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Chapter 629-Follow Even to Death

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Another red sun, the boisterous battlefield regained its silence.

Courage, tragedy, and hot-bloodedness, these factors could not truly decide the result of a battle. Strength, technology, and equipment determined the outcome.

In any field, the player army was losing out.

The east troop's arc formation was a gargantuan trap. It was like the player army was diving into a pocket, as they got struck by firepower from all sides.

Under such a perfect formation, thermal weapons like the cannons and hanguns were at their most powerful. Meanwhile, the players were using cold weapons, so how could they not lose?

In less than two hours, the victor was decided.

The results of the east troops had exceeded everyone's expectations. Through this battle, the player army of Singapore was utterly annihilated. In the end, less than ten thousand men were able to escape through the teleportation formation and return to Lion City.

As for the hostages strapped to the wooden poles, they naturally were not so fortunate. During this battle, the players were simply too rash. They wanted to save their comrades, but they failed and sacrificed themselves in the process.

No wonder Chen Guang would feel so heart pained.

After the battle, the bustling Fengshan County had totally become an empty town. When Zheng He saw that, he ordered his troops to Attack it. Without expending much energy, they took down Fengshan County.

In just a day, Fengshan County fell.

Its fall meant that the country wall had entered a full scale war.

The east troops as they were hiding behind the defences, only lost some gunpowder and ammo, the amount of casualties were less than a thousand, what a miracle.

With that, it was also a good news for attacking Lion City.

Lion City, imperial palace.

The moment Fengshan County fell, the Guards housed in the palace finally appeared. They moved into the city gates and walls to take over Defence.

Their armor, shields and weapons were all top grade products.

At the same time, the Snow White tiger in the palace had totally awaken.

The entire Lion City was wide awake.

The bad loss in the 3rd battle had caused an uproar in Singapore.

Fear, unease all festered in their hearts as everyone was asking,"What about us? What will happen to Singapore?"

No one could give an answer to this.

The appearance of the guards gave Singapore players a little hope. 3 defeats in 3 battles was a huge sense of failure and the strength of the enemy was solidified in their hearts.

Could just 40 thousand guards defend Lion City? The players were doubtful!

The negative emotions couldn't help but spread in the city.

At this moment, Chen Guang who had escaped back to Lion City once again stepped out and took responsibility. He said resolutely,"Singapore brothers and sisters, we still have hope."

"Guild leader, what should we do?"

A few players couldn't help but crowd around him, their faces filled with fear and their hoped to get answers.

Chen Guang found a high platform and continued his speech,"Fengshan County's failure wasn't because we weren't strong enough or because we won't courageous enough. We have lost because the enemy is too cunning, they used despicable methods to bait us out."

As they listened to this, the players couldn't help but feel ashamed. At this point, they realised Chen Guang's efforts as well as the detriments of their rash behaviour.

Even so, Chen Guang didn't blame them and instead blamed it on the despicable enemy. Such a merciful leader was really worth them following.

"As Long as we are united and just defend the city, Lion City will never fall." Chen Guang was motivating the crowd,"Brothers and sisters, please follow me and allow me to lead you to victory."

"Guild leader, please give the order, we will follow you to death!" Soldiers were so touched they teared up."

"Follow to death!"

Be it teens, middle aged men, even old men, women and kids all shouted in unison, pledging their loyalty to the leader. Their eyes were filled with determination and one could see the light of victory.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere of Lion City started to heat up.

Their morale bloomed.

One had to say that Chen Guang was truly a born leader. In the last life, Simeone commented that he was a calm head with exceptional speech abilities and with his crafty ideas, making himself shine.

Singapore in the last life used their geographical position to rise up in the game. In the global environment, Chen Guang could be considered to be one of the famous figures.

Unfortunately the times were different and he had to meet Ouyang Shuo so early on, it was destined to be a tragedy.

After calming down the normal players, Chen Guang gathered the core members to discuss.

At the moment, his expression suddenly became really solemn,"We can't place the fate of our country all on the hands of the Guards." It showed that he wasn't as confident as he showed just now.

"What should we do?"

"Ask for help from the ASEAN." Chen Guang said.

Total silence.

"It's not the time to bother about face. If we lose the country war, we lose everything." Chen Guang was the same as Ouyang Shuo, a utilitarian, to protect Singapore he would do anything.

