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Chapter 750: Special Prize

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the hall of the Allyn branch of the Moonsong League, the arcanists expressed their praise and astonishment about the simplicity of the components of the microscopic domain.

“I remember that Mr. Haynes once said that the nature of arcana was simplicity and straightforwardness and that the beauty of arcana came from determinism and the awe-inspiring symmetry. Although straightforwardness has been disapproved by Levski Geometry, Evans Geometry, the general theory of relativity and matrix mechanics, and determinism bordering on bankruptcy as the probabilistic explanation of the wave function and the uncertainty principle that are being verified in experiments, it seems that simplicity and symmetry still govern our world. That’s why the Brook equation can be praised as the poem of the G.o.ddess, and the ma.s.s-energy formula boasts such extreme beauty.”

An arcanist remarked so touchingly as if he were giving a speech.

Haynes was a legendary sorcerer of the Congress a century ago who made great contributions to arcana and magic. He claimed the highest honors of many fields. Many formulas on the changes of force field and astrology were his achievements. If everything had gone well, he probably would’ve become a grand arcanist. It was a shame that he encountered a saint of the South Church during an exploration, and they died with each other.

Jurisian put down his journal and smile. “So, according to symmetry, the nucleon and the electron should both have their corresponding antiparticles. The category of microscopic particles is not as short as we imagine.”

“That’s normal. There is only a night when there is a day. The existence of antiparticles is philosophically acceptable. It does not reduce the beauty of the simplicity of the fundamental particles,” another arcanist said while feeling full of confidence.

Jurisian nodded and intentionally said, “Of course, while the category is simple, the intrinsic properties of microscopic particles are not simple at all.”

The moment he said that, all the arcanists on the spot changed their faces. Some smiled bitterly, some were helpless, some grew agitated, and some were stunned.

While the wave-particle duality hadn’t been unanimously agreed upon, it was basically the mainstream explanation right now and was accepted by most arcanists. However, the uncertainty principle and the probabilistic explanation challenged their nerves and their souls, as if the whole world could turn illusionary and surreal at any moment. As for the double-slit experiment with electrons, the quantum superposition, and the ensuing “observer effect”, the arcanists had no choice except to flee from those tricky questions. Whenever they thought of the problems, they felt that their brains were exploding.

“Mr. Jurisian, I have to say goodbye now. The questions of the quantum field theory are prompting my every cell for a careful reading.” One of the arcanists stopped his bitter smile and left under the excuse of studying quantum field theory.

Jurisian smiled. “I hope that your work will inspire the Excellencies.”

“I hope so,” the arcanist replied with a rigid smile. How could he inspire the Excellencies when he could barely understand the paper?

Although there was still hope for him to understand the quantum field theory on this issue of “Arcana” if he spent a year or two on it as a level-five arcanist, it would still be one to two years later. By then, chances were that the quantum field theory had been developed to the point that he could not understand at all!

He sensed the gap between his knowledge and the cutting edge of the microworld widening. Without fortuitous incidents, better guidance, and harder work, the gap would only further expand inevitably, until he could only study other people’s papers that were published years ago. He could only follow the tail of this age, if he were not eliminated at all.

Of course, he was not too terrified about that, because he could tell from the journals such as “Arcana”, “Magic”, “Nature”, “Elements”, and “Electromagnetics” that there were no more than a hundred arcanists who were really discussing and studying the cutting edge of the microworld, and that the other people could only verify or give opposite examples to their theories. That is to say, people like him were the mainstream of the age.

“Perhaps every age is led by the minority, particularly when it comes to arcana. For most of the arcanists, all we need to do is to digest their work.” The arcanist shook his head and abandoned his previous self-consolation.

The Third Generic School of Rentato had been established by the Kingdom of Holm and the Congress of Magic after the two generic schools operated well and the students were well-acknowledged by the citizens of Rentato with their performance in daily life. Since the first batch of students hadn’t finished their five-year curriculum and graduated, and their real performance hadn’t been revealed yet, the generic schools were still only founded in Rentato and not introduced to other major cities yet.

Under the freezing wind, Ali trembled hard. His wool vest, his thick shirt, and his even-thicker double-breasted suit did not make him feel any warmth.

He kept his hands in his pocket and lowered his head into the collar as he walked forward quickly.

“Rentato is really much colder than Samara.” He had never experienced such bitter coldness before because Samara was located on the south side of a high mountain, which blocked the cold air from the north.

Supposedly, Ali had to wait for the entrance exam next June in order to be admitted by the generic school, and he had to take the prep cla.s.ses that were hosted by various scholars and magic apprentices until then. However, the establishment of the third generic school gave him a chance.

