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TWO Chapter 706-One-Armed General

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora


Seeing that Xiong Ba was about to escape, w.a.n.g Feng decisively fired back.

The Divine Martial Guards got the order, tossing aside their weapons and taking out the G.o.d arm crossbow, arming it and firing. The entire process flowed like water and used less than half a minute.

In such a situation without disturbance and in such a narrow pa.s.sageway, the bolts unavoidably had a freakishly high killing power. The guards in charge of being the frontline fell down row by row.

Following which, Xiong Ba's Personal Guards too could not escape their fate.

The G.o.d arm crossbow shot at too fast a rate. Moreover, the Divine Martial Guards were well trained, and they were already used to firing it. The bolts did not stop coming.

The less than hundred meter pa.s.sage became the nightmare of the enemy. When Xiong Ba managed to rushed to the end, he was left with only around ten Personal Guards who were all injured.

Luckily, he made it.

Who knows which guard pressed it, but the wooden wall suddenly opened and revealed a narrow, square lift-like s.p.a.ce.


The Personal Guards protected Xiong Ba and entered the 'lift.' In truth, this was a modified tool to raise and lower them.

After they entered, the wooden wall slowly closed once more.

"Not good!"

When w.a.n.g Feng saw this scene, his heart shook. He did not even think, using all his strength to throw the spear in his hand.

Pew! The spear was like an arrow as it broke through the air and stuck into the lift before it closed.

The lift stopped.

This shocking strike caused even the Divine Martial Guards to feel stunned.

"Quick, stop them!"

w.a.n.g Feng did not stop as he pulled out his Tang Blade; he was the first person to chase over.

The short hundred meters was covered quickly.

w.a.n.g Feng was going all out.

The Divine Martial Guards followed closely behind him.

Within the lift, the faces of everyone were ashen white. The spear that w.a.n.g Feng tossed out had pierced into the head of one of the Personal Guards; brain fluids flowed out and fresh blood spurted.

Such a close encounter caused even the Personal Guards who had been through hundreds of battles to be shocked.

Most crucially, because of that spear, the lift could not close and naturally could not work.

The lift was one that Xiong Ba had purposely found top grade smiths to modify, and it was linked to the exit at the bottom layer of the ships. There were also little boats and emergency supplies ready at the exit.

The goal of the creation of this lift was to act as an escape route at the crucial moment.

His planning ability was far from ordinary.

Who knew that at the last moment, his plan would be destroyed by w.a.n.g Feng's sky shocking strike.

w.a.n.g Feng's spear was made from elite iron, so it could not be easily cut apart. If they forcefully moved the lift, the spear that was stuck onto the door would lock it in place.

With that, Xiong Ba and the others had no way out.

Xiong Ba's expression was complicated; in the end, he sighed, "Since we cannot retreat, then let's fight to the death!"

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

In the small s.p.a.ce, the more than 10 Personal Guards were ready.

These were people with their backs against the wall; they were prepared to go all out.

"If I cannot escape, neither will you!"

Xiong Ba's eyes turned cold as he grasped the machete in his hand.

"Destroy the door!"

w.a.n.g Feng had already rushed to the end along with the Divine Martial Guards.

"Yes sir!"

The Divine Martial Guards found some hard iron items to try and force their way in.

They did not expect that just at that moment, the wooden wall would open from both sides. The Personal Guards under the leadership of Xiong Ba charged out and caught them off guard.

Instantly, the Divine Martial Guards suffered heavy casualties.

Xiong Ba grasped his machete and went right for w.a.n.g Feng, chopping down. This heavy strike gathered all his killing intent and willingness to die.

He struck out without leaving any way to defend himself.

As expected from an ambitious and smart person; at the crucial moment, he still went out with style.

w.a.n.g Feng did not dare take to take him lightly, raising his blade to block it.

Dang! The thin blade was smashed aside by the machete. The momentum did not fade as it flashed a white glow, charging straight for w.a.n.g Feng's shoulder.

If the machete hit, it would split w.a.n.g Feng into two.


The surrounding Divine Martial Guards panicked; they wanted to a.s.sist him, but it was already too late.

w.a.n.g Feng did not panic; he gritted his teeth and tried his best to side step it.


Regretfully, his reaction was too slow, and the machete cut down along his shoulder, splitting his left hand into two parts, his forearm falling to the ground.

Where the arm broke, fresh blood flowed out like a fountain.

No matter how resilient and steely he was, his face instantly turned white and cold sweat broke out from his forehead.


The Divine Martial Guards leaped forward.

