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Remy hesitated a bit before finally succ.u.mbing to the temptation of doubling his salary. He gritted his teeth and drank the remaining potion in the bottle while praying in his heart ‘Boss, don’t abandon me.’

Before he could finish his prayer, the wound on his arm began itching. Remy became scared and looked down on his arm to find that the wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“The vitality potion isn’t fake.”

Remy’s exclamation attracted the attention of the others especially Mason, whose eyes were wide open.

‘What the h.e.l.l is going on? The grand alchemist himself a.s.sured me that the red dark potion was a failed product. That must be a scam by Mafa Merlin.’

“Now, Mage Mason, Do you still think that our potion is fake?”

Lin Yun’s voice brought Mason to his senses. He remained silent for a while and didn’t know what to say. Then he began shouting :

“Mafa Merlin, this must be a scam. How can a dark red potion not be a failed product? This man is an employee of your golden rose. You must have schemed something with him behind the scenes.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

Lin Yun nodded and agreed with him.

“The vitality potion was sold by the golden rose and we used a golden rose’s employee to test it. That’s unfair.”

“It’s good that you understand.”

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a rustling sound. Then he screamed.

A group of crimson vines began to grow under Mason’s feet. They were vivid and bright red and reeked of blood. The vines climbed his feet up to his body. In a blink of an eye, the vines wrapped completely around his body . And the more he struggled, the tighter the vines got.

“Blood vines spell.”

Shouted one of the crowd.

Yes, that was a level 5 spell, Blood vines.

It was a truly evil spell. According to the legends, It was the heritage of a devil from the abyss known as the vampire vine. The spell mimicked the vampire vine. The vines would shove their thorns onto the target to suck their blood and if the caster didn’t stop the spell, then the target would never be able to break free and all their blood will be sucked dry until they turn into mummies.

“Wha….What are you doing?”

Mason spoke with a haggard voice, as he faced the fear of death and the possibility of being a dried mummy.

“Didn’t I just say that It was unfair to let Golden rose’s employees test the potion. So I think that Mage Mason should test it himself. ”

Lin Yun’s voice was extremely gentle. No one could have a.s.sociated the owner of such voice with the caster of that evil spell.

“Don’t kill me. I will pay you. I will also apologize.”

The smiling face of Lin Yun was the most terrifying thing, Mason had ever seen. The blood sucking vines on his body were wrapping tighter and he felt his body getting colder.

He continued struggling, screaming and begging.

The goons brought by Mason, tried to save him, but nothing could get bast the blood vines.

The vines continued growing until the only thing that could be seen in the hall was a vivid red color.

Lin Yun’s soft voice was heard again.

“Mage Mason must be kidding. Why would I kill you? The golden rose is an honest business. Our motto is ‘Customers are G.o.ds’. We won’t kill you over something like this. We are only having a friendly discussion about the effect of the vitality potion.”

“Yes, Yes, Discussion.”

Right now, Mason would have agreed to anything even if he had to admit that he was a goblin.

“Well then, Let’s continue our discussion.”

Lin Yun waved with his hand and the blood vines retreated back into the ground. In a blink of an eye, They disappeared as if they were never there.

The only prove that they weren’t illusion, was Mason who looked like a beehive from the wounds caused by the thorns. This scene caused the people to shrink in fear. The blood flowed from Mason’s wounds and gathered to form a puddle on the ground.

If any physician saw Mason, they would have shaken their heads and told him to prepare for the worst.

Lin Yun held the last remaining drops of the vitality potion and walked towards Mason and examined his wounds then nodded in satisfaction and said :

“This injury should be convincing enough.”

All the present people including the apprentice who was wounded before felt creeped out by the apathy of Lin Yun.

“Well, Mage Mason, I will have to trouble you and ask you to drink this potion to see if it will work or not.”

Lin Yun helped Mason drink the last drops of the vitality potion. Mason didn’t dare to defy Lin Yun anymore as he was scared s.h.i.tless by the blood vines spell.

The vitality potion showed its miraculous effect once again and Mason’s wounds began closing up. After half an hour, Mason was completely healed. If it wasn’t for his tattered robe, He’d have thought that this was just a nightmare.

His most terrible nightmare ever.

After his wounds were healed, Mason didn’t dare to stay in the golden rose for another minute. So he signaled his men with his hand and prepared to leave.


As Mason heard that sound from his nightmares again, he became stiff.

“What...What’s the matter?”

“Mage Mason, You can’t just leave like this. Didn’t you just say, If there was no problem with the potion, you would eat the bottle? How can a man not keep his word?”

Mason’s face became stiff as he looked at the fist sized bottle.

“Well, Mage Mason, will you eat it by yourself or will you need my help?”


“Bon Appét.i.t.”

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