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Li Yuan stepped away from his mother and advanced toward a stunned-shocked Lei Xinyi who looked she had seen him make an egg out of an omelet.

With a flicker as their eyes met Lei Xinyi gained back her composure and schooled her features with her best fake smile.

He advanced toward her and unlike his mother or grandmother, she didn't stand in his honor after all he was the one who had caused her this misery to come here, and then he even had the audacity to throw her to his 'Blair Witch' of Grandmother.

But it didn't seem Li Yuan seem to mind as he walked to her, held her hand, and pulled her in his direction causing her to fall in his arms.

He grabbed her by his arm around her back and smirked at Lei Xinyi who was glaring at him.

"I hate you!" She whispered in a weak voice. But more than contempt, it was hurt seeping through her voice.

He kissed her forehead holding her nape, and murmured so they will be the only people who heard, "I will make it up to you though you don't mean that, Baby Darling."

Lei Xinyi averted her eyes from his like a dejected lover and tried to pull away from him but he pulled her harder back to him.

She didn't know why she was feeling this many emotions but she was too tired to care. She just wanted to be held.

"Come on, sweetheart. This look on your face is killing me." He whispered in her ear as he kissed her right cheek.

Lei Xinyi was feeling even dizzier and she wanted him to hug her and whisk her away from here.

She wanted to be alone... with him.

"You left me here for your Grandmother and Mother to gang up on me!" Her voice was accusing and filled with grief, as she tried to put distance between them.

Li Yuan could feel it, she was too high. Perhaps he gave her more drugs than she could hold.

He kissed her left cheek, and whispered in her ear, "We will talk about this later, sweetheart."

Lei Xinyi pushed him slightly away as her eyes filled with tears, from pain in the wound and her head, as well as the ache in her heart.

"I never want to talk to you!" Lei Xinyi's voice broke and her lower luscious lip wobbled.

Li Yuan's eyes fell on her delicious lips that were wobbling and had the urge to stop the quivering of her lip as a pa.s.sionate lover should.

"I am not interested in talking anymore too." He leaned closer to her and huskily whispered against her lips.

With her, the world seems to blur in the background, just the two of them, mattered

Lei Xinyi could feel his breath on her lips. She wanted nothing but their breaths between them. She closed her eyes in antic.i.p.ation.

Li Yuan was more than pleased with her reaction and tilted his head and moved closer when a loud clearing of the throat brought them out of their trance.

His Grandmother and Mother were already red from the little show of the pa.s.sionate lover.

h.e.l.l! Even the way they looked at each other, it was filled with sensuality!

Lei Xinyi's eyes snapped open and widened at their position when they had company, his Grandparents, and Mother no less.

She was mortified and pushed him away. She abruptly sat down and trained her eyes on the floor.

She really thought she couldn't be more embarra.s.sed today but it was like she really underestimated herself.

She winced because of her shrewdness. They must think of her as a s.l.u.t now!

Li Yuan wasn't the least bit embarra.s.sed but looked rather displeased by not being able to taste his cherry.

He sat beside her and pulled her close so they were hip to hip and his arms on her waist.

Li Yaun furrow

So she was coc.o.o.ned in his warmth.

His Grandfather didn't look bothered but his Mother and Grandmother were other stories.

Anxiety was creeping in her when Lei Xinyi's eyes saw a glint of Old Madam Li's sapphire necklace that shining in the sunlight as if winking at her to chill it down.

Lei Xinyi was admiring the blue beauty in front of her. The sapphires resembled the exact color of Madam Li's...o...b... Such beauties you just can't forget...

Madam Li and Old Madam Li were glaring at her with hate.

The Missy had Li Yuan wrapped around her pinky finger, that also effortlessly, and that was not tolerable!

They were hardly sharing him with each other, already!

They both shared a look of confidentiality. The enemy of your enemy is always a friend! They were in this battle together!

Old Madam Li turned to Li Yuan with a smile than her expression turned rueful.

She placed a hand on her chest dramatically, "My boy, I see how life hasn't been treating you well. It aches my heart to think you have to be subjected to an arranged union and would never be able to experience what a blessing love is."

"Now you have to act to be affectionate to a complete stranger for public sake... You too, Xinyi it must be hard on you as well."

Lei Xinyi stiffened at once hearing this and her hands that were clutching his immediately left his hand. Her heart ached to think if he was really acting.

If this all was fake. Although she wasn't the real Lu Xinyi but that was the only affection she had ever known and knowing that it wasn't even real, hurts like a b*tch.

Li Yuan sensed the change in her mood at once. He was about to retort but his Mother made a grunting sound.

She nodded her feigning solemn, "Your Nonna's right! Love is really a rarity here, but something profound to be worth waiting. Thinking about love reminds me Emilia and Aria called for you."

Listening to his mother rant he was irked but hearing the names he muttered a curse under his breath.

n.o.body did, but Lei Xinyi sure heard it clear, turning her heart turned ice cold.

What was about these girls that Madam Li remembered them hearing of love? If he had nothing to hide, then he wouldn't have a reaction as strong as this!

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