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Chapter 43 Siblings

"Ice Canyon! "

stood up for the leaf miso and got up in a big move, crashing over the tea set on the table.

aroma overflowing tea dripping on the ground, the sound is very small, but clear and audible.

"Yes." "Bunker put a red memory stone on the desk," This is what jester brought back to me, and let him bring back the stone man, called Strong, is a very famous war saint in the Ice and Snow Canyon, I have heard of him, not only me, Offilar on the mainland of many Saints strong know him. " "

" What does he want? "Because Leaf was nervous.

"Let me finish ..." Bunker smiled, "and if he wanted to, the Phyllis family no longer existed because his teacher, called Firano. "

" Butcher Dragon Sword Santa Filano! Offilar Four Wars Saints! Oh, my Odin! "Cried the Leafs.

"..." Bunker was interrupted again and couldn't help but be a little speechless.

hard, because leaf calmed down, Bunker continued: "Fire Sword saint, this strong from the ice and Snow Canyon, just hope, we can keep that secret." "

," you mean? "Smoked with leaf eyebrows."

"Yes, about Satan is a heresy thing. "Bunker suddenly lowered his voice," and, as long as we keep our promise, we will promise us one thing. "

" Oh? ' Because Lew was a little excited. A famous war saint on the Offilar continent, willing to help the Phyllis family do one thing, which is definitely a good exchange of conditions.

"A little doesn't get it, does it? "Bunker took a breath," the holy Strong is usually very proud, asking them to do things, unless you have great power, or he is willing, otherwise it is impossible. But, strong, why are you willing to do this? There is only one answer, and that is that Zacchaeus is very important to him, and even possibly, is your relationship with jester. "

," you mean ... Father? "Stunned by Leaf.

"is just guessing, but I think the credibility is high. "Bunker seriously," because the reason is very simple, strong if really want to keep this secret, it does not take so much trouble ... "speaking of which, bunker reached over his neck and" just need to let the person who knows disappear. " "

," What do you mean? "was startled by leaf.

"Because Jester Vivian is a friend of Zacchaeus, he cares about the feelings of Zacchaeus, which feels like taking care of his own children and caring for every step of his growth." "Bunker looked at Lew," and we seemed a little despicable compared to him. What a broad mind ah, this strong ... "Bunker sighed.

slowly nodded because of leaf, "bunker, my old brother, what do you say we should do?" "

", of course, promised him. "Bunker firm Way," using the intelligence of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce to find the whereabouts of Zacchaeus, and to provide him with the greatest help, this is what we need to do, and the strong promise of our thing, I have thought about it. " What is "

"? ' In these things, because Leafs have always been obedient to bunker.

Bunker laughs: "My lord, this is a great opportunity, the same is the holy war, I am known as the ' voice War holy ', and the strong is called ' Fire Sword holy ', do you know why this is?" "

" Sword saints ... "because Lew shook his head.

"because on the Offilar continent, the war Saints used a lot of swords, but, can be hailed as the sword saint, only two people, one is strong, and the other, is his teacher, the famous Firano." "There is a look of admiration in bunker eyes," anti-Dragon Sword Qi-The cultivation of Dragon Sword Santa Filano, this is the reason. " "

" anti-Dragon Sword Qi! "Because Lew opened his mouth--he knew what the name meant, and in Offilar, anyone with a bit of common sense should have known about the Dragon Sword, which was the symbol of the Firano, and the strongest way to use it in every warrior's mind, but it was only a legend, because everyone was just word of mouth, But few people have really seen it with their own eyes.

"Of course, it is impossible for us to ask for the kind of request to kill the Dragon Sword, but we can ask the Fire Sword Saint to take jester as a disciple ..." Bunker looked at Lew.

a bright eye for Leafs.