Xiong Ba still wanted to chase for the win and end w.a.n.g Feng. Just at this moment, a sharp arrow broke the air and pierced his forehead.


Xiong Ba's actions slowed, looking regretfully at w.a.n.g Feng before slowly falling.

The entire battlefield was silent.

After a short while, his body turned into a white light and disappeared from the battle map. Disappearing with him were the navy soldiers from King City, including the ones fighting with the frogmen on the King.

Even the lucky few Personal Guards who survived were sent away.

The empty warships were proof that the King City Navy had been here.

In a situation where the Lord was a.s.sa.s.sinated, the navy generals would be teleported back to the main map; only the warships remained.

Just this fact meant that King City had suffered catastrophic loses.


The Divine Martial Guards did not care about so much, taking bandages to help bandage w.a.n.g Feng.

w.a.n.g Feng's expression was a little dark, bearing the pain and not looking at his left arm that was lost, "Gather everyone and leave before the warship sinks!"

"Yes general!"

Wulin Fortress corner, observing the navy of King City disappearing.

The Lord instantly understood what had happened.

"d.a.m.n it, Xiong Ba really died!" The Lord's face was exceedingly ugly, "We cannot stay here!"

Without the King City Navy, it was impossible to defend this place. Rather than that, why not go toward Zhan Lang to gather and discuss a plan.

Just as he decided to lead the squadron to Red Cliff, emergency news caused his face to turn ashen white.

"Lord, Lord Zhan Lang has been a.s.sa.s.sinated!"

It was like the Lord's soul had left his body; only after a long while did he say, "The Sun Liu Camp is finished!"

"Lord what should we do?"

"Retreat, immediately leave Red Cliff." This Lord was smart, thinking about the menacing Shanhai City Navy he did not dare to stay here for even a second more.

"Retreat to where?"

"To Sun Quan, it's safer there." The Lord had foresight.


Just like that, under the cover of the night, the remaining navy squadrons of Red Cliff gathered and escaped toward Chaisang.

As time was of the essence, they did not even have time to take over the warships.

The Lords were worried that the Shanhai City navy would arrive if they stayed for too long.

They were a bunch of devils!

Thinking about that, the Lords ran even faster than rabbits.

The busy Red Cliff suddenly became really empty and quiet.

The sun rose up, shining down on the river surface.

Less than 10 miles away from Red Cliff, hundreds of Cima Boats had gathered together. In the middle, w.a.n.g Feng laid down, his face ashen white, listening to the report.

The more he listened, the darker his face got.

For this sneak attack, Shanhai City had suffered heavy casualties. The fire and killing had taken away 900 lives.

In the end, less than 300 of them had survived.

As for the ones attacking Red Cliff, it was worse. Zhan Lang's forces were exceptional, like a bunch of wild wolves fighting to the death.

Out of the 1200 soldiers, less than 100 returned. Even the commander, Personal Guards Captain Chen Dameng, had fallen in battle.

Based on the descriptions of the soldiers that returned, their fight was as close as the Wulin one. At the most intense moment, Chen Dameng had no choice but to order for them to die with the enemy.

It was during that fight where Chen Dameng bore the pain of the enemy stabs and slashes to slay Zhan Lang.

This battle could be said to be a harsh victory.

Two generals, one dying in battle, one handicapped.

Before they left, the hundred Cima Boats were filled and bustling with excitement about the upcoming battle.

Now, many empty boats floated. Even as the sun shone on them, it seemed so cold and tragic.

The atmosphere felt really depressing.

The soldiers were all silent, mourning for their fallen comrades.

Only the golden dragon flag fluttered in the air, standing tall and never falling.

"General, the scout reports state that the remaining enemies have retreated. What should we do?" The lieutenant sought w.a.n.g Feng's opinion.

w.a.n.g Feng's face was ashen white, and he was really weak. Even so, he said with energy, "Send the frogmen to chase them."


"Send another group to report our situation to the flagship." w.a.n.g Feng instructed.

"General, do not worry, the messenger has been sent. If nothing goes wrong, they would reach the flagship before night fall." The lieutenant was a capable character.

"That's great." w.a.n.g Feng wanted to nod but even that took too much energy. He continued, "Since the enemy are gone, let's just move into the fortress and get it ready for the Monarch."

"Yes!" The soldiers nodded; he hesitated but still asked in the end, "General, your injury?"

To a general, losing an arm was like lightning on a sunny day. From this day on, he would have to leave the battlefield and live as a 'useless person'.

To a young general like w.a.n.g Feng, such a blow was simply deadly.

He would rather die than live!

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