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Chapter 44 Trajectory

Over the Hottandin, Firano quietly overlooks the bustling commercial city.

the sound of a swoop, the man in Black appeared behind him, sharp eyes a little complicated.

"is worthy of being the king of the a.s.sa.s.sin of the famous Offilar. "Firano slowly turned and smiled," Aris Mendi, receiving my magic message but a few minutes, so fast. "

Arrimendi! Didn't he go back to the Ice Canyon? How could it be ...

"Lord Firano. "Aris Mendi bites his teeth," Why don't you let me help Satan heal with a fight. " "

" Isaac? Oh, don't you always like to call him ' night '? Firano did not answer the question of Aris Mendi, "Well, Satan, Offilar's old saying, patience and strong meaning, even I do not know his original name, Arrimendi Ah, it seems that you have received a message more abundant than me." "

Arrimendi a slight touch on his face," I heard his friend call him that, didn't you ask me to secretly protect him around him, and it was normal to get such a message. "

" Protection? "Firano shook his head," You are wrong, Arrimendi, I just want you to observe his growth and change for me, it is only your own understanding. "

Arrimendi for a moment tongue-tied.

"Don't use that look, Arrimendi." "Firano laughs," I know you are not feeling good, after all, strong is your best friend, in that way to deceive him back to Tarona, indeed not enough openly. "

" Monseigneur ... "Aris Mendi saw Firano smile, the whole person is like bathing in the warm spring breeze, the heart is much better.

"It makes sense for me to ask you to do this. "Firano Softly," You do not know the feelings of the strong to that child, if let him carry out such a task, but will be a bad thing. " And you, who used to be in charge of ' black Blood ', ranked first in Offilar's killer group, making it safest for a king of a.s.sa.s.sins accustomed to lurking and a.s.sa.s.sinating to stay around him. So, Arrimendi, the words you say to the strong are also true, you don't have to feel guilty. And ... "Firano a meaningful smile," as I know my disciple, he is not willing to return to Tarona, he must be like you, in the side of Satan to protect him. " "

," didn't you just say it wasn't protection? "Aris Wendy puzzled."

"Now, Hottandin also has the Sorcerer's Guild, and the Holy Jean, and the report you gave me made me make this decision, and the power of Nathaniel grew up quickly and will be felt sooner or later." "Firano looked at Arrimendi," know why I won't let you heal him with a fight? "

Arrimendi shook his head.

"He does not belong to human beings, although his body is constructed in the same way as humans. "Firano slowly," he belongs to a special race, that race peculiar to the vitality of life has long changed his physique, in addition to his own strength, can not accept any other attributes of magic and vengeance, if you use a fight to heal him, the end is only one, that is, injury, or even death. "

" I get it. "Aris Mendi is reminded of the situation when Sarai practiced fighting as a child, when he almost found all the fighting practice in the ice and Snow Canyon to get Satan to try, and instead of having a success, he hurt him.

"Go ahead, I should be back there, too." "Firano laughs.

"good." "Aris Mendi a shiver in her heart, there-the deepest part of the Ice Canyon ...

just as he was about to turn away, Firano stopped him again, "remember, I told you to do this thing must not let the strong know, will cause unnecessary trouble." "

" knows. "A dodged of Aris was gone.

is indeed the King of a.s.sa.s.sins, the degree of almost bizarre!

"grow according to the trajectory ..." Firano looked to the ground, and the outline of an estate reflected his pupils.

Phyllis Manor.

the air in the sky is very urgent, cold, set off the Firano silver head.

"That man, the man buried at the bottom of the abyss ..."

Firano eyes slightly fluctuating, "long wait, lost to coincidence, who would think, Asher rejoicing blood will begin to inherit here, unintentional changes will often subvert the careful plan, compared to that person, now, he is my key." "

in the air for a while, Firano headed in the direction of the Ice Canyon.


Abyss Ah, vague past, call howl Undead wandering, dry wounds are weathered, in the end lonely still how long, that can recall the burial of the cemetery, ma.s.s of powerless struggle and missing.

the pale Breath of a wisp of scattered out, floating in the dark, like pale fingers.

