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TWO Chapter 643-Who Is the Mole?

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

6th month, 14th day, Berbera Port.

The alliance army squadron and the Shanhai City voyage squadron had gathered up at the port and were ready to launch their pirate hunting operation.

The alliance army had 200 warships, the Lords had sent 20 thousand NPC sailors, and the remaining 40 thousand troops were adventure gamemode players, with 10 thousand coming from the Hunting Leopard Mercenary Group.

The two squadrons had lined up side by side by the port, which perfectly described the statement of, 'One would not be hurt if they did not compare themselves to others.' The Somalian Lords had thought that their warships were not shabby, but this comparison left them ashamed.

"What a loss of face!" Some of the Lords sighed.

Based on the original plan, the 40 Somalian adventure gamemode players would split up into the 200 warships. When he saw the voyage squadron warships, Farrah wanted the voyage squadron to ferry some players too.

"Lord, what do you think?" Farrah asked.


Ouyang Shuo replied emotionally.

Due to the matter with Di Da, the Somalian players were extremely wary of the voyage squadron. Even though they envied them, they were not willing to fight with them on the same boat.

Helplessly, Farrah could only send the 10 thousand Hunting Leopard Mercenary Group members onto the Shanhai ships.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this situation, a weird glow shone in his eyes.

11 AM, the alliance squadron set off as planned.

There was a total of three large-scale pirate organizations in the Gulf of Aden.

The Sky Wolf Pirate Group was the biggest group, and its leader was known as Evsey. It was a extremely strict organization that focused on robbing merchant ships. The animals exported from Somalia were often taken by this pirate group.

The Telan Pirate Organization was the earliest pirate group in the Gulf of Eden. Its leader was Buntland; their equipment was rather backward, and their strength was weakest out of the three. They survived on attacking small fishing boats.

The Plum Pirate Organization was the most brutal one. Their leader was called Mercado; their equipment was good, and they robbed any boat they saw, even Lord warships.

The three pirate organizations exceeded 60 thousand in strength, so it was impossible to crush them all at once. Furthermore, the 3 had come to an understanding, splitting up the territory and not interfering with each other.

Hence, the alliance army was ready to strike them down part by part, starting with the Sky Wolf Pirate Organization.

Based on the intel from their investigations, the Sky Wolf Mercenary Organization had a total of 25 thousand members and 150 ships. Its base was built on a mysterious island known as Sky Wolf Island.

The protection of the Sky Wolf Pirate Organization was extremely tight, and even the two other pirate organizations did not know the exact location of the Sky Wolf island.

Since the alliance army had planned this pirate hunting operation, they naturally had confidence. They had already found the exact location and went right for it.

"Attack Sky Wolf island!" This was the goal of the Somalia players.

After the squadron set off, Ouyang Shuo called Zheng He and Chen Dameng into the battle room.

Last night, not only was Ouyang Shuo heavily injured, Chen Dameng was also pushed out from under the bodies of the Divine Martial Guards. If he was not lucky, he would have died right there.

Hence, Chen Dameng did not trust these Somalian players. Even though Di Da and the Fly Mercenary Group were executed, he was not able to release that feeling from his heart.

"What do you think of Farrah?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"Him?" Chen Dameng's eyes widened; he gritted his teeth and said, "I think that he's a fraud. If he could treat his own men so viciously, how could he be a good person? Looking at him smile, I feel that something is off. Your movement that day was definitely revealed by him."

"The Lord also suspects him?"


"Since that's the case, then why did the Lord allow them to board the ship?" Zheng He did not understand.

Ouyang Shuo took a deep breath and said slowly, "This voyage used up a lot of gold of the territory, and it is not only to reach our destination. It is to build a safe route. Attacking Singapore was so, helping the Somalia people clear out pirates is also so."

"Somalia is located in the Gulf of Aden, and it is an extremely important strategic location. If we could build a permanent base here to open up ocean routes, it would be huge."

"In that case, why don't we move a large number of troops and occupy Somalia?" Chen Dameng b.u.t.ted in.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Based on our navy strength, if we do well, we would be able to. But sometimes, starting a country war is not the best idea."

"The fall of Singapore has attracted the attention of everyone around the world. If Somalia falls, the image of Shanhai City would become exceedingly bad. If that happens, whether we could enter England would be an unknown factor, much less trade."

