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Engerbury Roulexberg lived in a majestic palace that was full of collections and precious items. To be specific, he lived under an absolute and protective rights. These rights have always been in the possession of his family and dynasty for the last three centuries. He has power and dignity that must not be intruded upon. He was the King of Deiss and also the child of His Grand Eminence the Pope Radriere VI.

Oscar looked at the young man or.... The middle-aged man sitting on the King's throne. To be more specific, it was a person who felt extremely tortured by some terrifying systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). But, Oscar knew just from the sudden attack that was full of uncertainties that Engerbury (that is the Deiss' Ninth Roulexberg King) was the kind of king who nonchalantly treated life as a plaything.

Behind the t.i.tan Prince, Marquis Harriens Van Rousted was already impatient. He felt that this foreign Prince should be more respectful in front of his King. Thus..... His scabbard hit the bending part of O'Neil Andrew Morisette from a position that was hard to be noticed. He knew that part of the body was extremely weak.

As expected, the effect of that his was satisfactory. t.i.tan's Prince kneeled on one knee on the ground. The huge sound even attracted the attention of the Paladin outside of the palace.

Oscar's anger flashed in his eyes. His whole body was shivering, not due to embarra.s.sment, but because of the unbearable pain. In these two months, he was only barely able to move. The sudden movement caused the injuries all over his body to tear at his nerve crazily.

However, talking about embarra.s.sment. Oscar pursed his lips tightly! Being forced to bow and kneel to the King of the rival country could make a hero go mad. But in actuality, even though O'Neil Andrew Morisette had the actions of a hero, his mentality was far from the height of a hero. So, he bore the pain and reached out his hands to the officer behind him.

"Do you mind helping me up? I know this is rude, but I truly cannot stand up by myself."

The Deiss King took all of these under his glances. He had a very interested look.

Harriens received the approval of the King. He took the Prince's hands and wanted to help this hateful curly-haired dog up, but the sudden great pain in his hands made this Highest Commanding Officer of DeKTer frown.

Oscar stood up. There was sweat on his forehead. The intense battle of strength earlier almost made him pa.s.s out. Even though the Prince of t.i.tan hated his old man-like figure, but he was satisfied with the injury he casted upon Harriens. This hateful guy stood there, not knowing what to do. He looked at his little finger that was deformed by great force and then at the heartless enemy. Even though the fire of anger burned intensely in his chest, but Harriens could only shiver slightly like the girl who was molested by others but unable to explain under the gaze of the King.

"Wonderful!" His Majesty the Ninth clapped his hands lightly. "Now, I finally believe what ability you possess to defeat my royal army."

"Your Majesty!" Oscar bowed a little. "If you are complimenting, I shall say that you overestimated me because...… it was only a coincidence."

"Coincidence?" Engerbury's facial expression was a little stiff. The more proud the enemy was, the more embarra.s.sed the Kingdom was! This King scanned the expression of more than ten generals of the Kingdom present in the palace. As expected, it was as if they were molested by someone, yet they were unable to say anything in return.

His Majesty the Ninth shifted his body. The itchiness of SLE hit him again!

"O'Neil Andrew Morisette the Prince, I am glad to see you recovered in health. Hopefully, the time that you spent in my country will be a fun experience for you."

"Yes Your Majesty! I am very happy! During the time I was in bed, I read many philosophy masterpieces of your country. It should be said that is the treasure box of intelligence of the whole human race! They helped me learn of the deeper understanding of life and the world."

"Oh?" Engerbury raised his eyebrows. As a citizen of Deiss, the Deiss King, of course, was pa.s.sionate about the ideology that made the Kingdom proud.

"Then.... Can you tell me? Prince, among all the philosophers in my country, which one do you like the most?"

"Fredsine!" Oscar flashed a smile.

"That lunatics?" Engerbury once again knitted his already relaxed eyebrows.

"No! Your Majesty! There are many philosophers in the history of your country, but only Count Fredsine can be taken as the most logical one."

The Deiss King's expression became very dangerous!

"What you mean is.... In the history of my country, every philosopher except Fredsine are lunatics?"

"No! No! Your Majesty, your understanding is too extreme. This is also a common misguided point in the philosophers of your country, but only Fredsine was going into the right path by embarking on a journey to search for eternity, spirit and will. While the others go into a great deviation during the process of continuous and endless march and finally everything falls apart."

Was he embarra.s.sing our country? Deiss Ninth King looked at the t.i.tan Prince who was chatting! An endless feeling of hatred rushed into the King's chest.

