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Chapter 8 Determination

On the high platform in the middle of the town, all three searchlights were placed on, and the blazing columns of light were sweeping up and down the ground. Over the lofty walls were lined with armed man.

When the intercom rang, uncle Pumpkin picked it up, and Mr. Muggle's voice came out of it, "Uncle Pumpkin, radar scans show that there are nearly 30 vehicles three kilometers ahead, where they are parked and there are no signs of an attack yet. I checked the radar. There were six flame guns, five mobile cannon, twelve octopus tanks... Wait, there's special information on Parle's computer... Good heavens, it's the water monster!""

After a pause, Mr. Muggle said: "the water monster made two demands on us in his message. First, two thousand and five hundred dollars are too little, the bounty offered for him should be increased to ten thousand. Second, turn over Dr. Minch. We shall find a way to give him an answer in an hour, or he will turn the town of Rado into his toy!

"Mr. Muggle," said uncle pumpkin, "We can't give Dr. Minch to him. As for the bounty, we changed it into one thousand dollars!"

"Just answer him like this?

"Certainly yes." Uncle Pumpkin gave a wee smile. "What an ungrateful monster, that's what they're worth."

Twelve minutes later, Mr. Muggle's phone rang. "Uncle Pumpkin, the water troopers are moving. Shall we open the high-voltage grid in the defensive zone?"

"Open it!" Said uncle pumpkin firmly.

Thus, in the telescope of the Nange, there appeared a scene of extreme view. On the open ground, about five hundred metres from the town of Rado, the fierce mechanized armies suddenly collapsed or spun wildly in place, or burst into flames and explosions. Few mechanical insects were bombarded by heavy machine guns and shoulder-fired missiles as they flying over the electrical grid. The only pity is that Nange didn't see any water monsters.

It was all over, and the water monster never attacked again until daylight.

Under the sun, Mr. Muggle led a small party of three old tanks into last night's battle to drag the battered machinery back to the town of Rado. For the resource-poor town, this pile of sc.r.a.p iron, is undoubtedly a rare supplement.

"Nange," Father said, taking his eyes off the tank formation and turning to his son, "I'm going to Dr. Minch's house."

"okay." Nange nodded.

Nange looked at his father's back, a warm feeling called respect came into his heart. In a chaotic world, it is an undisputed fact that those who have the appropriate skills and breadth are respected and admired by all. He had known for a long time that his father was the DE facto leader of the town of Rado, but he had not seen his first outburst until last night.

His father was also a hunter, and he was more willing to strive for his hometown than the red Wolf, who roamed everywhere. South song says to himself silently.

The last thing uncle pumpkin wants to do is walk through Dr. Minch's door. Because he had a little secret: he was faint with blood. Even more, Dr. Minch had filled his house with jars and jars of human organs, which took his scalp tingle. Now, however, he had to go to the man who did not want to leave, for he was full of doubts about last night's battle.

Uncle pumpkin found Dr. Minch in the lab.

"Are there fresh bodies for me to experiment with?"

Uncle pumpkin shakes his head.

"Just go," Dr. Minch said. "I'm too busy to talk to you."

Uncle pumpkin was on the verge of open his mouth when he was startled by an extremely unpleasant exclamation from the next room. As soon as Dr. Minch changed his att.i.tude, he knocked on the wall and said in a mild voice. "ok, ok, I know you're hungry. I'll cook for you right away."

Dr. Minch turned to meet uncle pumpkin's compa.s.sionate gaze and sighed.

"Is your son better now?" asked uncle pumpkin.

"Heart disease still needs heart medicine," Dr. Minch helped the gla.s.ses on the bridge of his nose, "With my skill as a gifted doctor, as long as he does not enter a state of brain death, I will have the means to save his life, but of all the problems that I cannot solve, what a human tragedy! Son was crazy, two grandsons also... my G.o.d!"

"I know what happened last night," whispered uncle Pumpkin. "It's your two grandchildren.

"My grandson? Brother water monster? No, that's impossible. What are they doing here in Rado?"

"They want your life." "Said uncle pumpkin calmly. As if hit by lightning, Dr. Minch was dazed. Uncle pumpkin looked at the frightened doctor with sympathetic eyes. Only he who knew the secret could understand the pain in this old man's heart.

Eighteen years ago, a strange infection broke out in the town of Rado. Initially, the patients became weak, then they began to find intensive goose pimples on their body. Within a few days, the disease spread all over the body, rotting and stinking, and eventually the whole person died in great pain.

