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Chapter 636-Clamor of the Java Players

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

"City lord Guo, what do you think?" Guo Yannan wanted to maintain his neutrality and not annoy either side. However, Shantha was not ready to let him do that; he wanted Guo Yannan to make his stance clear.

When he heard these words, Han Duya fiercely stared at Guo Yannan.

Guo Yannan was placed in a truly difficult spot and did not know how to answer. After pondering, he replied, "Whether you decide to fight or not, I'll give my fullest support. The decision will be up to you two." His words were like saying nothing at all.

Shantha's face showed a hunt of disappointment while Han Duya could not help but scold out, "Soft!"

A look of shame appeared on Guo Yannan's face, and his facial muscles twitched. Sometimes, it was the scariest when an honest person kept quiet. The moment they exploded, it would be enough to shock everyone.

A weird look flashed across Shantha's eyes.

Old fox let's see how long you can hold this in, Shantha thought to himself.

One proposed fighting, one proposed peace, and one remained neutral.

The three Johor heads entered a stalemate, and no one was able to persuade anyone.

"Since no one is willing to budge, why don't we draw lots to decide!" Han Duya did not want to give up.

Shantha's eyes jolted, as he said calmly, "This concerns our country. How can you play such a game?" His upbringing was extremely good. Even though he hated this rough and brutish character, he did not show any outward unhappiness.

However, Han Duya could not take Shantha's tone. Although he looked tough on the outside, he was an exceedingly sensitive person. He could clearly feel the disdain that Shantha had for him.

As a result, Han Duya would oppose him in all decisions. If not, and the two of them simply worked together, Johor would not even have a place for Guo Yannan, so why would there be a case of three powers?

However, Shantha was deep in it and had no idea.

Guo Yannan looked like a rookie that could be bullied, but in truth, he had perfected the art of balancing things.

The three of them were all exceptional people.

"Since that's the case, let's not move our troops and just watch for changes!" Shantha said.

"That's a good choice!" Guo Yannan nodded.

Although he was not willing, Han Duya was helpless. In the end, the main force for country wars belonged to the territories. It was impossible to win a country war by relying on adventure gamemode players alone.

Since Shantha and Guo Yannan had both chosen to shelve action, there was nothing Han Duya could say.

Ouyang Shuo had something on Johor. Furthermore, he had already expressed his good intentions, so they decided not to attack. As for Java, which was south of Xingzhou Prefecture, they did not even hesitate, forming up a 50 thousand troops alliance army and striking at Xingzhou Prefecture.

Java State was formed from 17,508 Islands, and it was the biggest island country in the world, stretching from Asia to Oceania. It was termed by many as the thousand island country, and it was the largest out of the ASEAN countries.

The Imperial City was known as Jakarta, located north west of Johor, it was the biggest imperial city in ASEAN.

The port in Jakarta was the biggest port, second to only Xingzhou. It was an important bridge between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Java had a high population density with over 20 million people, only smaller than China, India and America, ranking 4th in the world.

Hence, there would be around two million guards inside Jakarta, exceeding any imperial city in China. Hence, one could foresee that it would be highly difficult to attack Java.

Apart from land and population, Java was exceedingly rich in natural resources. It had peppers, spices, oil, and ores.

Hence, Java was one of the most influential countries in ASEAN.

With such a foundation, why wouldn't they actively throw themselves into the fight against Shanhai City? Apart from that, there was also one more reason that motivated them to attack Xingzhou Prefecture.

In history, Java used to be one of the countries that hated the Chinese the most. They had killed many Chinese people in a manner that totally lacked humanity, shocking the entire world.

After entering the new world and forming the federal government, these killings were finally stopped.

Even so, the players of Java did not have a good impression of the China region. Hence, when Ruan Tianque from Annan suggested attacking Shanhai City, Java was the most eager.

The alliance army came from Jinzhou Island's few Lords.

Jinzhou Island was famous for producing gold, which was how it received its name. It was the second biggest island in Java. Its north-east side faced the Malacca Straits, facing Johor. It was only one to two days away from the Xingzhou Prefecture.

Regretfully, the powerful waves of the Indian Ocean meant that Jinzhou Island lacked natural ports. Hence, Jinzhou Island was famous for its strong army but not its navy.

Even so, in the eyes of the Java players, they had more than enough to deal with the remnants of some army.

4th month, 24th day, the Java Alliance Navy b.u.mped into Zheng He's squadron near Xingzhou Bay.