Fredsine was a philosopher who spent his life in the Church's asylum. His ideology was full of pessimistic fantasy and non-governmental advocate. His "Will of Power" was the number one banned book in Deiss kingdom because the rules of power and creation of will written in this book were the opposite of the att.i.tude of the Deiss Royal Family. Don't even start on his skepticism and intense criticism against religion!

"In the world of Deiss, Fredsine's tragedy is losing his listeners, audiences and witnesses at his greatest moment!" Oscar looked at the Deiss King who was twitching straight into the eyes. "he generalized the ethnic will of the Deiss and Yaran as ignorant people without sympathy and self-centered Hangman. In the mind of this great thinker, Deiss is a G.o.d's realm that has been demonized. He is confused by the will of the King, yet chose to succ.u.mb unconditionally under the pressure of his ethnicity."

"The meeting.... Is finished! Thank you, Prince. I appear to have some thoughts about it." Engerbury's voice was trembling. As the ruler of Deiss, he realized that he had no evidence to oppose the Prince. In fact, Fredsine was openly known as Deiss' Father of Philosophy in the whole land. However, only the Deiss Royal Family did not look highly on him.

When Harriens, who gritted his teeth, brought t.i.tan Prince towards the palace gate, O'Neil Andrew Morisette suddenly turned around.

"Your Highness, please allow me to ask a question."

Deiss King reached out his trembling hand.... And made a 'please do' gesture.

"I noticed that the soldiers and high officers in the palace wore the brightest medals in the world. They have countless medals and pride. Then why do they only have one expression? Could it be that... They were actually a wax figure collection in your palace? Or is there anything else?"

"Haha..... Hahaha!" Facing the continuous embarra.s.sment, His Majesty the Ninth suddenly laughed happily. "Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette, even though your understanding is a little off with the reality, but if they were wax figures.... I will definitely make one for you!"

Oscar shrugged. As the victorious one from war, he walked out of Boren National Palace in prideful steps.

Messy yet orderly maps were put around the huge sand table. Crackling sound of army boots could be heard when they stepped on the pinewood floor that shone a reddish black. The wide oval-shaped s.p.a.ce echoed countless anxious yet confident voices. If you listened closely, every sound represented a unit, a place and a journey! Then..... Gathering the voices together meant having a war.

As the highest military commanding unit of t.i.tan Empire, the military's Combat Department has not been as busy as today for many years.

Marshal Alan sat alone at the huge armchair. He had his back on the busy war strategists. He simply looked at the military maps that covered the whole wall. He carefully scanned every arrow and every building that blocked the forward direction of the arrows.

"Doom! Doom! Doom!" Every sound in the Combat Department stopped. Marshal Alan knocked on the door! Even though it was the first time for some war strategist to join the war, but they had all heard about it. Marshal Alan hitting the desk meant the time was here.

Church Calendar Year 797 6th of the 6th month. Everything was as usual at the Blackwood area of the Northwest border of t.i.tan Empire. It was quiet. Not even a sound of human could be heard. This area at the border belonged to the Twelfth Military District of the Guards.

Sometimes, the hunters in the forest would see the patrol unit of the Guards at Border patrolling the area. But, such scenes were already two months ago.

Green plants covered the whole forest. The aroma of gra.s.s and flowers were in the air. The birds were singing, but they were soon interrupted by something. After a while, the same singing rang again at another part of the forest.

The sunlight dived into the forest from every hole it was able to find. The Blackwood showcased its rare shyness in the summer. The sunlight made this primitive forest that was known by its dark and deep characteristics seemed so unrealistic. The forest lightly trembled under the light. Actually that was the wind! The light warm wind cared about the branches, gra.s.s and the anxious hearts of the warriors.

Looking at the faraway horizons at the border of the forest, a huge fortress of the Rielese stood in pride at the side of the mountain. Riel was a long and narrow object on the map of the Westland. It was a country surrounded by many mountains. It came about from the Alps of the south then became warm at the west of t.i.tan. Then, it ended at the intersection of mountains and the canyon when it connected to the north of Deiss. Looking at the map, the people would realize that Riel was just like a rattlesnake that wriggled its way around. It could easily pa.s.s through the s.p.a.ce and easily showed its fangs. When you were not noticing, it would bite you with its poisonous fangs.

"Is it time?"

"Yes! It is time!" Duke Rigulya Steinberger nodded his head lightly at the Commander of the Twelfth Region who asked the question.