The Secret room, dark.

fused together, so inseparable. When

can see the sun.

when to get used to the glare of gold.

can only be buried like a corpse in the dark, endure the spread of emotion, but also the heart of the throbbing.

Austin sitting in the stone bed of the Chamber of Secrets, the skinny hands open ...

"Wow! "

a scream in the Chamber of Secrets.

in the dark, blood spewed out, and then a corpse slammed to the ground.

It was a man in handcuffs and shackles, dressed in prison clothes, when his sawed broke and his brains flowed all over the place.


like a wind without temperature, the air in the Chamber of Secrets surged, a faint of blue energy from the corpse on the sawed of the hole came out, fluttering to sting open hand.

Austin grabbed it and then devoured it.

"Soul ..." The sting black eyeliner shook a bit.

A man like me, what are you delusional about?

The sunny smile?

forget it, it's not qualified.

Austin closed her eyes, quiet as if not breathing, completely melted in the dark, so natural.

and the ground of the Chamber of Secrets was the body of sprawling, and the dried blood.


, "This f.u.c.king big guy! "

in the small courtyard, a fat drum scolded."

"What's the matter, buddy? "A bald middle-aged man came in with a lewd face.

"That dead black Wolf, my inventory has been eaten up, Boer, you said I bad luck no, that is my usual acc.u.mulation of precious ingredients ah!" "Jenson hates the way."

"haha." "Bull touched his bald head," who told you to keep a Shing from me. "

Jenson Suddenly sighed:" Not to hide from you, you know, Boer man, in another two months, is the pilgrimage festival, originally I want to let Zacchaeus and I return to the countryside for the holidays, he alone, unexplained circ.u.mstances ... "

" He hasn't come back yet? "asked Boolean.

"Well, I haven't been back since I was taken by Master bunker that day, for days. "Jenson is very worried."

"Maybe ..." bull didn't finish the next thing, because Jenson glared at him.

"Shut up, don't say unlucky words, pilgrimage festival is coming, people like us, every year look forward to this time, can be reunited with friends and family." "Jenson picked up the rest of the fine beef and carefully wrap it with leaves. The

Pilgrimage Festival is the annual traditional holiday "Pilgrimage festival" on the Offilar continent. It is a grand festival, whether it is your aristocracy, or slaves, as long as it is a pilgrimage festival, you must rest for 12 days, enjoy the joy of the festival. This is the rule of the holy City, and these 12 days are a gift from G.o.d.

originally Jenson secretly in Zacchaeus here stocked a lot of ingredients, ready to take home for the holiday, unexpectedly, but by Gita sensitive nose caught a positive.

"Oh, Miss Vivian, you're here again." "Jenson put the back of his hand behind her. "Well, master jester, you're here too, Odin bless you. "

" Don't hide. "Jester stood at the door of the courtyard, glancing at Jenson.

, "Zacchaeus ... He's not back yet? "Vivian went up to Jenson and asked in a low voice.

"No, I'm worried about him, too." "Jenson sighed again.

Vivian would have been a bit of hope in the eyes of a dim down, can see her face is very poor, compared to the usual lovely appearance haggard a lot.

"This is for you." "Vivian handed Jenson a bag of gold coins.

"Miss, Miss, I can't ask, I can't." "Jenson waved his hand in a hurry.

"Take it." "Jester came up to the bag of gold coins from Vivian's hand and threw them straight into Jenson's arms," and better than the food you stole from our family. "

" well. Vivian grinned reluctantly, "you are a friend of Sarai, our friend, and if he comes back, remember to let us." "

said, and she and jester left the small courtyard.

"Jenson, you're lucky." "Boyle lamented.

Jenson did not reply, holding the sheepskin bag leng in place, "Young Master and Miss, seems to have changed, is Satan brought it ... Where is he, will it be in danger? "Jenson's fat Face grew full of worries.