"This…." with his brain, how could Chen Dameng understand?

On the other hand, Zheng He had some understanding, "As such, your goal is to gain their trust to allow us to build a base here?"

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head. Obviously, he spoke so much to allow Zheng He to learn. As a navy general, without a globalized way of thinking, he would not be able to keep up with the times.

Apart from their original abilities, the terrifying growth talent of the historical generals was also a ma.s.sive a.s.set. They similarly had rapid growth rates; if not, why would they be so sought after?

Gaia had created so many historical generals and granted them high level AI; its goal was not to create a bunch of dead thinking androids. Gaia's true goal was to allow them to interact with humans and evolve.

If not, what use would they be when they arrived on planet Hope.

"Then how do we deal with the players on board?" Zheng He asked.

Ouyang Shuo already had a rough idea, "Maintain awareness. If the enemy does not act, we will not act either."


Zheng He and Chen Dameng nodded their heads in unison.

As for the mole, Ouyang Shuo naturally could not talk about it in detail. Since matters had developed to this stage, he naturally could not pull out.

Since they wanted to act, they needed to go all out.

Early next morning, Sky Wolf Island appeared in their sights.

Looking down from the sky, the island looked like a humongous wolf head. The island had a single mountain peak with a ma.s.sive wolf head flag; this was their pirate flag.

Since this was their base, the Sky Wolf Pirate Organization would naturally arrange sentries. The moment the alliance squadron approached, the sentries would fire signal bullets.

The moment the black signal bullets rose into the sky, the naval battle started.

If one had good eyesight, they would notice that the pirate flag on the peak was being swung by someone. Instantly, the entire island grew busy.

It was like they had been awaiting this battle.

At the same time, red signal bullets were shot up from the peak and exploded in the air.

Facing the small ships, the voyage squadron did not need to act; they handed these people over to the alliance squadron. The Somalia adventure gamemode players were extremely excited about killing these sentries.

It was like they saw the light to victory.

When the alliance squadron approached Sky Wolf Island, a huge black squadron suddenly appeared. Pirate flags hung from the ship, and the pitch-black warships were painted with all kinds of patterns.

Skulls, knives, ghosts, and beasts; various forms of graffiti decorated the ships; it was a whole different form of art.

The Sky Wolf Pirate Organization had acted.

Undoubtedly, this was a weird battle with both sides waiting for one another.

The alliance army players looked at each other.

Logically speaking, even if the sentry spotted them, they could not have come out to sea so quickly. No matter how skilled they were, it would take at least half an hour.

No matter how they thought about it, it seemed like they were just waiting in port. The sneak attack had become a head on battle.

However, at this juncture, they could not think too much, "Let's fight!"

Compared to the ASEAN Navy, the alliance navy and pirates were different as they all had firearms. Their main warships were all equipped with small-sized handguns or heavy cannons.

The moment the war started, it was a battle of cannons.


The cannonb.a.l.l.s exploded on the ocean surface, giving rise to ma.s.sive splashes. Struck warships were basically destined to sink.

The ones with the most eye-catching performance were naturally the voyage squadron. They had the most cannons and the most well-trained navy. Along with reasonable warship allocation and smart commanding, the pirates were at a total disadvantage.

The Somalia players had a good impression of this squadron for the first time.

Both sides fired at one another and swiftly approached each other simultaneous.

After all, cannons were rare and were only the appetizers of war. The true cruel battle was cross warship fighting.

Weirdly, both sides had a desire to fight in such a manner. The pirates were proficient at cross warship fighting, so they naturally wanted to fight in this way.

What about the alliance squadron?

One must not forget that they still had 40 thousand adventure gamemode players. If they did not jump onto the pirate ships to fight, then they would be useless.

The players cried out, eager to just jump onto the pirate ships.

Throughout the entire process, only the voyage squadron was returning cannon fire. Pirate ship after pirate ship were sunk and many pirates fell into the ocean like dumplings.

The warships of both sides drew closer and closer.

A person with good eyesight would be able to see the vicious looks of the enemy.

Revenge and killing intent gathered.

Just at this moment, two squadrons appeared like ghosts right behind the alliance squadron.

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