"Messenger!" General Bencil Donnis excitedly shouted! As the Chief Commander of the Twelfth Region, it could be said that the only goal in managing the army here was to deal with the sneaky yet ignorant Rielese.

"Yes General!"

"It is time. Announce the code!"

We knew that according to the military law of t.i.tan Empire, the local region must have two things before launching an attack. The first thing was the Golden Lion stamp that the Emperor of t.i.tan used to order an army unit. The second thing was the action code given by the Army Division. Both of these things were necessary to launch an attack.

The messenger opened the hardwood box. He quickly scanned the secret order given by the Army Division.

"Report, General. The code for this action is Renaissance!"

"Attention!" General Bencil turned his horse around. "Renaissance!"

Almost immediately, along with the screams of the commander, numerous exclamations of agreement of the messengers broke out in the woods.

Standing on the Norch.e.l.le Fortress of the Riel kingdom, you would notice that the Blackwood opposite of you was advancing forward. At first, it was only a wood, then it was everything that your eyes could take in!

t.i.tan Guards must have their reasons to name the rare advance of army in a hundred years as Renaissance. The ruler of the Western Kingdom had slowly forgotten the image of t.i.tan warriors in the peaceful days. All this time, they were applying immense political pressure on the giant. They used chains made of unity to bind the giant's shoulder. They were afraid of the giant's iron fists. Most of all, they were afraid of the size of the giant. But, today, the giant finally could no longer take this in and he exploded!

Ten Infantry Corps and four Cavalry Corps were the sum of all elite forces that the t.i.tan West Borderline's three biggest regions were able to gather. Now, these soldiers who fought for the pride and dignity of the Empire stepped into the land of Riel. They knew that the Rielese gathered a strong defense force at the Norch.e.l.le Fortress not far away, but the Guards who were in densely knitted formation did not care about those things.

The military officers held the army flag high at the front of the unit. The commander of the unit shouted loudly from the left and right of the formation as he rode on his war horse. One hundred and thirty thousand t.i.tan warriors breathed the sound that was thicker than the wind in the plains out of the Blackwood. According to the previously arranged formation, they were divided into Divisions. They walked towards the direction of the fortress one after another. Please note that they were not invaders. They were simply a bunch of avengers who wanted to return the blood debt for the warriors of the Empire.

The commander of Norch.e.l.le Fortress led the Kingdom Army to guard at the city gate. He was hopeless. He was helpless! When this General gave way to the Deiss, he already imagined the situation today, but he never thought that his only Corp would face the unstoppable attack of the t.i.tan.

"The t.i.tan avoided us!" A voice sounded from the north side of the city wall of the fortress suddenly! The commander ran towards the north side in question.

That was right! The Guards avoided the fortress. They did not even care about the fortress and the enemy in it. The launcher knights ran into the valley of the north of Norch.e.l.le Fortress. They were advancing with pride under the eyelid of the enemy.

"Release the arrow! Get the rocks! And rolling woods!" The fortress commander ordered the soldier on the north wall loudly. He knew the t.i.tan down there must heard his voice, but these guys who kept their silence all this time did not mind him. This made the General felt embarra.s.sed.

Just when the knights were quickly pa.s.sing through the valley, they walked towards the horizons far away and left behind dust fog all over the sky. Following that, it was the infantry. The Division unit slowly advanced in their formation below the fortress. The t.i.tan warriors carried heavy weapons. Obviously they planned for a long journey. A rain of arrows fell down from the fortress. After a series of orders, the t.i.tan warriors who pa.s.sed by the fortress raised their shield. The shield connected together closely and provided a good cover for the warriors under them. The rocks and rolling woods followed the arrows. The t.i.tan warriors formed a defense formation at the outermost area of the fortress. They used their shield to defend against the impact of the rolling wood and the force of the rocks. It seemed that..... Nothing could stop this unit from advancing.

"General! The forest...…. The forest is really moving!" The shout of the soldier once again made the fortress commander rush towards the border direction.

That was correct! The forest was truly moving. From afar, it seemed as if a giant was hiding in it. Along with the slow movement of the giant, the tall tree crown of the forest fell towards both sides. Finally, six war carriages that were even taller than the city wall crashed out of the dark forest. Numerous strong bulls were advancing under the shout of the warriors as they pulled the war carriages forward.

Red paint was used to paint the totem at the top level of every war carriage that represented courage. It was two intersected long swords. In between the long swords was a beautifully curved bow!

