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Chapter 312: Birth Flower (1)
‘Angele must have his reasons.’ There was a gentle smile on Vivian’s face. She would have doubted the words if they did not come from her only son’s mouth.

‘I should probably ask why he sent me this message, but I’m certain that he is just worried about me…’

"Umm…Master Vivian. I’m sorry but can I have a word with you?" A deep female voice came from behind.

Vivian leaned to the side and looked down; she was still sitting on the giant’s shoulder.

"What’s the matter? We’re on our way to our destination. We can talk after we finish them off." Frowning, she communicated with her through energy particles.

"I’m afraid we can’t, master." A female wizard in a long white robe shook her head.

"The urgent message says that your son took a birth flower away from the people of Glay. Right now, he is being pursued by them…" The wizard looked speechless.

The smile disappeared from Vivian’s face.

"Angele…This kid…" Vivian gritted her teeth, but she was not sure what she should say.

"Retreat, everyone! We can finish them off later!" She raised her right hand and shouted.

"Come with me, my elite team! We need to go to the Glay’s territory."


In the forest between the Ba.s.s River and the snowy volcano.

The white sunlight pierced through the gaps between the leaves and illuminated on the people fighting between the trees.

There were five people in brown leather armor suits surrounding a young man in a long black robe.

"How dare you destroy our birth flowers! We are the Glays. I think you know how valuable those flowers are to our race," a man at the front spoke in a deep voice.

There was a white lightning-shaped scar on his skin which looked strange and terrifying.

Angele was speechless. He was not sure how to respond to that man.

He was just collecting unknown plants using the chip while leaving the forest.

He found a wheel-sized black flower and according to the result of the chip's a.n.a.lysis, the pistil of the flower would increase the success rate of concocting a Poison Cloud Potion. Angele decided to collect the pistil right away.

However, the black flower died right after the pistil was removed. This scene was witnessed by several Glay guards that were just patrolling their territory as usual.

That was the reason why Angele was being chased down.

Angele wanted to fight back, but the chip warned him about the presence of more than one formal wizard in the Glay’s patrol team and he decided to retreat. The targets were not in the effective range of Zero and their ranks could not be determined.

The Glays were living beings that looked like human beings and lived around the Ba.s.s River. He acquired the information through a conversation with Liv, but she never described the appearance of the birth flower to him. Angele was not sure if he could solve the problem by himself, so he decided to contact Vivian immediately.

He knew the birth flower's basic information and its importance to the Glay race. It was what helped them to reproduce.

Glays did not reproduce s.e.xually. Instead, their offspring were born from these birth flowers.

There were two types of birth flowers: the ones used by females had the shape of a p.e.n.i.s and the ones used by males looked like v.a.g.i.n.as. Angele had unwittingly destroyed the one that should be used by males.

For the Glays, losing one flower was akin to losing one newborn offspring.

Glays were collectively known to be great fighters. In terms of populace, there were more females than males. All of them needed to have an intercourse with the flowers, but they did no

t need to worry too much about their babies. Majority of Glays were talented and could easily be trained to wizard apprentices. Even becoming formal wizards was an easy feat for them.

Within the territory of the Glay race, birth flowers were being treated like holy grails. It was likely that there was a Glay offspring being nurtured in the flower that had been killed off by Angele. That was the main reason why the guards pursuing Angele were completely furious.

This was common knowledge for the inhabitants around their territory. Angele was too focused on the effect of the flower's pistil that he forgot to check if the black flower was a birth flower.

The problem lay in the fact that his behavior had been witnessed by the patrol team. Otherwise, there would not be so much commotion.

Angele's speed was much faster than most members of the patrol team, yet five of the stronger Glays still caught up with him and surrounded him.

"I can return the pistil to you. I apologize as I did not know that this was a birth flower. Can't we end this matter peacefully?" Angele questioned.

"Think about it. What will you do if I just killed your son?" the leader answered in a deep hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Do we have to fight? I can offer some rare materials to you." Angele was trying his best to prevent a battle from happening.

"Kneel before me and then we can talk." The man sneered.

