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Chapter 16 Before Leaving

"Please take care of my brother from now on," the girl picked up a small bag and handed it to Nange. " Here are some replacement clothes for him.

Before Nange could speak, the boy couldn't help himself. "Karling, why do you think so much about it? Don't worry, I'll take care of myself."

"Elder brother... "The girl tried to say something, but she fought back, tears rolling around her eyes.

Nange silently patted the boy on the shoulder. " Karen, call up your sister and let's talk to your parents about your decision. Even though your grandfather has agreed to let you go out with me, you should tell your parents so they won't worry.

Karen nodded.

Three of them out of the door, Nange intentionally quickened the pace, and behind the brothers and sisters to stay a little distance, so they can have a good chat. That girl named carling really doesn't want her brother to go out to adventure. So, let Karen to explain to her. Fifteen minutes later they were outside the door of the Karen's house in the central town of Bobb. "I won't go in," said Nange. "you and your sister go in."

"Big bro…," said Karen, "I'm…"

Nange sighed softly. "You chose the road yourself, Karen. Naturally, you need to make it clear to your parents. If they firmly disagree or you change your mind, I have nothing to say."

"I understood." Karen clenched his fist and swung it hard in the air, turning and entering the door with his sister. Nange looked around, brushed the dust on the steps with his sleeve, and sat down.

Half an hour later, Karen walked out the door alone, her eyes red as if she had just cried. Nange stood up silently and gestured to him as the two men walked side by side in the main street of the town.

"You're a little sad," Nange said. "You'll get used to it in a few days."

"Yes," Karen says. "I've always wanted to go out and do things since I was a little girl, but now I've made this decision and it just doesn't feel right."

"So let's take a look around," Nange said. "We need to be ready to go. We need food, ammunition and water. We need to rent a tank for you before we buy a new one."

"Can't we ride in one tank?

"Of course," said Nange, "but you should know that two tank are more powerful in battle than one."

"I understand," Karen says. "The current vehicle is designed to operate as a stand-alone, with automatic control, and the operator alone is enough to handle with it. But my parents didn't give me any money when they agreed to let me go out with you. They want me to be on my own. If I can't by my own, they want me back home early."

"Gosh," Nange said with a laugh, "your parents seems really don't want you out."

Karen blushed, and with Nange's sincere smile, he quickly changed the subject. "Brother Nange, I want to go and see the place before I leave Bobb. Could you accompany me?"

"Ok." Nange looked at the time and readily agreed.

Karen and Nange walked slowly on the street of Bobb town. Nange understood Karen's feeling very well. He asked Karen to be a guide to introduce the city, and also asked Karen to lead the way to inspect all the tank shops. Karen stopped in front of a large house.

"Well, it's the school in our town," Karen said. "I'm going to say goodbye to my teacher."

Nange nodded. The two entered the school together.

In the cla.s.sroom on the east side of the gate, a dozen of children were sitting spa.r.s.ely, reading a poem in unison. The middle-aged man standing on the platform saw Karen coming in and motioned the children to read by themselves and out of the cla.s.sroom.

Karen bowed. "Mr. Luke."

Mr. Luke looked at the stranger. "Are you Karen? Well, you're Karen. How did you make your head into a c.o.c.ks...o...b.."

Karen touched his head. "Mr. Luke, I am Karen."

Mr. Luke nodded. "Welcome back, Karen. You're really famous right now."

Karen scratched her head. "What do you mean. Mr. Luke? I don't understand."

"You don't understand? The computer skills you learned in this school are supposed to be used to serve the public, but you used it to build a gigantic gambling machine for Mr. Norharry. There is a devil in it. A lot of kids in school who are trying to get into the flying dream bar whenever they can, and they can't stop playing it, because their parents are addicted to it as well, Karen, and that's what you've done!"

Karen, who had not yet spoken, a middle-aged woman emerged from the side room. She says: "Luke, don't blame this child for all the mistakes. You should know, if Karen doesn't do it, Norharry will find someone else to do it. Those who leave their property at the flying dream bar can only blame themselves for poor self-control! Like you, why don't you go? Instead of complaining about the child, we should try to raise some money and build our school."