"Who are you? This is the land of Shanhai City, please do not enter!" When Zheng He received the news, he asked his soldiers to signal the flag messages.

"We are from Java, stupid Zhina, get out of Singapore." The flag language reply from them lacked any courtesy, and it was even insulting them.

As they sent this message, they led their troops and charged over.

In their eyes, the voyage squadron in front of them was only an empty rack. They did not need to hesitate and could just crush them.

What they did not know was that thanks to the cross-country teleportation formation, the strength of the squadron did not drop and had risen instead.

Yanhuo Yaonie, who had been promoted to fleet admiral, had led the Xingzhou Squadron to aid the voyage squadron in patrolling. When he heard the insults and provocations of the enemy, he was furious and his eyes blazed with fire.

"d.a.m.n monkeys!" Yanhuo Yaonie scolded.

As a Chinese, how would he have any good impressions of Java? Needless to say, they had provoked them right away and obviously were not going to stop.

Before the squadrons left, Ouyang Shuo had told them that he predicted that other countries would send their navies. His att.i.tude was to chase them away. Otherwise, use force to do so.

How would Ouyang Shuo have any good intentions toward Java? However, as someone who was living a second life and also as a Lord, Ouyang Shuo knew that attacking Java was not something that could be done so quickly.

His trading plan would not work if they attacked, and it would also affect Shanhai City's strategy in the ASEAN. Hence, Ouyang Shuo's att.i.tude was to not provoke them, but he would not allow them to get away with anything.

They had to wait till Shanhai City had stabilized its position in ASEAN before thinking about how to attack Java.

This would be a long-term plan.

"Admiral?" Yanhuo Yaonie looked at Zheng He, his eyes burning with pa.s.sion.

Zheng He's expression was also exceedingly ugly. He understood how insulting Zhina was to the Chinese people. Even such a gentle and calm character like him was furious.

All the Shanhai City civil servants and generals would show similar qualities at crucial moments, regardless of how hidden they usually were. Their bones contained an arrogance and pride.

These qualities came from Ouyang Shuo, and they were influenced by him; this was the charm of his personality.

Hence, at this crucial moment, Zheng He's decisiveness meant that he had the fire within him.

"Attack!" Zheng He ordered.

When Yanhuo Yaonie heard this order, he was delighted and nodded, "Yes, admiral!"

All of a sudden, cannons fired, and arrows rained down.

The enemy alliance army was heavily damaged; they were stunned and did not know what to do.

"Their mothers, this situation isn't right!"

"Who the f*** said that the enemy was left with remnants of an army?"

"We have fallen for a trap, escape!"

Curses broke out.

Similarly, this was also an army without a backbone. The moment they found out that the enemy was not weak, the first thing they thought was to quickly run. They did not even think of fighting to the death.

Those strong words at the start all seemed like a joke at this point.

"You want to live now? No chance!"

Yanhuo Yaonie was determined to teach the enemy a lesson, so he personally led his troops to chase. Across the vast ocean, there temporarily was not any warship faster than the Shanhai City warships.

The Java navy was chased and attacked, crying out in pain. In the end, the entire alliance army had no choice but to scatter in all directions to try and escape with their own lives.

Only then did this episode end.

Out of the 50 thousand alliance troops, only around 10 thousand had managed to escape. In just their first navy battle with Java, Shanhai City had achieved victory in such a brutal manner.

Java, Jakarta City.

The news of the navy's defeat had spread back to Java, instantly causing an uproar. What the players considered was not how strong the enemy was. Instead, they scolded the useless army.

"A bunch of losers, losing the face of our country!"

"Those losers deserve to die!"

After the scolding, fury erupted, and an incessant amount of people wished to fight.

"Java has lost our dignity; we need to get it back on the battlefield!"

"Chase him away, protect the honor of the ASEAN!"

Of course, the ones who truly clamored like that were the adventure gamemode players. The Lord players in Java first confirmed the battle report and fell into silence. One did not need a brain to know that Xingzhou Prefecture must have opened a teleportation formation to Shanhai City. If not, the enemy warships could not be so strong.

With that, what they faced was not the remnants of an army but the entire China region, just thinking about this point would make one astonished. The troops in the territory were not free and every loss was a ma.s.sive blow.

No matter how the adventure gamemode players clamored, the Lord gamemode players remained exceedingly careful.

Along with the ceasefires from both Johor and Java, the first sweeping operation of ASEAN toward Shanhai City had ended in failure. The only thing that lingered was the huge battle in the oceans.

Ouyang Shuo believed that General Shi Lang would not let him down.

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