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Chapter 15 Partner

Nange jumps off the chariot and looks thoughtfully at the big house in front of him.

It was a large house with red brick and blue tile, and it's worthy of the name of the richest family in the town of Bobb. Nange was no longer a rash man and he did not believe what Norharry said. Before coming to the farm, he inquired carefully about Master Gray, and it turned out that the fat, slippery man, Noharry, had not lied to him. He was careful enough to pay a personal visit to master gray's house. Master gray's parents told him that their child did not want to stay at home, so they sent him to his grandfather.

So, will this young master be my companion? Nange felt a little incredible, but he wanted to try it anyway.

"It's better to hope than to despair." "Said Nange to himself.

The door was ajar and opened with his gentle push. The teenager he had seen at the pub stood in front of him. It seems that the roar of tank draws him.

"What a beautiful tank! The young man saw it behind Nange at first sight. He pushed away Nange and went straight to it. This guy is so strong, Nange was pushed by him, almost fell down. Then the young man heard the roar of the engines, and he had turned the tank of Nange.

This handsome young man is indeed a rare master of tank.

The young man finally got off the tank and walked to Nange: "big bro, is this yours?"

Nange nodded, he suddenly found that this young man seems to be somewhat different. The young man had long hair when he was seen in the bar, but now he had a row of c.o.c.ks...o...b..hair on his head, the rest of the head is bare and looks comical.

Nange smiled: "I have arrived at your home, don't you invite me in for a gla.s.s of water?"

The young man scratched his head. He suddenly remembered the scene in the small bar. He couldn't help laughing.

"Gee?" Nange looks at a big tent with inquiring wonder eyes in the courtyard. In the town of Rado, he saw more of these tents, and the mysterious merchants who had ventured the world would set them up for business by it after they arriving at Rado. They ate and slept in it, and even the best inn in the town made them nothing. He could not have imagined such things in Master Gray's house.

Master gray, seeing his puzzled expression, smiled, made a sign of invitation, opened the curtain himself, and went in first. Nange hesitated a little and followed.

The tent outside looked rough, but it was beautifully decorated inside, with thick carpets on the ground and elaborate ornaments on the walls. Inside the tent there was a large bed. In bed, an old man sat cross-legged with a big smile on his face.

'This is my grandfather,' said Master Gray, sitting down on the bed. "He has been a businessman for all his life, and he still keeps the habit of it. He has to stay in a tent at night to sleep well."

"It's a really interesting habit." Nange smiled and bowed to the old man. "Grandpa, I'm Nange from Rado, I give my regards to you.

The old man's face lit up with a smile. "Well, my guest from Rado. It's a great honor for us to have you here. Karen, you go tell your sister to prepare some food and drinks, and I'll have a nice drink with our guests!"

The boy answered and went out of the tent. Soon he brought in a small table, placed in the middle of the tent, and then a girl with long hair came in with a tray that loaded dishes, she put the four dishes on the table. The old man got out of bed, reached for a leather pouch from the wall, and smiled. "Here's our Gray's homemade wine. Try it." The boy and the girl also sat down, and the old man poured everyone a large gla.s.s of wine, which deepen as jade, with a strong smell.

"Grandpa... "My brother is not allowed to drink."

The old man laughed and said. "yesterday was not allowed. But today is a double happy day, we have honored guest to come, on the other hand, today is his adult day, lets him drink as much as possible."

Nange also sat down in cross-legged, smiled to the old man and clinked a cup to salute. He drank the wine, and it was a hundred times sweeter than the beer he drank at the flying dream bar today. Good wine! He secretly praised in the heart, after two or three mouth down, he felt his heart was warm and comfortable. He drinks wine and talks with the old man. He knew that the old man had been to Rado, and he knew Nange's father, the famous Uncle Pumpkin.
From the old man's story, Nange learned many interesting things about his father when he was young that he had never heard of. Only, but the old man knew that Nange had come to the town of Bobb in the hope of becoming a wandering hunter, his face suddenly became heavy. He saw that his young grandson was looking at his guest with great admiration. Yes, the old man knows what his grandson thinks.

"Nange," the old man said. "I want to ask you to promise me something."

Nange puts down his wine gla.s.s: "Grandpa, please say

The old man pointed to his grandson. "This child, he always wants to go out and see the world. I want you to take him with you. If he left alone, our whole family would worry about him. What do you think?

"Well," said Nange, "what about his opinion? This is not a laughing matter."

'Of course I agree! The boy couldn't wait to say. "yes, I agree!"

Nange looked at the old man, and at the girl and the boy, the girl's lips moved slightly as if she had something to say, but she held it back.

Nange took his gla.s.s and drank it down. He put the empty gla.s.s on the table and held out his right hand to the boy. Would you want to be my partner? I'm Nange from Rado!"

"I believe we will be the best partner," The boy also reached out his right hand and shook it heavily with Nange. 'Because I'm Karen Gray, the best mechanic in Bobb!

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