The fortress commander cursed under his breath. No wonder the t.i.tan guards decided to go around them. It was because his fortress was the prey of the "Timberwolves" Steinberger!

"Prepare the rock thrower! Take an aim at the war carriages!" The General ordered in a loud voice.

"You..... When do you plan to finish the battle?" General Bencil Donnis looked as he asked the Duke beside him.

General Rigulya Steinberger waved his hands to call his messenger.

"Notify the battle units. I want my family's flag on Norch.e.l.le Fortress's main building in an hour."

Looking at the messenger that ran towards the battlefield quickly, General Bencil was more or less unsatisfied with the att.i.tude of Duke Steinberger. Using an hour to successfully attack a strong fortress that was guarded by ten thousands of people. He had only heard of such things, but he had never seen it in action before.

"Don't be surprised!" Duke Steinberger wiped his red hair that got sticky under the sun. "The warriors of my family are not used to wasting time on useless attacks. Do you know how much of the forest is needed to be cut down in order to build a fortress like the Norch.e.l.le Fortress?"

General Bencil shook his head.

Rigulya Steinberger smiled slightly. "Me neither! I only know that the time has come for them to return everything to the forest!"

"Prepare the rock thrower! Release!" Along with the order, the rock throwers that were set up in the fortress square made a string trembling sound. Huge rocks were thrown into the air due to gravity. The shadows of the rocks pa.s.sed over the ground. It did not hit anything. It simply made an area of ploughed soil that was enough to plant peanuts at the area five hundred meters in front of the fortress.

"Arrange! Arrange!" The fortress commander shouted crazily at the technicians, but he knew that in another fifteen minutes, the countless people of t.i.tan in the war carriages would rush into his fortress.

Finally, the huge rocks. .h.i.t the middle part of a war carriages. Along with a huge rumbling sound and devastated screams, the warriors of the Steinberger family flew into the air. The war carriages slowly slanted. The warriors ran out of the war carriages for their lives. They fell to the ground and gathered together. Soon, the war carriages fell on the ground heavily. The dust and smoke that rose high drowned the hopelessness and brought numerous souls into the sunny sky.

Without even having the time to cheer, the Riel soldiers at a side of the wall took a few steps backward, frightened. The totem of bow and double sword slowly got close to them. They could even hear the forceful moo of the bull that pulled the war carriages!

"Prepare the arrows! Aim at the treadle! Aim at the treadle!" The fortress commander shouted as he rushed in front of the war carriage that was about to hit them. He pulled the bow wide first!

Everything seemed to quiet down. Only the screeching rumbling sound of the hardwood treadle of the war carriage could be heard! Finally, the treadle hit on the wall hardly. Before noting the inner situation of the war carriage, the fortress commander already sent the arrow flying into it.

There was no launch or fight as they had imagined. Rielese faced a black mouth of cannon in panic! This was the only survivor of the cannon unit in Saijo Mountain! To be specific, it was the only survivor that was saved from the Chief Technician who was heavily injured to the point he was crippled now! Now, this sole surviving hero was pulled up to the wall of the enemy's fortress by the brave people of Steinberger!

The line was making a sizzling sound. Soon, a weak fire disappeared into the powder filling mouth! The cannon warriors that had long hid at a floor below the war carriage felt a strong tremor! Along with a magnificent rumbling, the fortress cannon turned countless Riel soldiers who were in panic into pieces of flesh and blood. Then the enormous gas flow blew the broken debris into the air.

The warriors of Steinberger family raised their double sword and jumped onto the top floor of the war carriage after the cannon firing.

"Go!" Angry shouts turned into a rapid flow of sweat and blood! The t.i.tan warriors successfully went on the fortress. They rushed towards the overly shocked Rielese.

A colonel arranged the soldiers in panic. Just now, their highest commanding officer disappeared into the beautiful fire spark. He clearly understood that he became a pillar of the fortress. But he was afraid. He was shaking! He saw the t.i.tan soldier turning that fire spewing weapon towards the city gate. He even saw his soldiers shook violently as they faced the few war carriages that kept closing in on them! What should he do?

The scared Colonel took a glance of the battlefield in front of the fortress. This...…. This was probably the last image he had seen.

"Attention.... Stone throwers...…"

A huge rock fell from the sky. It took the Colonel's shout and body away. It also took away a broken building.

"Focus the attack on that wall!" The battle commander of the Steinberger family gave a determined order.

