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TWO Chapter 707-Guan Yu

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

"Nothing much; at most, I'll just retire!"

Facing the concern of the Lieutenant, w.a.n.g Feng smiled and acted relaxed. Anyone could tell the intense pain behind his smile.

The man in front of them was barely holding on.

When the Lieutenant saw that, he quietly turned around, not letting the general see the sympathy in his eyes. Toward someone like w.a.n.g Feng, what he least needed at this time was sympathy.

After w.a.n.g Feng calmed down, his right hand could not help but shake, his fingernails piercing into his flesh.

In the evening, the Shanhai City Squadron reached Red Cliff.

The warships were docked in the Wulin Fortress, and Ouyang Shuo immediately went to see w.a.n.g Feng. Seeing his general's injuries, his expression was really solemn and his eyes revealed an unconcealable sadness.

w.a.n.g Feng was one of the native generals that Ouyang Shuo had high hopes for. This general had spent these few years charging into the battlefield with him, contributing a lot.

Who would have expected that in the end he would become handicapped?

Ouyang Shuo was really sharp and instantly saw the will to die in his eyes. To a general like w.a.n.g Feng, he would rather die on the battlefield than live like this.

w.a.n.g Feng could only hold on until now because of his role and responsibility.

Seeing the Monarch, he totally relaxed; his eyes no longer contained the will to live left.

When Ouyang Shuo saw that, his heart pained.

When he received the frogmen report in the morning, Ouyang Shuo lost control of his legs and fell to the floor. In this battle, he had lost his most loyal Guards Captain and the commander of the Divine Martial Guards.

Such a loss of blood was one that Ouyang Shuo could not recover from.

In the battle map, basic soldiers could be revived with contribution points but advanced generals could not. The moment they died, they would truly die and could not be revived.

To make matters worse, they were not historical generals, so they could not be revived through the martial temple.

Generals like Chen Dameng had not upgraded to King Rank, so he did not even have this route to revival.

As a result, Ouyang Shuo would never hear the loud voice of his Personal Guards Captain ever again.

For this reason, Ouyang Shuo had opposed the two of them going on this mission. During these two days, Ouyang Shuo had been feeling extremely uneasy, who knew that the tragedy would still strile in the end.

Seeing w.a.n.g Feng's expression, it was like a knife cutting his heart.

Ouyang Shuo looked at w.a.n.g Feng with a solemn expression, "Look, I will not allow you to commit suicide. You are the most elite general that Shanhai City has produced till date. Even without a hand, you must live like a warrior. I look forward to the day I see you set off onto the battlefield once more. Remember, do not let me look down on you."


When w.a.n.g Feng heard these words, he could not hold his emotions in check anymore; he pulled onto the collar of Ouyang Shuo and cried out. The iron general was bawling his eyes out like a child.

When the surrounding soldiers saw this scene, they were all shocked.

At the current moment, no one would mock w.a.n.g Feng; instead, they would be touched by this interaction between Monarch and subordinate. Even Jia Xu could not help but tear up.

Jia Xu totally did not expect that this young Monarch actually had such charm.

Tears swelled up at the corners of his eyes as Ouyang Shuo patted w.a.n.g Feng's head, "Rest well!"

After these words, Ouyang Shuo had no more to add, giving out a long sigh before walking away.

When the soldiers saw this scene, they followed Ouyang Shuo, giving w.a.n.g Feng ample room to rest up and calm down his emotions.

This night was destined to be a sleepless one.

The squadron had just reached Red Cliff. Originally, there were many matters that needed Ouyang Shuo to decide. Helplessly, he had already locked himself in his reading room, and no one dared to disturb him.

Luckily, with Zheng He and Jia Xu taking charge, nothing much happened.

The next morning, the sun rose from the east.

Ouyang Shuo had woken up; he had already tossed aside the weakness and softness, returning to being the Monarch that ruled the world.


Ouyang Shuo was ready to summon Zheng He and Jia Xu to discuss their next course of action.

"Monarch!" A lanky soldier walked in.

Seeing the one that walked in was not that familiar burly figure, a flash of loss appeared in his eyes. The one temporarily replacing Chen Dameng was the a.s.sistant captain.

Ouyang Shuo put away his emotions and said, "Invite Zheng He and Jia Xu over."

"Yes Monarch!"

Dragon Head, battle room.

"What are your views on what we should do next?"

Ouyang Shuo sat at the helm, looking down at his two helpers who were below him.

At this point, Jia Xu had totally merged into this team. Ouyang Shuo stopped being courteous to Jia Xu, asking him when he had any questions, treating him like his own advisor.

Jia Xu could only laugh.

