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Chapter 698-Capturing Lu Su Alive

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

The result of the naval battle on the Han River surface was not too surprising.

Against the strong voyage squadron, the Lu Su Army had no way to fight back and could only take a beating.

The 20 giant turreted ships used their size, sharp horns, and cannon fire to blast open a gaping hole in their formation.

The infallible Lu Su Army looked like a gentle girl. The arrows that they shot out were like tickles to the turreted ships.

Gan Ning, Zhou Tai, and the other generals had strong martial arts but nowhere to use them.

A round of cannon fire shot accurately at their flagship, causing it to shake left and right. Gan Ning had no choice but to jump off the warship and enter the river to try to survive.

Staying on the warship was just asking to die.

"Your grandmother!" The ice cold Han River made Gan Ning and the others feel uncomfortable.

The three Man O' Wars that trailed closely behind were like three fire-breathing deep ocean beasts, shooting out cannonb.a.l.l.s and destroying the enemy warships, blowing them into pieces.

The three levels of cannon openings, with hundreds of cannons firing out at full force.

None of the enemy warships along the way could take a round of fire. Under the hundreds and thousands of cannon b.a.l.l.s, the warships were blown into bits, fires raging.

There were some fearless warships that tried to guide the warships that were already in flames toward the Man O' War for a double suicide.

Unfortunately, due to the cannon fire, none of them could smoothly approach. Before they even got close, they became targets and were sunk to the bottom of the river.

Along with them were thousands of soldiers and sailors.

The morale and mental strength of the Lu Su Army started to crack and fall apart. The giant turreted ships, the Mengchong warships, and the Cima boats smoothly claimed the rest.

On the chilly river, warships in flames were everywhere. Thanks to the wind, the fires burned even brighter, and the soldiers could not extinguish the flames even if they tried.

They could only jump into the water to have a shot at surviving.

Layers of wooden planks from the warships formed up layer after layer on the river, a majestic sight. Many human heads floated up and down the river, they laid on the wooden boards, fighting for their lives.

In the bone chilling waters, it was basically h.e.l.l for any soldier that fell into it. The cold was like an ice needle sticking into their skin, muscles, and even bones.

If they spent too long in the water, even if they were saved, they would probably end up with some illness.

Jia Xu stood aboard Dragon Head, and gaped at the destruction before his eyes.

As they say, what goes around comes around.

More than 10 days ago, the Cao Navy was totally buried by the Jiangdong Navy, destroying Cao Cao's ambition. This time, it was their turn to be crushed.

The entire squadron was pretty much destroyed.

On the vast river surface, there was not a single enemy warship that was traveling normally. In front of the blistering speed of the voyage squadron, they could not escape.

The smart ones wanted to dive into the water and sneak onto sh.o.r.e.

However, how could Zheng He allow them do as they wished? There were already frogmen lying in wait, engaging in endless slaughter beneath the ocean. After this battle, only a few lucky ones could survive.

On the surface, numerous corpses floated, the fresh blood dyed the water red, a truly gruesome color.

If he did not personally witness it, Jia Xu would not have believed there was such a strong navy in the world. Ouyang Shuo's previous promise to Cao Cao was definitely true.

This added a lot more confidence to Jia Xu for the following Battle of Red Cliff.

Although Ouyang Shuo was not as stunned as Jia Xu, the battle results had still exceeded his expectations. However, what he cared the most about now was the lives of Lu Su, Lu Meng, and the others.

The cannon fire had no eyes during battle.

Ouyang Shuo had no way to request the squadron to choose their enemy. He only wished that these Jiangdong Generals had a strong will to live and that the frogmen could capture them.

As the battlefield was swept, good news and bad news flowed endlessly.

Of the generals he wanted, Lu Su and Lu Meng were captured by the frogmen and locked up in the jail onboard Dragon Head.

With that, half his of goals were achieved.

The bodies of the lesser generals like Lin Tong and the others were found one by one. War was merciless and not everyone could survive. If one did not dodge in time, they would be smashed by the cannonb.a.l.l.s.

Lastly, there were the two fierce generals Gan Ning and Zhou Tai; they were not found, and their traces were unknown.

"Search everywhere, they must be in the water." Ouyang Shuo was resolute.