Six huge stone throwers slowly moved. The most left war carriages avoided this wall that was about to be hit. They placed the treadles at several different places. The fear of fire weapons made Riel soldiers avoid the war carriages. They did not know that there was only one machine that was taking lives at the wall!

Countless warriors screamed as they rushed out of the carriages. They collided with the enemy and fought in a cl.u.s.ter. They fought at every empty s.p.a.ce and position.

The wall was trembling! It is moaning! It already took more than twenty hard attacks. It knew that the stones made its body crumble and break down, but it could only choose to take it in hopelessly. Finally, a heavy rumbling shook the earth. The grey dust and stone debris flew into the air. The wall finally crumbled hopelessly. Riel warriors looked at the opening made by the enemy and breathed a desperate sigh. But as warriors, they also had determination and a holy duty to fulfill.

The last military officers finally ordered for the soldiers to abandon the fortress. They ordered the panicking soldiers to form a defending force at the opening of the wall.

The afternoon sunlight shone hot light rays from the south. The opening of the wall that faced the southeast seemed to become a dark cave. In the next moment, countless ferocious beasts would come out of the cave. 

Suddenly! The strongest cheer broke out in the Steinberger base! The numerous Infantry formation that gathered in front of the fortress knocked on their shield for a unit that rushed towards the opening! The First Independent Infantry Brigade of Loantz Front. Only this hero unit that just finished its arrangement was fitted to be the first one to enter the enemy's inner city!

"You don't have to be that way!" Duke Steinberger was already on the battlefield. He looked at his brother-in-law who had bandages wrapped all over him with plea.

Lieutenant General Endorph shook his head. "I remember a Prince of the Empire once said that some things have to be done!"

The Duke did not say a word more. He simply nodded at the family general who ran into the battlefield.

The cheers became denser and more high-spirited. Facing the opening, the Riel warriors carefully arranged their unit. The time for the final battle finally came. A general of the enemy rode into the remains, only to see that he raised his double sword up high. But the Rielese realized that it was not uncountable enemies that flowed through the opening. It was arrows that fell on their head like a cloud!

The arrows a scorching hot wind. The shields of the Rielese were only raised a little slow. As a result, their formation became just like the wheat field in the fall. They were the wheat that fell onto the ground under strong wind. When the survivors raised their heads once again, the warriors that waved their double sword had already rushed through the opening like the tide of an embankment. The Rielese warriors defended against the rapids. They were just like boat amongst rain and wind.

"Haha!" The commander of the Guards Twelfth Region looked at General Rigulya Steinberger that rode towards him at high speed and smiled. "Congratulations, Sir Duke. Your warriors achieved your order 15 minutes earlier."

Rigulya shook the flag that had his family totem printed on it in his hands. "No! Sir commander, a little bit more!"

"You...… You're not going to go into the enemy's fortress, are you?"

Looking at the surprised General Bencil, Rigulya smiled in a relaxed manner.

"A Prince of the Empire once said that some things must be done!"

Bencil gazed at the Duke that went away from him. He turned to one of his generals in question.

"Has Steinberger always been such hard worker? I remember the Duke and the generals under him are rather nonchalant!"

"General, Duke Steinberger did not only let the Deiss successfully infiltrated the Empire, he even got his youngest son taken as hostage! If it were you, you will also bet your life on this!"

After listening to the reply of his subordinate, General Bencil nodded in understanding. But...… He immediately thought of another problem.

"That's right! Isn't our Prince the youngest son of Duke Andrew? I wonder what Marshal Dortmund is doing right now!"


Upon hearing the calling, the Marshal of the Narcissus Knight turned around in a smile. The ones who were used to calling his name were either the seniors in the family or his brothers or those old comrades when he was young.

"The Independent Knight Brigade of nine Generals are all in position. Everyone is waiting for your order!"

"Weca! Are you that impatient?" Dortmund looked jokingly at his playmate when he was young.

Weralca Nedgabel Toca.s.so, the Independent Unit Coordinator of Narcissus Military Personnel Bureau, excitedly swung his whip. As the leading figure of the outer family, Weralca has not been on battlefield for many years, not to mention organized such huge attacks! When the official news about the war at Saijo Mountain finally reached the Narcissus County, he secretly arranged all 21 Independent Army Units in the County under the approval of Andrew's Senior Group. These n.o.ble families who lived together with the Andrew family also had long history in war. Or it should be said that..... They were the third force in Narcissus County excluding Narcissus Knight and the Military Personnel Bureau. Their family's armed forces also have strong battle abilities and spiritual pillar similar to the Narcissus Knights!

