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"I just threw Lu Bu away!" Surrounded by people, Huang Xuan was still gloating. "Am I so strong?" Huang Xuan looked at his hands excitedly.

"Your behavior just cost 860,000 RMB," Rolin told the truth.

"OK!" Huang Xuan glared at the sky, as if Rolin were really there.

Lu Bu left in extreme shame and resentment.

"Mr. Huang, you are very strong. Impressive!" w.a.n.g Yun said with a bow, as if he remembered Huang Xuan all of a sudden.

"Of course! I just threw Lu Bu away!" Huang Xuan said to himself. "Are you Lord w.a.n.g? What can I do for you?" Huang Xuan joined his hands casually and asked.

w.a.n.g Yun's family retainers were angry. To them, it was a great honor for a martial artist like Huang Xuan to receive a bow from w.a.n.g Yun who came from an influential and privileged family of scholar officials, but he had returned it in such a rude manner. How arrogant! However, w.a.n.g Yun wasn't offended, as if his countenance had changed before totally because of the weather. He gave two false laughs and made some official remarks, "I am flattered. I just didn't want to see you hurt."


"Do you know who that man is?" w.a.n.g Yun asked with a smile, stroking his beard.


"Lu Bu, who styled himself Feng Xian, the adoptive son of Dong Zhuo. I am afraid if you leave my house now, you will get hurt."

"Then what shall I do?" Huang Xuan asked, suppressing his laugh.

w.a.n.g Yun waved his hand. The retainers understood him well and all left. w.a.n.g Hun took two steps forward and said, "If you believe me, you can stay here for some time. I will protect you."

"That would be fine." Huang Xuan smiled. "Where do I live?" He was thinking of the backyard, of course.

w.a.n.g Yun hadn't expected Huang Xuan to agree so quickly. He forced a smile and asked, "Do you have a style name?"


w.a.n.g Yun was stunned at such a weird name. He gestured the butler to come over and said to him, "Take care of Zhenzai. Do you hear me?"

The butler kept nodding his head and then lowered his body, saying, "Mr. Huang, please come with me."

The retainers who had been armed with weapons were all standing in the yard, submissive. The butler bent himself so low that someone could even step on him easily. Huang Xuan ignored the butler completely, walked to the area behind w.a.n.g Yun and looked inside the main hall, where some pretty singing girls were sitting on their feet.

It seemed to be a regular party. Huang Xuan didn't see Diao Chan, meaning the beauty trap hadn't started yet. He was relieved. 

The retainers were angry again. Huang Xuan waved his hand, stood behind Huang Xuan and said, "If you like, they are yours. I have work to do, so I will leave you alone."

Huang Xuan was in a daze to hear that. The butler said something to the men beside him with a poker face and then said to Huang Xuan, "Mr. Huang, this way, please."

Having gotten four beautiful girls so easily, Huang Xuan was glad and a little worried. Someone had gone over to inform the girls. Huang Xuan quickened his pace and followed the butler more closely.

"Mr. Huang, my name is w.a.n.g Zhong. If you need anything, let me know," the butler said with a smile, still with his head lowered.

Huang Xuan's mind was on something else. w.a.n.g Zhong sent him to a yard, said something to the girls and left.

Later, someone brought some silks, satins and gold ingots. Seeing the retainers come and go, Huang Xuan laughed. "Rolin, violence seems to be the most useful in this place. I have become a hero after throwing Lu Bu away. These gold ingots are worth tons of wheat."

Before Rolin could make any replies, a singing girl came to Huang Xuan, knelt, head lowered, and said, "Master, the water is ready for you to take a bath."

"No hurry." Huang Xuan was embarra.s.sed and stepped back. The girl was about 18 years old with fair skin, hands on knees, charming and delicate. Huang Xuan put the jade he was playing with on the table, forced a smile and said, "Go back. No need to come again."

"Yes, master," the girl answered. Then she withdrew and closed the door.

Huang Xuan sighed in both disappointment and relief. He sat on the bed as the people in Han Dynasty did, sitting on his feet, knees close, hands on knees, but he couldn't rest at all. His legs became sore soon.

At dinner time, w.a.n.g Xi brought some wheaten food and left. Huang Xuan watched the energy screen for some time, lying on the bed. Seeing it was getting dark, he got up and put on his shoes. The clothes were uncomfortable, but to meet Diao Chan, he could tolerate anything. 

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