If both of them escaped, this would be a total failure to Ouyang Shuo.

These two generals were both familiar with the water and had great bodily qualities. Ouyang Shuo had reason to believe that they were hiding in some corner of the battlefield, ready to make their escape.

He would even say that they had probably disguised themselves.

On the river surface, corpses laid everywhere; there were warship debris, and broken wooden planks. If someone was good in the water, hiding was just too simple.

"Yes Monarch!"

When Zheng He received the orders, he immediately ordered the frogmen and Cima Boats to form a ma.s.sive search net, one on the surface and one in the water.

"If they're alive, I want to see the; if they're dead, I want to see their bodies."

Following the orders of the Admiral, the frogmen and the elite navy all opened their eyes wide, not letting anything or any corner go.

Many corpses were pushed aside and planks were removed, and even the debris was checked out.

According to the words of the officer, "Open up your eyes; do not let even a shrimp past."

This was truly an inescapable net.

On the northwest side of the battlefield, in an una.s.suming corner, a body floated up and down. A pair of cold eyes focused on the searching squad; he held the knife in his hand tight.

The cold river water did not corrupt his mental strength. His body, which was hardening, still had shocking strength; he was getting ready to strike at any moment to kill the enemy.

He knew he would definitely be unable to escape.

Just as the searching squad approached the body, the knife flashed and four lives fell.

Such knife technique was simply exceptional.

In the water, despite being stopped by the current, he actually still possessed such killing strength.


The struck soldiers let out cries before falling.

This caused an uproar.

"There's a situation!"

"He's there, surround him!"

"Capture him alive!"

Orders were sent to the frontline in an orderly manner.

The battle there was still continuing.

Every moment, every second, there were soldiers falling.

The river surface that had calmed down once again welcomed the waves of death.

Every time the knife shone, a life was taken.

In less than 10 minutes, hundreds of soldiers had already totally surrounded this 'a.s.sa.s.sin'.

Hence, the situation was finally under control.

Taking down this person was just a matter of time. No matter how strong a tiger was, if it was surrounded by wolves, it could only struggle but not escape.

If it was not for the instructions of the Lord, this fellow would have been killed already.

Just at this moment, another cry sounded from the other side of the battlefield.

"It's the other one!"

"Quick, do not let him run!"

These two men, one east and one west, started their a.s.sault.

This was their final glory. They were like lions protecting their last shred of dignity. The moment they appeared, they were ready to die.

Unfortunately for them, even dying was not so easy.

After an hour of battle, the two of them were exhausted and were finally captured.

"We've got them!"

"Quick, send them to the flagship!"

Although a hundred men had perished, the soldiers were still delighted and proud like they had won a war.

Ma.s.sive rewards awaited them all. Needless to say, this was someone the Monarch wanted and to make the Monarch happy was the greatest honor.

When Ouyang Shuo received the news, he brought Jia Xu up to the deck.

"Is it them?" Ouyang Shuo asked Jia Xu.

"That's right, that's Gan Ning and Zhou Tai."

Although they were both covered in blood, Jia Xu recognized them instantly.

"Great. Bandage them and ask the physician to treat them. Do not let any accidents happen."

"Yes my Monarch!"

The soldiers brought them down and left.

At this point, the battle had ended in a complete victory for the voyage squadron.

Lu Su, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, and Zhou Tai were captured. In the future days, recruiting them was not an impossible matter.

After the end of the battle, the squadron set off once more, their next stop was Red Cliff.

There, some people waited patiently for them to arrive.

The road ahead was still filled with thorns.

After this battle was over, Ouyang Shuo's battle contribution points had increased by over hundred thousand, allowing him to take the top spot on the rankings.

The change in the rankings instantly attracted the attention of the players.

Bai Hua and the rest finally relaxed. The rankings did not change during these two days, so they were worried that something had happened to the voyage squadron.

After a short while, Cao Cao received the news and was elated.

Qin Feng, Caiyun Zinan, and the others looked at the 1st placed person on the rankings, and their eyes froze.

An unavoidable pressure surged toward them.

The Sun Liu Camp players were the most shocked.

Xiong Ba, Zhan Lang, and the others looked at the leaderboard and sighed, "They were caught up to in the end."

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