"Dortmund! What are we supposed to do?"

"Wait Weca! Wait!" Dortmund took a deep breath of the flower aroma in the air. He took a long gaze the at Deiss land. His most precious youngest son was at a certain place among these endless mountains.

"How beautiful!" The Marshal of the Narcissus knights exclaimed when he faced such a beautiful scenery.

The mountains that rose and fell casted tall shadows and mist-like light from afar. The flowers bloomed in compet.i.tion in the gra.s.s field. They formed mesmerizing colorful strips on the field. The afternoon sunlight was sharp, yet relaxing. It turned the graceful gift of the Sun G.o.d to the human into a thick light. This light moved along with the clouds above the gra.s.s field.

Sometimes they were at the front; sometimes at the back; sometimes it turned into an area of white; sometimes it turned into a huge light pillar. The light pillar fell onto the mountains of Czerroc Kingdom sometimes; sometimes it stopped in the middle of the gra.s.s field of Deiss Kingdom.

"It is!" Weralca nodded. "But..... Don't you think the two ten-thousand formations like briquettes destroyed the natural harmony of this scenery?"

Dortmund looked at the base of Deiss east border army. The black armors of Deiss fighters reflected a terrifying dark glint under the sunlight. But..... This should be the Sea Empire Formation, an ancient yet highly efficient Infantry formation. The two ten-thousand formations were not separated from each other more than 1000 meters. Each base has three sharp protrusion parts like the Trident of the Sea Empire. When the cavalry hit the left and right wings, the Trident would use its spearhead to strong-headedly defend; when the cavalry attacked the connection part of two bases, that huge gap would become a trap the size of a pocket.

After a while, Dortmund finally sighed. Deiss owed the beautiful scenery of this country! He took away the lives of Narcissus Knights and shamelessly took away the precious wealth of a father. All of these made the lone army in the gra.s.s field an eyesore that was extremely hateful!

"You are right. They truly destroyed the scenery here."

"Hahaha!" Weralca laughed. It was about time! "Alright, my Marshal. Your sigh would be a beautiful travel notes, but not an interesting battle story. Tell me! How do we get rid of that two coal mountains in the middle of the gra.s.s field?"

Dortmund smiled. "Remember a Prince of the Empire once said….. Surround them!"

The edge of the defense line at Czerroc Kingdom's west border suddenly had the sound of horns of the Andrew that afternoon. Even though the cavalry that formed the launch formation were not in the battle unit of the Narcissus Knights, but the slogan that represented never-losing and faith was only that single one!

"Andrew Haila!"

The sky dipped low. The cloud began to gather! Behind the Marshal who was alone, several colorful war flags of different totems painted on them were suddenly raised. Numerous cavalry unit formed into a few iron rapids. They continuously moved around under the cold glare of the weapons and gathered under the guidance of the flag! Lastly, their figured overshadowed the enemy and the gra.s.s field. They even..... They even overshadowed the sky!

"Church Calendar Year 797 6th day of 6th month. This sudden imprisoned life has already entered its second month and sixth day! Why didn't I think of writing in my diary to spend my free time when I was in Damorga? Now it seems that writing a diary to reflect on life is the best method to reflect upon oneself!"

Oscar made his oil lamp brighter. He ordered the maid who was fanning him from behind to stand further behind. The shadows of the fan disturbed his writing.

"Alright! Returning to Lombardy Castle from the Deiss Capital today was already late. Even though I did not delay much time in the National Palace, but the representative from my country chatted endlessly with me! Franz Lemus! Hehe! I actually met the young diplomat who was crashed by my carriage before. He was the chief representative of this negotiation! Don't think of him otherwise when you see that he is young. His diplomatic brain and negotiation technique will not lose to his father Dimitri Lemus. Don't forget that his father was once the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Empire! But...… when I saw Franz, I was a little guilty. I forgot the things that prevented it, but it is just that I was not able to attend the burial ceremony of Marquis Dimitri Lemus. It's a little difficult to give excuses for this matter."

"Franz Lemus was definitely a smart person. Under the supervision of DeKTer, he was still able to give some information on the Empire's action through smart replies, but...… Maybe I did not understand enough. I thought that those actions of the Empire will not receive a good result."

"During the last part of the negotiation, Franz finally told me something of value. This young diplomat realized that the Deiss was not pa.s.sionate in negotiating. The worst explanation for this was that they planned to maintain the current situation with t.i.tan and made me stay here for a long time! To be honest, even I think that I am a very good hostage."

