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Chapter 692-The Summoning

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

In this battle map, Ouyang Shuo still reported his choice of camp to his allies. As for how Bai Hua and the others would choose, he did not interfere.

At such a stage, everyone had their own ideas.

Based on the battle map rules, a 1st cla.s.s Marquis could bring 50 thousand troops. As for the Duke rank, there was no specified limit. However, the maximum number of troops that a Lord could bring into the battle map was 100 thousand.

This was like Gaia drawing a red line.

Even so, compared to the 20 thousand of a 2nd cla.s.s Marquis, 100 thousand was an absolute advantage. This also meant that after becoming a Duke, Ouyang Shuo did not need any help from his allies.

Since he could bring over 100 thousand troops, the three thousand Divine Martial Guards would definitely be brought over.

Apart from them, there would be the voyage squadron that was still in Jidian City. Based on the battle map teleportation rules, the troops did not need to go through the territory teleportation formation and could just teleport from anywhere.

With that, it was like Ouyang Shuo had made use of the system rules to perform an invincible summon, directly teleporting the voyage squadron that was tens of thousands of miles away.

After the battle map ended, he would send them to Beihai Bay.

The voyage squadron chosen in the end was the 1st division of the Beihai Bay Squadron.

However, based on the battle rules, the troops that the Lord brought was counted by head. This meant that the three thousand sailors of the voyage squadron were listed into the 100 thousand.

With that, the voyage squadron used up 25 thousand spots.

Ouyang Shuo did not think about using only naval troops. After all, who knows which stage the Battle of Red Cliff would start at. The use of an army could not be underestimated.

Ouyang Shuo left the remaining spots for the city protection legion that was still in Stone City.

After blocking off the expansion of Handan City, the situation in Stone City had already stabilized and did not require the city protection legion's interference anymore. Furthermore, the Lianzhou Basin still needed them, and they could not leave for too long.

Till date, although the city protection legion had suffered casualties, they had used war to replenish their troops. For the excess in prisoners, they directly gave them to Stone City.

The current Stone City had already built up a war fighting legion. Apart from that, there was another one being built, and they had half the number of members gathered already.

The current soldier strength of Stone City was even stronger than Consonance City.

In Wufu's words, "They forced my hand!"

Being suppressed by Handan City, Wufu could only focus on his army. The city protection legion acted as a guide and helped them out of their toughest time.

When Ouyang Shuo chose to move the city protection legion, it was because their overall combat strength was good; secondly, he did so to save the teleportation costs.

Based on normal circ.u.mstances, to teleport them back to Shanhai City would use up 70 thousand gold.

Apart from that, Ouyang Shuo also had another plan. In this half a year, through Wufu, Shanhai City had bought 70 thousand elite Mongol Warhorses from the Mongol Tribe.

Just that had used up 700 thousand gold.

Through this battle map, they could easily transport all the horses back to Shanhai City, saving a lot of effort.

After selecting the 70 thousand city protection legion forces, Ouyang Shuo directly gave up the remaining two thousand. There was no point in moving two thousand troops from elsewhere.

After selecting the camp and the troops to join the battle map, there was not much that Ouyang Shuo needed to prepare for. He only needed to inform Xiahou Ying to follow the troops out.

Amidst all this, something interesting was happening.

Consonance City's Zhang Liao and Black Lion City's Jushou both belonged to the Three Kingdoms Era, so they could not enter the map based on the battle map rules.

This situation gave both Bai Hua and Gong Chengshi a headache.

These two were the pillars of their armies, so being unable to bring them into the battle map was a huge loss.

Hua Xiong from Asura City was also the same case.

Shanhai City's Cai Mao could not join either, but he was in the Yashan Squadron and was not in Ouyang Shuo's plans in the first place.

These generals and advisors would not truly appear in the battle map and would just get random jobs. Of course, Xu Huang who Ouyang Shuo killed in the Battle of Julu would all the more not appear.

In conclusion, the Three Kingdom characters that appeared in the wilderness would have no part to play in this battle map.

Gaia 3rd year, 8th month, 28th day, 9 AM, a system notification sounded out.

"System notification: 208 A.D., 13th year of Jian An, Sun Quan, Liu Bei alliance army broke the Cao Cao army in the Battle of Red Cliff, forming the basis of the formation of the Three Kingdoms. Sun Liu alliance army used fire to destroy their troops, Cao Cao went back north, Sun and Liu each took a portion of Jingzhou - Battle of Red Cliff, officially begins!"

The Three thousand Divine Martial Guards had formed up in the square and were waiting to go.

Checking battle requirements, number of forces, choosing camp...

Ouyang Shuo was familiar with these processes; he only faced some problems when selecting the partic.i.p.ating forces.

Since this was the first time Gaia had teleported naval forces into a battle map, they needed to scan the data of the voyage squadron before teleporting them in.

With that, there was a huge amount of work to be done.

Luckily, before the battle, Ouyang Shuo had already sent letters to Zheng He and Er'Lai and informed them about the battle, asking them to get ready in advance.