"Well, I was trying to solve the problem peacefully yet you’re not listening." Angele raised his right hand creating a two-meter-long sword in his hand.

The tip of the sword slowly turned red and the temperature around his body increased rapidly.

"There are five of us!" The five men drew their daggers at the same time and red lines glimmered on the blades.


In an area that was fifty kilometers away from Angele’s location.

Vivian and about ten elites that were equipped with black armor suits were advancing to the Glays' territory at full speed.

"I have already sent a message to the chief of the Glays, master Mira, but I'm not sure if she will read it in time." A female wizard behind Vivian communicated through energy particles.

Vivian grimaced. "Mira is my friend but destroying a birth flower is most likely an unforgivable act. The Glay race is already having trouble with the decaying population. The Glays will not listen to her orders even if she tries to save Angele."

"Master Mira is a close friend of yours, yet she will not help?" a woman in a black armor suit asked.

"I'm not sure what's going to happen then. There are only about four hundred of birth flowers in the Glays' territory, which they have spent years cultivating in order for those mysterious flowers to grow. Losing one flower is the same as losing one baby. Mira needs to listen to her people's opinion. No one survives after destroying a birth flower." There was a serious expression on Vivian's face. "I must meet her personally and apologize to her," she added.

"Glays usually do a good job guarding their birth flowers. Something is fishy here...How did Angele destroy one so easily?" The woman looked confused.

"I don't know…Perhaps the patrol team had just finished their shift." Vivian shook her head. "This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d…I just found him not so long ago and he has already brought me a great deal of trouble…"

Angele was giving Vivian a headache, yet she did not sound mad.



Angele blocked the strike from a dagger with his longsword.

He slightly leaned to the left and blocked another dagger with the handle.

Five blurry shadows surrounded him moving around at full speed. They were trying to attack Angele from all angles.

Angele’s Agility and Strength were high enough to dodge or block all the attacks.

Although his agility was over 11, the Glay people were still moving faster than him. It seemed that speed was their talent. Angele could see the long blurry shadow behind their bodies. The five Glays’ strength level was low, so they were having a hard time breaking Angele’s defense.

Angele learned more about the situation after reading the message sent by Vivian. He knew that destroying the flower was his fault and he did not want the situation to get worse.

Vivian told him that there was still a chance that the incident could be solved peacefully.

If the Glays requested backup and their team captains came, Angele would have a hard time surviving the fight without activating the signet in the center of his chest.

However, he decided to trust Vivian’s words.

Angele kept retreating as he blocked the attacks from the Glays. He was slowly moving toward Vivian’s location. The fight had already lasted for hours. He could not find a better way to leave the area. Good thing was that Vivian was advancing to his current location at full speed and he only needed to stay calm.

"Stop him! He’s trying to flee!" one of the Glays shouted. Angele was trying to find a gap from their formation.

He knitted his eyebrows after hearing one of them say that.

After scanning his opponents with Zero, Angele knew that he could kill them easily as they were just weak formal wizards. Their only advantage was the speed.

Their attributes were lower than that of a rank 1 wizard's at the Gas stage. Angele would have killed them if Vivian did not send him the message.

‘I should try to escape and regroup with Vivian.’ Angele narrowed his eyes and looked carefully at the five Glays' formation.

Blue lights flashed in front of his eyes.

*Clank Clank*

Their weapons clashed again.

The burning tip of the sword blocked two oncoming daggers and caught his opponents off guard.

Angele rushed out of the encirclement formed by the five like an arrow and disappeared into the bushes.

"Don’t let him escape!" a man shouted.

The five jumped into the bush and ran toward the direction Angele was last seen.

The area became silent again.

Several minutes later, a tall man jumped out of the bushes from the other side.

It was a muscular bald man with dark skin.

Moreover, his head was covered with black needles wherein only the top half of the needles could be seen. The man almost looked like a criminal that just escaped the prison.

Several more people jumped out of the shrubs. All of them were people of Glay.

"Caren is still chasing after that man." The bald man pointed in the direction where Angele had left. "Mitto, take several guards with you and utilize the shortcuts. This is our forest. It is impossible for that man to outrun us."

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