"Also! I finally saw the anger of Opareal just now! To be honest, the Opareal who was on battlefield seemed unrealistic. The Opareal who wore a court dress was no realistic either. I feel that the furious Opareal is the most sincere and beautiful Deiss Princess. She complained to me. She scolded me that I should not embarra.s.s the highest ruler of Deiss in front of military generals and high officials in the National Palace! She even said that I should not slander the holy ruling faith of the Roulexberg Royal Family by using the words of Fredsine. She even said that...… According to her brother's character, I am causing trouble for myself!"

"To be honest! You can scold me all you want! Hit me all you want! Who the f.u.c.k cared about that when you are imprisoned!"

"Then! Since diary is a method for self-reflection, then I must admit that today I was actually scared! I am afraid that the Deiss will forever keep me in this palace that seems like an old-folks home. I must admit! In my life, I can no longer accept any form of imprisonment!"

"Then..... Excluding the imprisoned Prince and t.i.tan's negotiation representative who is loud, what trouble does my country still face?"

Upon hearing the question of His Majesty the Emperor, the two officers in the secret room chose silence.

"Silence means..... There is not trouble for my Kingdom?" Engerbury stretched his hands towards the two high officers that he trusted the most, but this action brought about an odor that was unable to be covered by perfume. The SLE on this King was beginning to rot!

"No, Your Majesty! We have a lot of trouble!" DeKTer Highest Commanding Officer, Count Harriens Van Rousted placed a stack of doc.u.ments similar to reports on the desk of Deiss King.

"Your Majesty. Last month, I already ordered every DeKTer's informant based in t.i.tan to turn underground, but in a month, I still received so many reports about those missing in action and contact of my informants."

His Majesty the Ninth had a cold expression. He scoffed at the bandage on the Head of Agents' pinky finger. He knew that this was once again the result of that t.i.tan Prince!

"Harriens, you think..... This is a matter that is hard to understand? Your intelligence system at t.i.tan is already known by the enemy's Secret Service agents. Get your men out of there as soon as possible! It's not like you have never dealt with t.i.tan's Secret Service Department before. Even I get headache when I think about that Count Rudolf Hoss."

Facing the nonchalant mocking of the King, Harriens retreated to a side without saying anything. He did not want to admit that his DeKTer was defeated by t.i.tan's agent.

"Your Majesty!" The Palace officer of Deiss King came forward. As the representative of the King at the administration and the Highest Commanding Department, Marquis Einsenstein always had a cold look on him.

"The thing truly unexplainable is this!" The beautiful Palace Officer gave him a scroll. "At the twelfth day after the end of the war at Saijo Mountain, a few generals of the Kingdom South Commanding Department dropped dead in a night! DeKTer sent out the best investigator and trace specialist to inspect the site, but they did not attain any useful conclusion."

After Einsenstein said that, he looked at Harriens. That Highest Commanding Officer nodded helplessly.

"Then....." Einsenstein delivered another scroll. "Still the south. But this time they are a few leading figured in the local government. They...…"

"Alright!" Deiss King moved his body in difficulty. It was only a few dead men. "Is this another unexplainable thing? The t.i.tan used an advanced a.s.sa.s.sination group to cause chaos at the southern area! Can't you guys see that?"

Einsenstein and Harriens shook their head together.

"Your Majesty!" The Palace Officer spoke again. "You should notice that! I already arranged the highest level of guards at the place you usually go to. Sir Commanding and I think that the a.s.sa.s.sins that the t.i.tan sent are not the usual ones. We are not even sure of their numbers, but I a.s.sure you that those a.s.sa.s.sins are the top killers that are sustained by the Imperial Family! We can't exclude the possibility that those a.s.sa.s.sins will infiltrate the capital!"

"Look at me!" Deiss King pointed to his body. "If there is someone who can end my sufferings now, I will give him a million gold in my will. I will also....."

"Your Majesty!" Eisenstein interrupted the King in a loud voice. "Do you need me to die with you? How can you joke with your life that must not be joked about?"

Deiss looked at his 'partner' when he was young and smiled knowingly. He already knew that Eisenstein still had something he could not leave behind. He could not stand his taking life lightly.

"Then stop talking about this, alright? I heard that...…. The Rielese messenger requested for the Kingdom Army to involve in their soon-to-happen war with the t.i.tan?" 

"Yes Your Majesty!" Eisenstein resumed his calmness. He did not understand why he had to be so angry! Moreover, he was angry towards his King!