If not, it would be a total mess.

"System Notification: Teleportation begin!"

After a short while of the sky turning and flipping around them, Ouyang Shuo arrived on the Red Cliff battlefield.

"System Notification: Welcome Player Qiyue Wuyi, landing in Cao Cao's camp - Jiangling City."

"Jiangling?" Ouyang Shuo's face was covered in doubt, "Did we appear at the early stages of the battle?"

Before the battle began, there was a need to introduce the soldier numbers and main generals and strategists.

Cao Cao's overall numbers were at 150 to 160 thousand, Jingzhou Army 70 to 80 thousand, but the Jingzhou Army could not be completely thrown into the frontlines. The Cao Army also needed to be split to defend Xiangyang, and Cao Ren had at least 30 thousand troops in Jiangling. Hence, the frontlines numbered around 170 to 180 thousand.

The Cao Army's main forces were split into two, Cao Cao himself and the Zhao Yan and Cheng Yu army.

Cao Cao split his troops in Wulin, Red Cliff, the navy and army going in together; his troops were mainly navy and had an overall strength of 100 thousand.

Under his charge, the generals included high-level bodyguard Xu Chu, Cao Zhen, Cao Xiu and Cao Hong, the three leopard cavalry, and the guards army commanders, Le Jing, Man Chong, Cao Cun, and Wen Pin.

The strategists included Jia Xu, Xun You, Chen Qun, Dong Zhao, Cui Yan, and more.

As for Guo Jia, he had died long ago.

In the other group, Zhao Yan was the Commander in Chief of the protector army, Yu Jin, Zhang He, Zhu Ling, Li Dian, Lu Zhao, Feng Kai, an overall of 70 to 80 thousand troops.

Zhao Yan did not move with the main force and instead proceeded toward where Liu Bei and Guan Yu escaped. Hence, he moved along the Han River, north of Cao Cao's main forces.

In Cao Cao's army, their famous generals were like clouds while they were a little lacking in strategists.

As for the Sun Liu alliance army, they had less troops.

Due to Liu Be's loss in Dangyang, and the addition of Guan Yu's forces, they had around 10 thousand. After Liu Bei and Liu Qi's 10 thousand troops met at Xiakou, they formed the alliance with Sun Quan, Zhou Yu, and Chen Pu; they led the 30 thousand main force to meet up with Liu Bei.

In Liu Bei's army, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Zhu Geliang were all present. A special aspect to point out was that the current Guan Yu was the navy commander of Liu Bei's army.

The Wu Army had Zhou Yu and Chen Pu as their left and right Commander in Chiefs, their generals included Lu Su, Huang Gai, Han Dang, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, Ling Tong, and Zhou Tai.

If it was the starting period of the battle, then it would be simply too advantageous to the Cao Cao camp.

With the reminder from the players, the fire engulfing Red Cliff plan would not work. Along with the Shanhai City Navy, Ouyang Shuo was confident in ending the battle and destroying the Sun Liu alliance army in a week.

The more it was like this, the more he did not believe it.

He did not believe that Gaia would break the balance of the battle map.

"Greetings, Monarch!"

Just as Ouyang Shuo was in doubt, a lightning like shout broke out at his ear. Turning around, he saw the Legion General of the city protection legion, the East Zhonglang General, Er'Lai.

After half a year of not meeting, both of them were filled with emotions.

Behind him, the 70 thousand city protection legion soldiers were lined up neatly.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo come over, they all immediately bowed in unison.

"Greetings, Monarch!"

Their voices were strong and majestic, their auras shocking.

The other player armies that teleported over could not help but feel stunned. Some looked on in fear, others in envy, some were jealous, while some felt happy that they chose the same camp as Shanhai City.

As for the voyage squadron led by Zheng He, they appeared in the Han River. After all, Ouyang Shuo was currently in the camp outside of Jiangling City, so it was not feasible to house a navy here.

After gathering with the city protection legion, Ouyang Shuo suppressed the doubt in his heart and went to register. Along the way, he gathered with the allies that had chosen the Cao Cao camp.

In the end, only Bai Hua, Feng Qiuhuang, and Wufu chose Cao Cao's camp. Xunlong Dianxue and Gong Chengshi both chose Sun Liu's camp.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this, he sighed in heart. However, his expression remained unchanged.

On the other hand, Bai Hua and the others had ugly expressions.

After registering, what Ouyang Shuo cared about most was which part of the battle they were at. If he did not get this point, he would totally be unable to form a battle plan.

The camp general's reply caused his feelings to fall to the depths, "Our army has lost in Red Cliff and are currently resting in Jiangling."

The moment the general's words finished, the entire camp shook.

"Is this a joke? The Battle of Red Cliff has ended, so why drag us here?"

"That's right; are we here to feed the enemy?"

Unhappiness spread.

The player Lords in Cao Cao's camp felt despair even before the battle started. Even with Shanhai City here, they could not see any bit of hope.

Gaia's arrangement had exceeded all expectation.

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