"Based on the reports from the Cima Boat, the enemy Huang Gai Army has already met up with the Guan Yu Army; they are coming down the river. They will reach here in less than a day." Zheng He first reported the new intel.

"They truly are looking to die." Ouyang Shuo smiled as he shook his head. The Huang Gai Army lacked cannons; they were not something that Ouyang Shuo would put into his eyes. "Do they know that Red Cliff has already fallen?"

During this a.s.sa.s.sination mission, the people who were truly killed numbered extremely little, so his battle contribution points did not balloon. Hence, Ouyang Shuo dared to say that the other Lords would not be able to notice that something was wrong.

That was a.s.suming they had no other communication methods.

"Based on what the spy noticed, they should not know. This army did not stop, rushing day and night over to Red Cliff." Zheng He explained.

"That's great." Ouyang Shuo nodded, "As for how to deal with them, you two simulate a battle plan. I only have one wish, try to capture Huang Gai and Guan Yu alive."

"Understood!" To Zheng He and Jia Xu, this was not a tough task.

Jia Xu raised another matter, "Monarch, the enemy that left Red Cliff, I think they are going to Sun Quan. Hence, I advise you to send an army to chase and remove them before Sun Quan is alerted."

"Your reminder is correct." Ouyang Shuo agreed with his a.n.a.lysis, turning to Zheng He, "Arrange a navy unit to chase, they have to die."


Ouyang Shuo wanted to know why Liu Bei had led troops over.

When Jia Xu heard this, he could guess the reasonn, "Liu Bei seems righteous, but he's really selfish. At this moment, he should be busy with Changsha."

One had to say that Jia Xu's eyes were truly vicious and sharp; he could easily see through Liu Bei.

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he agreed and said seriously, "That cannot do. Mister, think of a way to draw this old fox out. We cannot let him stay cooped up in his home."

Amongst the China region players, only Ouyang Shuo knew what role Liu Bei would play in the future wilderness. Moreover, there was a high chance he would start a conflict with them.

Hence, using this chance, Ouyang Shuo needed to skin the Liu Bei Organization. When they reached the main map, dealing with him would not be so easy anymore.

After Guan Yu died, he was given a new t.i.tle, 'Emperor Guan'. In the Qing Dynasty, he replaced Yue Fei as a Martial Saint.

This matter amused Ouyang Shuo. In five thousand years of history, to be truly listed as Martial Saints along with Kong Zi, probably only Jiang Shang'er could.

The Qing Dynasty people t.i.tled Guan Yu as Martial Saint for their own reasons. This was because Yue Fei was the general that helped to resist foreign invasion.

With that, naturally it stabbed their sensitive nerves; how would they allow Yue Fei to be immortalized? Through the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, the Guan Yu that was described like a G.o.d was naturally chosen.

In history, Guan Yu was just a courageous martial artist. In the Three Kingdoms records, less than a thousand words mentioned him.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, warm wine killing Hua Xiong belonged to Zhang Guan Dai. In history, Hua Xiong was killed by Sun Quan and not Guan Yu.

Apart from that, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms also described the matters of him crossing five pa.s.ses, killing six generals, and accomplishing other feats.

In this story, they said that Guan Yu had killed Wen Xiu; in trut,h he died in the famous Battle of Guandu.

To make him stand out, Luo Guan Zhong had given him a lot of war contributions done by other people to make him seem strong and intelligent.

The Guan Yu in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was what the Confucians described as righteous, intelligent, loyal, and polite.

But after reading the 'Guan Yu Biography', one could notice that Guan Yu in history lacked a political mind. Just from one matter, one could see that.

Guan Yu did not know the importance of working with Wu to go against Cao. When he took charge of Jingzhou, he rejected Sun Quan's marriage alliance, and his att.i.tude was also really unfriendly. He had scolded the messenger, "How can a dog be good enough for a tiger woman?"

Hence, his words insulted East Wu.

The resulting story was one that everyone was familiar with. After Sun Quan obtained Jingzhou, he killed Guan Yu and broke apart the Sun Liu Alliance.

One could say that it was Guan Yu's arrogance that buried the future of Shu and Han.

Apart from that, Guan Yu also looked down on Ma and Huang Zhong who were listed as the five tiger generals along with him.

Liu Bei granted Guan Yu the t.i.tle of frontline general. When he heard that Huang Zhong was given the t.i.tle of backline general, he was furious, "I will never be regarded as the same level as him!"

His arrogance was unprecedented.

Hence, toward such a Guan Yu, Ouyang Shuo totally had no interest in him.

In comparison, Ouyang Shuo desired Zhang Fei. Some described him to be as intense as fire, courageous and clumsy, hating evil like an enemy.

However, the true Zhang Fei in history was not a clumsy person; in fact, he was an all rounded person.

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