"It seems like the only thing we can do!"

Everyone sighed, filled with a tragic emotion, in the end they had walked on this path of no return.

Singapore was an island surrounded by water. The one closest to them was Johor in the north. Between the 2 was the narrow Johor Straits.

To be able to a.s.sist them, only Johor could do so.

Even Johor when they receive the request for help, they needed to verify it. After all, a cross country war was still a very unfamiliar phrase.

After verifying, they must discuss how many soldiers and how to sent the soldiers. Along with time spent on the road, it will take at least 2 days for them to arrive in Lion City.

Chen Guang concluded,"Hence we need to defend for 2 days."

"Defend Lion City to the death!"

Everyone swore in unison, Lion City had no other route.

Johor Straits, dragon head.

The moment Fengshan County fell, Ouyang Shuo received the system notification. He smirked. As expected, Zheng He didn't let him down and did far better than he had expected.

In just one battle, Ouyang Shuo had obtained close to 100 thousand merit points. How crazy was that? It was through the merit points that Ouyang Shuo was able to deduce what happened there.

The combat players of Singapore had pretty much all fallen.

To prevent war slayers from being born from country wars, Gaia made the rule that only combat occupation players have merit points.

The work occupation players wouldn't be tabulated into the merit points.

This rule was similarly targeting the old and weak.

Hence, lords couldn't earn large amounts of merit points through slaughtering normal civilians.

Even combat occupation players, only the 1st kill was tabulated. The newbies after reviving, even if they were killed again wouldn't be calculated again.

Such a setting was to prevent players from blocking up the reincarnation hall and slaughtering them over and over. Gaia promoted war but not meaningless killing, as that was totally immoral.

In the reading room, Ouyang Shuo was pumped up and started to give out military orders.

As the east troops had obtained a huge victory, the entire plan needed to change.

Based on the plan, Ouyang Shuo originally needed to sweep the nearby islands. Under such circ.u.mstances, sweeping the surrounding islands would have no meaning.

If his estimations were correct, the players on the nearby islands had gathered in Lion City.

Hence the next morning, Ouyang Shuo would personally lead his troops to Lion City. Of course, the middle troops would still be led by Yanhuo Yaonie and Ouyang Shuo wasn't prepared to b.u.t.t in.

Next morning, the mid troops would a.s.sault Lion City, first to clear out the surrounding Lion City Region. The east troops will rest for a night before rushing to Xinzhou bay to meet up with the mid troops.

The final battle would happen tomorrow!

4th month 22nd day, the 2nd day of the country war.

The sky just turned bright, Yanhuo Yaonie's middle troops had already reached Xinzhou Bay.

The flames of war were ignited once more!

As compared to the east troops, the mid troops Mission was much more arduous. This was because they needed to Attack Lion City and had only 2 days to do so. To rely on just 20 thousand navy soldiers to take down an imperial city? Just thinking about it would be hard for one to believe.

Who knows what miracle move did Yanhuo Yaonie prepare?

As compared to Fengshan County, apart from Lion City being more majestic, the city walls were much bigger. It also had one specialty which was the water paths in the city were linked to Xinzhou Bay.

The imperial city had a total of 3 river pa.s.sages which was linked to Xinzhou Bay. As the game had expanded 10 times, each path was over 50 meters Long. The widest one always even 200 meters wide.

In the last life, who knows how many merchant ships directly entered Lion City through the river pa.s.sage to help increase the prosperity of Lion City.

These river pa.s.sages were the chances that Yanhuo Yaonie had grasped.

Similar to the Fengshan County battle, the key to winning was how to use their firearms to their most efficient. Especially the use of cannons. If they were just used to blow open the city gates, it would be a waste of a treasure.

Zheng He chose to build a Cannon formation outside of the city. The mid troops let by Yanhuo Yaonie was unable to replicate it.

No matter how rash they were, the a Singaporean players wouldn't fall at the same spot 4 times. Furthermore this time the main defending force was the imperial palace Guards. Their duty was to protect the safety of the imperial city and wouldn't go out to fight.

The moment the middle troops reached Xinzhou Bay, it caused stunned Chen Guang and the others.

anyone would know that no matter how strong the squadron at Fengshan County was, they couldn't reach here in just 1 night. The only explanation was that these were the hidden troops of the enemy.

Thinking about this, Chen Guang's heart became heavy.

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