Because of the increased number of magic apprentices, the unclaimed missions in the past were now taken. Also, many workers had flooded into Rentato. As a result, the third generic school was established half a year earlier than it should’ve been. The city hall of Rentato, which was having financial difficulties during the expansion of the city, was unwilling to see the new school left unused for half a year. Therefore, a special entrance exam was held in advance, and a batch of new students was admitted before the new year.

“Grandpa Shaw, is there any letter for me?” Ali stopped at the gate of the school and asked the muscular, gray-haired old man. It was said that he used to be a squire to a senior-rank knight until he was wounded in a battle against demon-corrupted creatures. He had been recommended to work as the janitor of the third generic school.

Shaw shook his head. “Ali, there is no letter for anybody today.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Shaw.” Ali left in disappointment. After he came to Rentato, he felt humbled and stopped writing to his pen pal, Jane. It was not until he was admitted by the third generic school and settled his life that he finally wrote a letter to her about his updates and his new mailing address. He had been waiting for her response since.

After he returned to the cla.s.sroom, he was immediately greeted by the warm air. The coldness was gone, and Ali felt unprecedented coziness.

“Every cla.s.sroom has the ventilations of the magic air conditioner. It’s so much warmer than furnaces.” Ali found that he loved his life in Rentato more and more.

At this moment. Mr. Brian, who taught “Basics of Arcana”, walked in. He knocked the table softly, hinting everyone to lower their voices.

Brian was a medium-height man with a shy smile. It was said that he was a student of the Douglas Magic School and senior-rank magic apprentice. He taught “Basics of Arcana” as a part-time job to fulfill his mission and to earn arcana points.

“You are all very hard-working. There are still ten minutes until the first cla.s.s, but you are already all present.” Brian nodded in approval.

There were no kids who hated books and learning in any generic schools at present. Their enthusiasm was unquestionable. Also, the school retained the right to kick out any students who violated the rules of the school more than three times.

“Mr. Brian, why have you come so early?” Ali knew that Mr. Brian was approachable and therefore boldly asked.

Brian replied with a smile, “I’m here to announce a piece of great news. The proposal of the education department of the city hall of Rentato has been approved by the Affair Committee of the Congress. The top twenty students of your grade in the next monthly exam will be invited to visit Allyn.”

“Allyn? The City in the Sky? The headquarters of the Congress?”

“Will we really get to visit the City in the Sky?”

“Can we visit the Atom Inst.i.tution?”

The students immediately seethed. Thanks to “Arcana Voice” and all kinds of newspapers, the names such as Allyn and Atom Inst.i.tution had been deeply etched to their heart. Now that they heard that they had a chance to visit them, how could they not turn thrilled and obstreperous?

Although Ali had been living independently since a young age, he found it impossible to control his feelings. He clenched his fists. Too many pictures that he dreamed about in the past popped up in his head. Do I have a chance to go to the City in the Sky and to take a lot of at the world-famous “Atom Inst.i.tution”?

“Yes, you may visit the City in the Sky and the Allyn magic tower, talk to Prospell, and take a look at the Heredity Laboratory, the Laboratory of Life Matter Synthesis, the Research Center of Psychology, the Library of Arcana and…” Brian paused with a smile and continued, “… and the Atom Inst.i.tution.”



Exclamations of excitement burst out in the cla.s.sroom. All the students were blushing.

Brian knocked on the table to quiet them. “Therefore, you have to study hard. Only by making your way to the top twenty of your grade will you receive the invitation. By then, the top twenties of the first generic school, the second generic school, Mills n.o.ble School, and many other schools will go with you.”

“Mills n.o.ble School?” Ali’s face was frozen from his excitement. Too many thoughts were rolling in his head, but they were all about a simple name—Jane!

Will she go there? She always says that she’s one of the top three students of her grade!

Should I introduce myself? How should I talk to her?

Ali thought further and further until the bell rang and announced the beginning of “Basics of Arcana”.

Brian’s smile was gone. He said solemnly, “Today, we will focus on the basic concepts in the microscopic domain.”

It was not a detailed interpretation but only meant to let them know the basic ideas.

“Ever since Mr. Evans discovered the electron and opened the gate to the microworld, we have discovered four fundamental particles up until now, namely proton, neutron, electron, and photon… Protons, neutrons, and photons cannot be further divided and are the most basic structure for any matter… Also, there shouldn’t be too many other fundamental particles. The foundation of the matter is definitely simplistic…” Brian taught fluently.

“The most basic structure for any matter… cannot be further divided…” Ali wrote notes carefully.

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