"Miss Mary." Karen gave a little cry.

Miss Mary walked up to Nange and Karen and smiled. "Karen, don't blame your teacher. He just blames you for not using what he taught you for the right way."

"Well," sighed Mr. Luke, "I thought Karen would donate a little to the school after making money from what he learned."

"It's easy to make some money," says Nange. "Karen tweaked the program Settings on the gambling machine, and if you bet napoleon's frog you'd have a 70 percent chances of winning money. You can have a try."

"That's not an honest man's work," said Mr. Rook. "I'm not going!"

Teacher Mary smiled. "By the way, the existence of this gambling place is not a good thing. However, if we tell the secret to those who want to win money, we believe that flying dream bar will change business as soon as possible. Karen, what are you doing today?"

"I'm about to leave," said Karen. "I've arranged with my parents that. This Nange brother, a bounty hunter in the nomadic world, I'm going to be his a.s.sistant and go out into the world beyond Bobb. I came to school today to say goodbye."

"Well," Miss Mary turned her eyes to Nange. "I'm sorry, but I hope you don't mind that I didn't treat you well. But I would like to make a request to you, not for us, but for these lovely children: if you are well off, we would like you to donate some money to these children in order to improve their learning conditions.

"Okay," Nange said. "I'd love to. But I don't have much money right now. Karen and I took a look at the warrior intelligence outpost in our town not long ago, where was ten miles east of Bobo. There was a villain called the water ghost. If we catch him, we can draw a 2,000 dollars bonus. If you have some patience, please wait two days and I will use half of this bonus as a donation to the school."

"" I agree, Nange brother. "Karen said." let's fight together!"

"Of course," Nange laughed. "We're partners."

"Water ghost? "It was the famous villain who controlled the pa.s.sage between the seafood factory and the town of Bobb. He had made five large-scale attacks on the town of bobo, where no fewer than 270 men had been killed. Even now, the whole town of Bobb is still heavily guarded. The heavy machine guns and artillery outside the walls have not been removed.

"Well," said Nange. "it's a little strange. How can I not feel the heavy guard? I have noticed the weapons on the wall. I went in and out of the town of Bobb several times, and no one questioned me. And they are not afraid that I am a spy sent by a water ghost?"

"The water ghost will not send spies in any way," said miss Mary. "In fact, we believe that he was a single man, and that all his men were computer-controlled machines. For twenty years the man who had been banished from Bobb had been thinking of coming back all the time, but no one would welcome him.

"What is this? Nange found it interesting.

"This water ghost," Mr. Luke said, "was the mayor of the town of Bobb, and the first President of our school. He is generally recognized as a computer whiz. One day twenty years ago, he suddenly and crazily issued a very strange order that we should destroy all the computers, saying that only in this way can we get rid of the control of a huge behind-the-scenes hand! The absurd reason was rightly opposed by us. It's common sense that we can survive in times of chaos, perfect computer network system is essential. Computer and network can help us from the design of defensive weapons to the planning of daily life. This crazy man, he must have had a virus in his brain. At the public discussion of all the townspeople, we agreed to expel him from Bobb. How he became a water ghost is really unknown. By the way, he was called a water ghost because he always appeared on the bridge east of Bobb that led to the abandoned seafood factory. No one has been able to get into the factory for 20 years because of his actions, but word from a computer network confirms that at least eight or nine people are still alive.

"I never understood," said miss Mary. "In fact, our daily lives, including the tanks and machines we use to defend ourselves, are inseparable from computers. Why do people always think that we humans will one day destroy the development of computer civilization?"

"Mary," says Mr. Luke. "we live in a time that has been rebuilt from war, and the pessimists say that we are destroyed by the civilization we have created. But if you think about it, is that really true? It is not science and technology or the progress of civilization that destroys mankind, but the repet.i.tion of production and blind consumption under an endless desire!

After saying goodbye to the two teachers, Nange and Karen went out of town to Karen's grandfather's house, where Nange's tank was stored. What awaits Karen will be a new life that he has never experienced before!

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