"Jester is a friend of Zacchaeus, and he cares so much about Zacchaeus, which, I think, should be a sure thing." "Bunker laughs.

was thrilled by leaf, "Bunker! Bunker! Oh, my good brother! I'm glad to have you! There's a chance for jester! "

Bunker nodded," Fortunately, Sting used the ' Soul call ' for jester for a long time, raising the spirit and perception of jester, so that Jester was a little more likely to learn to kill Dragon Sword Gas. " "

" still has a chance? "Because Leaf was stunned again."

"That is certain, Dragon Sword Qi is how profound the fight to practice the law, not everyone can understand." "Bunker looked calm.

because Leaf understood, but he is still very excited, because no matter what jester can not learn will kill Dragon Sword Gas, at least has a chance, a strong no longer cowardly a great opportunity.

saw the face of leaf, bunker did not say the rest of the words. Bunker Heart is actually very restless, as a war saint, he is deeper and farther than because of Lew, he already knew that the other breath of the outing ceremony is strong, the ident.i.ty of Zacchaeus is very mysterious, which makes bunker worry, that take the black man who took Satan, the Fire Sword saint, and even may be involved in the Firano, the most terrible is, The Ice Canyon--

, which makes people shudder when they hear their names, bunker know about the jihad hundreds of years ago. The two sides of the

matchup are the Ice Canyon and the holy city of Goya!

if the holy City were to be involved again ...

these powerful existence one after another appears, like a huge whirlpool began to run.

Bunker Heart suddenly produced a feeling, with imperceptible fear, like a vine began to spread, let him feel depressed ...

Perhaps, the center of this whirlpool, is the young Man of the Beast.

just, but he doesn't know anything. The eyes of the night sky appeared in front of



is about to winter, and the outskirts of Hottandin look a little bleak. The

stretch forward in a mountainous area, sandwiched with bare bushes.

a piece of gra.s.s, the fine frost fell on the tip of the gra.s.s, like a broken pearl dotted with the mottled yellow, there seems to be a slightly sad beauty.

together tattoo gently appeared in the air, brought out the falling English like light point, like Dandelion in the summer flying flocculation.

Original desolation out of the breath of life, listless gra.s.s also like to be inspired, and strive to raise their heads, feel those glittering like dewdrops of light points.

a woman in white gently came from a distance, and her footsteps were as gentle as a poem that kissed open the dawn.

graceful and graceful figure hidden under the beautiful and beautiful clothing, looming curve as if the sound of heaven into the world, skirt gently swinging, like the eyes of the fluttering in a wisp of loneliness to reveal.

"Late autumn, or early winter?" "The woman caressed the silver silk, the eyes appeared a few blur," There is no four seasons, will always be spring blossom. "What a nice voice

, even if it's just whispering, makes people linger."

is not Teana, but more moving than Teana, it is not pure beauty, it is eye waves like silk, more easy, confused all the attachment in the heart.

pity ...

but could not see her face, for a piece of white yarn would be all cut off.

However, her eyes, which were like the eyes washed by mercury, the seductive eyelashes, the look between the look forward, were enough for any man to be mad at witnessing her face.

harp, a finely crafted harp to the extreme appeared in her hands, such as jade coagulant fingertips to stir up the strings.

notes flow out, const.i.tute the most beautiful existence in the world.

where she was pulling the strings, she was stirring the heartstrings, stirring the earth and the sky's most unforgettable encounter ...

is not in love.

because of the sound of the piano sounds a little sad.

and in her eyes ...

also appeared to let the heart slightly ache look.

Lonely ...

seems to be lonely, but hidden in the tranquil waters of the lake.

such a person, such a beautiful and unmatched person will also be lonely?

can't imagine.

the end of a song.

women show eyebrows slightly frowned, soft sigh, in step condensation.

"How long has not heard the sound of the piano, or can melt the heart ah." "A lazy male voice appeared behind the woman.

woman's shoulder trembled slightly and did not turn back.

that is a silver man, looks about 30 years old, not handsome, but impressive, especially his face always hanging smile, lazy, let people like a spring breeze.

"What do you have to do to get me here?" "The woman collected the harp, the sound became very calm, no ups and downs, no feelings, no deliberate performance, let people feel inviolable high, as if she has been at the apex."