Uncle pumpkin traveled all over Yasi'ao only want to save lives of the town, after contacting dozens of leading medical scientists, only Dr. Minch readily agreed to his request.

Dr. Minch planned to go to the town alone, but his son was not at ease. In his son's eyes, Dr. Minch, who lost his wife in the early years, was an unusual patient who could do nothing but study medicine and was completely dependent on his son's care. So Dr. Minch went with his son's wife and twin grandsons to the town of Rado. That's when the tragedy happened…

According to Dr. Minch's research, the mysterious epidemic in Rado was linked to a powerful source of radiation, which by Dr. Minch determined was located southeast of the town. So the man who was uninfected in the town, wearing a protective suit designed by Dr. Minch, worked for a few days to understand what was causing the disease in the town, and they finally dug out the culprit.

It was a high-performance atomic bomb that had not been detonated. It had been buried underground for years. Its metal sh.e.l.l had been corroded into several tiny holes. The powerful radiation has caused a startling transformation of the ant colonies that live nearby.

People who had been struck by the mutant ants not only lost their lives after being poisoned by the ant virus, but also spread the disease to people around them, which was the Black Ant Epidemic that shocked the whole of Yasi'ao at that time.

Under Dr. Minch's command, the bomb was sealed with special materials and buried deep underground. All the mutant ants there were wiped out with a special flamethrower. They treated the surviving patients with a detoxifying serum that Dr. Minch urgently developed. Dr. Minch's daughter-in-law, who was a nurse in the war against the disease, had the misfortune to take the terrible disease. In pain, Dr. Minch's son inadvertently breaks a bacterial bottle in Dr. Minch's lab, where a lot of bacteria eat into his brain and turn him into an uncontrollable vegetative person. Out of grat.i.tude, the residents of Rado built a courtyard for Dr. Minch and buried his daughter-in-law with the greatest ceremony. Dr. Minch was studying how to treat his son's illness all the time, but he neglected the care of his two grandsons. That's when the tragedy happened again…

Four years ago, Dr. Minch's grandson, two 17-year-old boys, went out of town to play in spite of the town's bank and did not return home for three days and nights. Desperate Dr. Minch, with the help of uncle Pumpkin, found them in the big pot of the southern town. Dr. Minch saved them in every way he could, but the end was a tragedy. On account of the two teenagers who attacked by unknown monsters, body toxin caused by their body gene mutation, the two boys, who are one meter and a half meters high, have become two horrible monsters with ugly features and strange temperament. Facing of these two grandchildren who are both relatives and monsters, Dr. Minch eventually took uncle pumpkin's advice and persuaded them to leave Rado and live in a cave north of the town. According to Dr. Minch, the groundwater there is rich in calcium, a variety of minerals that are necessary in order to sustain them. Without these minerals, their life can only last four hours.

From the innocent boy to the solitary monster, with a strong sense of abandonment, the two boys have since become the well-known water monster brothers, who brutally attack anyone pa.s.sing through the cave at night, even if the person is Dr. Minch, their biological grandfather.

All this is well known only to Dr. Minch and his best friend, uncle pumpkin. All others know is that Dr. Minch's two grandsons are buried in his yard…

"They want my life, until I come up with a cure for their condition." After hearing uncle Pumpkin's story, Dr. Minch's face was filled with sadness and helplessness.

Uncle pumpkin sighed. However, what can he say to comfort his old friend?

"But there was something fishy about yesterday." Uncle pumpkin changed the subject. "Minch, as far as I know, these two kids are not good at computer and mechanical modification technology, but how do they control those mechanical monsters to attack the town?"

"Dr. Minch shook his head." I don't know. Before the mutation, my grandkids were only interested in guns."

The two men were lost in thought...

It was nearly noon when uncle pumpkin returned to his home, but he saw his daughter standing in front of the door, keeping a letter in her hand.

"Where is your brother, Nannan?

"He left a letter, dad, It's for you."

Nange's letter is actually very simple, but let uncle Pumpkin uncontrollably shivered: "dad, I'm going to catch water monster brothers, this will be my first success as a hunter! ---From Nange"

As a child, he liked to play in the warrior intelligence outpost, so that he knew where the water monster brothers lived from the wanted notice. He made up his mind and took some clothes that needed to be replaced, and went down the road of his own choice. Since that he was going to be a tramp hunter, the concept of home was no longer important to him. On his neck there was a talisman with a photo of his mother, it was a gift from his father on his twelfth birthday. It was probably the only thing that connected him to his family in the long journey that followed.

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