"Nasty! Hate! Hate! "

snapped, a beautiful silver bow was slammed to the ground, the string broken.

"Everything is going against me!" "A golden woman in a luxurious hunting stomping her feet. Her head is very beautiful, long draped on the shoulders, combing very supple, soft, fragrant, golden l.u.s.ter like the warm sunshine.

"Princess, let's go back, come to Klamar the hunting ground is almost a day, your Majesty must be very worried about you." "The woman's way behind her."

"Barbasa, don't say this c.r.a.p to me." "The golden woman turned around and stared at her," What am I going back to do, facing that hypocritical Karan? Nausea! "

" Swift His Highness is very good, handsome and elegant, people are also very gentle, especially to Princess Celia you ... "Barbasa before the words were interrupted.

"Then you'll marry him! "Celia sniffing," that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, like a fly, followed me every day, always trying to show the strength of their card blue empire, hum, Want to conquer me? Joke, this kind of guy is not born in the royal family, must be a worthless waste, I Celia, will only marry a hero of the top, no matter what his ident.i.ty, whether he has no power, the big deal I do not like this bulls.h.i.t princess, follow him wandering around! "

Barbasa swallowed the saliva, even if she is Celia's personal maid, even if she has long been accustomed to the Princess's maverick, but sometimes still can not accept these" fresh "words and deeds.

b.a.s.t.a.r.d ... Flies...... s.h.i.t......

is this what a princess said, and is this the behavior of the most beautiful woman known as Hill, or even Offilar the whole of the north?

"What are you doing, let's move on!" "Celia pulled a dagger from his waist and opened his feet.

"Princess, wait, there's a danger ahead. "Barbasa hastened to keep up.

"What danger! "Celia did not stop at all," You look behind us, the wood-like soldiers, which your Highness Swift brought from the mighty Blue Empire, who had surrounded the entire hunting ground, and could not even fly out, and would be in danger? "

," My highness Swift? "Barbasa was taunted with a flushed face," they, they're here to protect us. "

" Yes, protect, I wronged your lover. "Celia is full of seductive lips."

Barbasa face is more red, had to follow Celia to Klamar hunting ground in the depths of the walk.


"What an interesting woman." "In the distance, a young man with a n.o.ble temperament smiled.

He was very handsome, a thick roll, and raised his hands, all of which looked elegant and graceful.

"Your highness Swift, should we follow? "asked the young man next to a skinhead.

"No need, multi-forest." "Swift laughs," Celia will not be in danger, Klamar the hunting ground, except for those lovely little animals, there is no More dangerous warcraft. "

" is like this. "called" multi-lin "bald man understand," Princess Celia will be moved, she will understand that your Highness will be a gentle and considerate husband. " "

" haha. "Swift smiled twice. Lin said to his heart, to tell the truth, he this time to the Princ.i.p.ality of Hill, what economic cooperation and trade is a cover, the main purpose, or to win the heart of the famous Princess Hill.

But Celia was very cold to him, and even King Carritt had no way, which made him very angry.

even more annoyed by the second Emperor of the Blue Empire, during Hill's outing, Celia openly declared who he would marry if he won the vanguard and recovered the territory that Hill had been usurped by the Lucian state ... Although Celia, the man named Ramirez, who won the final victory, was more annoying, Callan was the strongest empire in the north of Offilar, and Swift's pride had been thwarted as the Honorable Emperor of the card blue.

"We'll be right here waiting for Your Royal Highness to have fun." "Swift still maintains an elegant and luxurious demeanor.

"Yes, Your Highness. "The eyes of the forest are so bright that you know that you are strong enough, or you won't be sent to protect Hewitt."

at this point, a dark shadow flashed from a distance and disappeared into the jungle a few times, quickly.

"What is that! "Swift got nervous.

"seems to be ... Warcraft? "It's a little strange in the eyes of the grove," as if it had come in from the outside, far stronger than the warcraft of this hunting ground. "

," So what are you waiting for? Celia hurt what to do! "Swift had some sullen way.

"Yes! "Shaolin chased the dark shadow away.

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