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Chapter 13 Time Tunnel

Since Noharry made a sign to prepare for the attack, the four big men were ready to pounce at once. Nange and aunt Parle got up quickly. "Hey, fatty, are you trying to bully the two of us?" Said Nange.

"Cut the c.r.a.p." Noharry stared at Nange. "Folks, this isn't your place, so mind your own business."

Nange became angry and shouted. "I'll take care of it if I want. What can you do to me?"

Noharry snapped his fingers, and the big man on his left rushed at Nange. Before striking back, the teenager in front of Nange kept punching, forcing the big man to stop. "It's none of their business, Mr. Norharry," the teenager exclaimed.

Mr Norhali said: "it's not their business. It's yours. Master Gray, everything comes to an end. How do you explain that you left without saying a word? Besides, as long as you finish what's left, you'll be well paid.

The teenager thought for a moment and then said slowly." You go back first. I will rest here for a while.

Mr. Norharry hesitated for a moment and said, "Master Gray, lets's go together."

Master gave a wry smile and held out his right hand to Nange. "Thanks bro, may we meet again someday."

Nange also reaches out his right hand and shake with him. Then he felt something more in his hand. He was a very observant man, and did not say a word until the boy was far from the others, and then he spread his right hand out. It was a little ball of paper, and when it was opened, there was only one word on it: Napoleon. What does that mean? Nange didn't understand, so he asked next to aunt Parle, she didn't understand as well, so he had to put the puzzle in mind.

"Aunt Parle," said Nange, "you've finished my story, and you haven't told me how you got here.

Aunt Parle smiled and told the barkeeper to settle the bill, then she walked out of the little bar with Nange, walked far to the east, stopped in front of a house that looked tall and big. The door was ajar, and aunt Parle pushed it open and made a sign Nange to come in. He was so full of doubt and followed with curiosity, then he looked out in surprise.

There was nothing in the room but a machine that looked rather strange.

"What's this? "Asked Nange in surprise.

"Time tunnel! "Aunt Parley said tersely. She walked to the front of the machine, turned on the computer skillfully, and pressed her right palm to the screen. A moment later, there was a dry synthetic machine voice: "pa.s.sed DNA authentication, allowed through time and s.p.a.ce tunnels, please select the transmission address."

Aunt Parle tapped the word Rado on the screen with her finger.

Ten seconds later, the platform behind the computer flashed a mysterious light, and aunt Parle pulled Nange onto the platform.

As if for a wink, aunt Parle stretched out, gestured to Nange to go down, and walked on her own. Nange followed her curiously, Said, "auntie, where are you taking me?

"You shall go home now. I have my own business, child."

Go home?

As he looked at the door that aunt Parle had opened, he noticed that the walls seemed to have different colors from what he had just entered. Wasn't it the same room? He hurried out of the room and was amazed to find himself in the town of Rado! Yes, it's not a dream, definitely not a dream! The scene, the people on the road, were all familiar to him. The room at the back was the one that was always closed where next to Dr. Minch's bedroom. The old woman, who always liked to sit in front of the door and bask in the sun, was sitting on the side of the door, looking at him smilingly.

"Granny Taoliang…"

"You've grown up, boy." The old woman smiled and said, "the magic machine in the room behind me can take people home from afar. Children are not qualified to sit."

"Is this the time tunnel that my father used to mention? Nange thought for a moment and went quickly into the room.

Like aunt Parle, he pressed his hand on the computer screen and an electronic synthetic voice sounded: " pa.s.sed DNA authentication, allowed through time and s.p.a.ce tunnels, please select the transmission address."

There were two addresses for Bobb and Rado on the screen. It was a bit strange that aunt Parle seemed to have a lot of addresses to choose from. Nange stretched out his hand and clicked a few times casually on the vacant screen. Immediately a dry voice said, "no verified address, please choose again." Nange scratched his head and clicked the word "Bobb". A little later, the platform behind the computer began to flash a mysterious light, and Nange walked onto the platform, only to feel the body slightly shocked, the light had disappeared. He hurried out of the room and took a deep breath: yes, and now he was standing in the street of bobo. This amazing machine is so easy to use!

After a nap, Nange decided to take a closer look at the city, which has been dubbed a dream city. The gorgeous men, the charming women, the tall and magnificent houses, and the streets are full of fragrance. Indeed, all of this, makes him a little bit uncomfortable. After wandered a few streets, the big advertising signs on the roof caught his eye.

The ADs are all same: "Super E-sports! Powerful Frog! Top quality food and wine, all in the flying dream bar!"

"Flying dream bar, what sort of awesome place is that?"

"As is the custom in Rado, the bar is the best place to gather all kinds of information. It's may no different here, so let me go for a drink."

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