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Chapter 425: Result (2)

Angele opened his mouth and was about to say something, but raised his right arm unconsciously.

A ray of blue light was released from his finger, disappearing into the air.


Angele adjusted his mentality frequency and tried to communicate with Henn, but there was no response.

Henn left Angele's body and started chasing Shadow Lich.

Angele stood on the platform quietly for a while and a smile appeared on his face.

He jumped off the pyramid.


The pyramid was about five meters tall, mud and mosses splashed in the air as he landed on the ground.

He wiped the dust off his outfit and threw the broken robe away. He slowly walked to the rock that separated the pyramid from the entrance.

The rock was covered with mud, it was more than 300 meters long and 10 meters wide. It almost looked like a small hill.

Angele stood on the hill and looked at the mud-covered rock.

'The treasure of Destruction Eye might be valuable to them, but what hides under here will aid me greatly. The waves released by the bloodline has already told me that… this is the best bloodline I can use…' Blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes.

Raising his right hand, he slammed down.


A translucent energy wave exploded over the hill and created a hole that was about ten meters deep. At the bottom of the hole, there was a bone with a metallic texture.

Under the elephant tooth-shaped hill, it was a bone from an unknown creature.

Angele was the only one who could see what was under the hole. There was a lively black-red color on the surface of the enormous bone and he could see some tiny red blood veins on the bone; however, the bone had been exposed to the air for so long that some of the veins had already dried out.

Angele jumped into the hole and landed on the bone without any problem.

He crouched and rubbed the b.u.mpy surface of the bone slowly

and a confused look appeared on his face.

'It's a creature that's not recorded in the sacred book.' Angele learned a lot about the ancient creatures after acquiring Erin's Funeral Oration. The database in the biochip had been greatly improved. However, a random bone in the main world could not be matched with any creature in the database. It was quite surprising.

Angele was not concerned, he slowly drew a sharp dagger from his belt. The dagger was covered with tiny thorns. It was a tool he crafted to help him extract blood faster when necessary. 

He carefully drew a strange rune over the dagger and chanted the incantation he learned from the oration. It was a skill that would help him absorb the blood of the creatures he found.

The skill would help the original inheritor of the oration to improve his bloodline with the bloodline essence of other creatures. The better a bloodline he could find, the purer his bloodline would become.

Angele had the biochip and it would help him improve his bloodline; however, the original inheritor of the oration had to rely on the skill to make his bloodline purer.

The impurities in the bloodline would weaken all the bloodline power he had; also, it was possible that the impurities would make him sick. There was a special disease that was caused by the impurities in the bloodline.

Most of the ancient races in the Nightmare Realm had secret techniques like the funeral oration. Angele decided to just take what he could use from the oration and the bloodline extraction technique was one such thing.

Angele held the dagger in hand and rotated it several times. It seemed like he hesitated.

'The oration states that this technique was refined multiple times, however...' He looked at the sharp tip of the dagger.

'Only half of the mentality that I usually need will be consumed with this technique; also, my body will absorb the bloodline better…'

Angele hesitated for a while and finally

finally raised the dagger into the air. He spun the dagger several times and suddenly the blade blurred in the air.


Angele stabbed himself in the center of his brow. Half of the blade sank into the wound and it almost looked like the dagger pierced through his brain.

However, there was no blood spurting out of the wound made by the dagger.

The wound between his brow had already turned into some flowing liquid that looked like lava—the dagger was in its center.


Angele pulled the dagger out of the lava and a ray of red light was released from the wound.

Raising his head, Angele's eyes were surrounded by a red glow, and the red ray disappeared into the air after flying for several seconds.

Several minutes later, Angele crouched again with the dagger in his hand. He quickly stabbed the dagger into the bone.

The dagger turned into a pile of red liquid as it contacted the bone. The red liquid was absorbed by the bone within seconds.

The red light disappeared from Angele's head, the wound healed and it almost looked like nothing happened.

Angele then took out various materials from his pouch and lined them up on the ground. Most of the materials were bones from different creatures and the rest were roots of plants.

The materials melted and turned into piles of liquid that varied in color as they contacted the bone. The liquid was also absorbed by the bone.

Time pa.s.sed, several minutes later, red light dots suddenly started spurting out of the bone.

The red light dots floated around Angele's body; they looked like fireflies rotating in the air. The light dots slowly gathered and turned into a red vortex.

More and more red light dots spurted out of the bone and surrounded Angele's body.

Angele raised his head and a large translucent shadow slowly appeared behind him.

It was a giant with two pairs of eyes and a long horn on top of his head. The giant was more than four

than four meters long and his hair was dark red. The muscular body of the giant looked hard like rock.

The red light dots slowly moved to the shadow and they were slowly absorbed by the giant.

The situation lasted for more than ten minutes and the red light dots disappeared after that.

The shadow behind Angele disappeared as well. He lowered his head; he could feel a strong power that his body could barely handle.

'The refined true form… I'm almost there… This bloodline is so strong…' He looked at the bone. 'The remaining blood essence from this bone helped me complete the preparation of the true form refinement. I want to know how strong my true form has become after absorbing the essences.' It would take Angele a long time to acquire the bloodline power that was required for the true form refinement. It might take him more than 1000 years to finish the preparations and the bloodline he just absorbed shortened the period by couple hundred of years.

Angele had no idea what the creature was, but he was certain that the bone was just a small part of its body. Also, the bone was technically "alive" after all those years. He noticed that there was a weak mentality wave from the bloodline essence he absorbed.

The mentality wave was mixed in the red light dots. The wave did not deliver any information but Angele could feel the depression of the wave and he had memorized the wave pattern.

Angele jumped out of the deep hole and leaped forward. He slowly landed by the entrance. 


Angele heard something exploding from behind as he landed.

He turned his head around and saw the "hill" collapsing. The elephant-shaped hill turned into a pile of broken stones.

Dust was blown into the air and the whole cave was blurred by it.

*Cough Cough*

Angele could hear Mura and Aria coughing. White light flashed on the left side of the cave, it was the light made by an air by an air purifying spell.

He waited quietly by the entrance of the cave and heard some strange noise coming from the other side of the cave.

A ray of blue light broke through the dust and landed in front of Angele, turning into a woman in a black dress. The woman rotated in the air, she looked elegant and mysterious with the flying skirt of her dress.

"Green…" The woman looked at Angele quietly and it seemed like she had no idea what she should say.

"You're leaving, right?" Angele smiled.

Henn nodded. "You and me both know how this will end, but I don't think I owe you anything after all those years."

"I understand. You're different. Unlike your opponent, you don't want to stay as a soul forever, so you don't really need me, and I'm not talented like Stigma," Angele spoke in a light tone.

"You don't want me to control your destiny, right? That old b.a.s.t.a.r.d probably knew this when she saw you the first time and that was the reason why she selected Stigma… I lost the battle after all..." Henn sighed, she sounded a bit depressed.

"See you then." Angele chuckled, turned around, and started heading to the exit. "We're clear."

Henn watched Angele disappear into the exit and sighed again. She turned into a ray of blue light and disappeared into the air.

They were just using each other from the beginning, but Angele learned a lot from Henn, and Henn probably treated him as a student. However, neither had revealed their real thoughts.

No matter what happened in the future, the complicated relationship between Angele and Henn would slowly be resolved by time. However, Angele would help Henn one more time if she needed, and Henn would do that for Angele too.

Henn never apologized for what she did to him and Angele betrayed Henn so many times, but they were just acting like wizards. Wizards were selfish and they would do anything to pursue their goals.

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