"As usual! Tell them I was lying on bed and sick. You can say whatever that you want!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

"Then...… Is there no other things other than the few strange murder cases at the south border?"

"Yes Your Majesty!"

"Then..... How have the Czerrocan and Andrew's knights made the east border?"

Einsenstein frowned. "Your Majesty, I must say.... The Highest Commanding Department has not produced any solution because they truly can't find a suitable solution. The knights of the Andrew family used the ancient war invitation letter to continuously challenge the eastern border army. They wrote down their army forces, the location and time of battlefield on the war invitation letter authorized by G.o.d. Then they would wait at the border of Czerroc. You know that the Kingdom warriors will not do such thing as ignoring the war invitation! Until this point, there have been three invited wars. There are already four Corps in the Kingdom Army that have to be rearranged. The Highest Commanding Department will receive the letter requesting for aid by the eastern commander every day. I think...."

"You don't have to think about anything! Relay my order to the Highest Commanding Department!" Deiss King had a dark look. "I order for the eastern region to shrink its unit. Avoid all fortress and castles at the inner border. Reject the war invitation of the Narcissus Knights. Kill all its messengers!"

"This.... This will make the Kingdom Army into laughing stocks!"

Deiss King frowned, but he soon relaxed! Even though only Einsenstein dared to oppose his order, he knew that this old friend thought well for him. Looking at the whole Westland, he could not find another subordinate as loyal and selfless as him!

"What do you think?"

Einsenstein thought about it. "It's okay to reject the war invitation. But let's forget about killing the messenger! Also.... The Narcissus Knights have always not intruded deep into our territory. The location of the battle is usually near the border. That is to say they have no plans to delve deep into our country yet. Moreover..... The t.i.tan Imperial Family surely knows the attack strategies of the Andrew family. According to the strategy of Morisette Imperial Family towards the Andrew, surely we will see some results that are beneficial to the Kingdom not long after."

Deiss Ninth King nodded directly.

"You? I am talking about you! Do you have other things to report?"

Harriens suddenly came back to his senses. He actually day dreamed just now!

"Your.... Your Majesty! I think.... Towards that t.i.tan Prince, we should take some forceful actions. For example, interrogation. Once we have his testimony, we can sentence him on the military court and throw him into...."

"Shut up!" The King waved his hands impatiently. "You wanted to do forceful interrogation on a Prince? Sentence a t.i.tan Royal Family member in my country? Are you crazy or stupid? You want my Kingdom to become the laughing stock of the whole Westland?"

The Deiss King became angrier as he spoke. He waved the rod in his hand and hit the Head of Agents.

"Harriens! Let me remind you! If you brain is always filled by anger and hate, then I will find a suitable time to eliminate him for you! The t.i.tan's messenger is spending his night here at the National Palace and you want to interrogate his Royal Family Member at this time?"

"Your Majesty!" Harriens covered his swollen face and kneeled by the bed of the King. "Your Majesty! I am sure that Prince holds the most secretive military resources of t.i.tan. Such as the cannons that cause great damage to the Teutonic Knight and the Kingdom Army. Also the mini hand cannon that killed Marshal Veron all demonstrate this problem. We can totally obtain valuable information from O'Neil Andrew Morisette! Moreover, that guy even openly insulted you this morning....."

"Enough! Harriens! It's enough!" Deiss King had a dangerous look in his eyes. "You use your brain at the wrong place! You think I will care about the mocking of a prisoner? Moreover, the problem of getting information on the fire weapon of t.i.tan should be dealt with by your secret agents! Before the war, you knew absolutely nothing of the military secret of t.i.tan! Is that the fault of O'Neil Andrew Morisette? This is all the mistake of you fool!"

Deiss King took a few deep breaths violently. It could be seen that he was angered by Harriens.

"Alright.... Get out! Especially!" His Majesty the Ninth pointed the unlucky Head of Agents. "Do what you should do. Don't let me see you in this short period!"

Feeling the rare peace and looking at the beautiful servant walking from the side door into the secret room, Deiss King released a satisfied sigh. This King moved his body on the bed in difficulty. Finally, he found a comfortable position. That beautiful servant was a young boy, but his ability to serve the King was experienced.

Feeling the warm friction imparted by tongue and teeth on his lower body, the Deiss King closed his eyes, dazzled.

"To be able to partic.i.p.ate in a game with numerous strong people that is more exciting than o.r.g.a.s.m at the last moment of my life! This is too interesting!"

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