"How, the scenery here and Goya different bar, Santa so high, standing on the top of the foot, also stained with the Earth's soil." "Laughed the man.

"Don't say these useless words." "The woman turned around and looked at the man's eyes, her eyes were not cold at all, but he was afraid to look straight," Firano, my brother, you still haven't changed, as before, delusional about that unbridled thing. "

" My Lord, your eyes have not changed, always overlooking everything, and always, so lonely ... "the man was not afraid of the woman's eyes, and looked at it frankly.

These two people look very indifferent, talk is also an understatement, but their ident.i.ty ...

the Holy Lord? Firano?

, the woman in White, is the Lord, the Master of the holy city of Goya! And this red robe of the Silver Man, incredibly is to slaughter the Dragon Sword Santa Filano!

Besides, are they still brother and sister? Should be right, two people color exactly the same, just a long as satin, a short somewhat messy.

a few seconds later, the woman in White opened her mouth again: "Say, your request, specially called me to come to such a place, I think that commitment also to the time to cash." "

" uh. "Firano smiled," relaxed, my sister, how long we haven't seen each other, how long has it been since that jihad, and we're still seeing each other for the first time. "

white woman did not speak, quietly looking at the Firano."

Firano went on: "When I left the insolent dictatorship, it became heresy, this unreasonable rule ah, in the strength of the crowd, but also become a matter of course, I in order to resist, you for the rules, these two irreconcilable things let brother and sister also become enemies ..." Firano deeply breathing, "snow jihad, Yakai, the owner of the Temple of the Holy city's spiritual temple, also narrowly lost his life, and in order to return his death, you promised me a request, which was a promise, a vow you made in the name of Odin. "

" Needless to say so much, since I have come, I will certainly keep my promise. "The Voice of the woman in White was still so calm, as if everything in the world could not excite her."

"good." "Firano, with both hands and a breath, polymerized the energy of the elements around him, forming a crystalline plane in front of him.

See this crystal plane, white woman eyebrows finally gently moved a bit, "hundreds of years do not see, you can also use such a way." "

" is just the breath of the s.p.a.ce screen transmission, you know, there, this method is not worth mentioning. "Firano still has a lazy smile."

"There ..." there was another move between the woman's eyebrows in white.

at this time, a man with closed eyes appeared on the crystal plane, very young, dark head and vest ...

the woman in white looked at the crystal plane, her eyes fluctuating slightly.

"Like the night sky Black, pure black, there is no mixed, not a bit cloudy, like the heart fell in the deep night, lonely chase strength, until the end ..." Firano hands together, the crystal plane disappeared, "you should know better than anyone what this young man is." "The

of women's eyes in white is more p.r.o.nounced.

"He was brought about by the powerful breath that appeared 18 years ago, and I'm sure you know, because at that time, in the ice and Snow Canyon, I felt the breath of several lord of the Temple ..." Firano looked into the eyes of the woman in White, "My request is, no matter what, you can not do anything to him! "

white woman body slightly quivering, can see she is very contradictory at this time."

thought for a while, she had a decision, she opened her mouth: "I can only promise you, as I do not know this matter, as for the other people of the holy city, I can not guarantee." ' Her voice finally had ups and downs.

"That's enough." "Firano's smile is a little clear at this time.

White woman looked at him, sleeves gently waving, the foot appeared a hexagonal star, flashed a few times, and she disappeared together in place.

"The King of Asura ..." Firano looked into the distance, the eyes faintly flashed a light, "You mustn't let me down ah." "


a wooded area, just a few kilometres from where the woman who had just been in white and Firano met.

a thin man in black leaned against a tree, and the thin eyes revealed a sharp glow from time to time.

at his feet, was a unconscious Isaac.

"This boy, how old hurt." "Just as the man in black crouched down and his hand was about to be placed on Satan's chest, a golden spot of light crossed his eyes.

black man face appeared a hint of hesitation, action stiff a few seconds later, got up, body shape flash, a few ups and downs disappeared in the woods.

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