisenstein rolled his eyes, "Your Highness, my wife asked me to keep you accompanied as she's afraid you'll get bored being by yourself, but I do want to apologize, that our conversation doesn't agree well." The commanding officer of palace stood up as he spoke. He turned to remind his paladins before leaving, "Watch over them, make sure they don't get into trouble!"

Oscar watched the blonde guy's receding figure, and glanced at the special envoy from the West Percy Kingdom who was clinking his gla.s.s with Marquis Harriens Van Rousted. Suddenly, he uttered a sneer that only ghosts could hear.

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