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Chapter 311: Action (2)
At some plains somewhere far away.

c.u.mulonimbus clouds were slowly moving across the sky.

White-robed and blue-robed people were fighting against each other on the endless plains.

On a high cliff behind the white robes.

Vivian stood by the edge of the cliff watching the wizards' battles beneath. There were three people quietly waiting behind her; two of them were male while the other was female. The robes they were wearing were decorated with golden hems.

The noises coming from the roaring wizards, spell explosions, and lightning pulses within the battlefield ama.s.sed altogether that it nearly caused the earth to shake.

Vivian frowned. Her eyes fell on six fully geared wizards that were being protected by a group of blue robes on the other side.

"All the lords are here. We can set an ambush plan into motion and directly attack their cities. I want to see their depressed faces. It will be interesting," Vivian spoke in a calm tone.

"Master Vivian, I think the only problem is the first lord; the rest of them are weak. I think this battle is in the bag." One of the male wizards behind her smiled.

"It is too early to celebrate." Vivian shook her head. "Since all the lords are here, this means that that item has been brought here as well. We will lose the battle if that item gets activated."

The three wizards behind her looked at each other. They had already realized what item Vivian was referring to.

Glaring at the lords in blue armor suits, Vivian looked a bit excited.

"I will need to activate the gravitational magic circle. I want to know what the so-called 'Lords' Treasure' can do. The 'Illusion Aura'…I can s.n.a.t.c.h it for Angele if everything goes as planned."


Angele silently stood within the forest leaning against a large tree. A small object that looked similar to a pocket watch was in his hand.

It was black and was made from metal, and there was a red b.u.t.ton in the middle of its front side.

This small but heavy device was a tool to be used to activate all the magic circles.

"Keep track of the energy waves from the gravitational magic circle. Press the b.u.t.ton once the waves become strong enough," Henn advised.

"Strong enough? How am I supposed to know that?" Angele asked.

"Well, the gravitational magic circle is supported by six main rune circles. That is how the energy is transferred to Vivian's location. Press the b.u.t.ton after the last rune circle gets activated." Henn sneered.

"That sounds a bit too easy. Are you sure Vivian won't find out that the trap was set up by me?"

"Don’t worry, everything is going as planned." Henn sounded confident.

"Good, then."

The two then stopped talking, just staying in the forest as they waited for the rune circles to be activated.


"It's our turn…" Vivian stood atop the cliff raising her hands. Glows of bright red surrounded her eyes which made it look like two shining rubies.


The three wizards behind her jumped off the cliff and entered the battlefield. They released three translucent energy waves which were quickly expanding.

All blue robes that were touched upon by the waves exploded into blood mist.

Vivian was still observing the situation on the battlefield. The six lords varied in age and gender. She saw an old man that had long, white hair, a young man with a muscular body, a short man with a slim body, and an attractive young woman.

Behind the blue robe army, the six lords formed a circle. The weapons in their hands varied; some were wielding longswords while some were wielding short wan


The six lords raised their weapons in response to Vivian's eyes that had begun to shimmer, their weapons covered in a white glow. A translucent vortex appeared in the center of the circle they had formed.

A blue eye slowly opened in the middle of the vortex.


A ray of freezing laser beam was shot from the eye going straight toward Vivian.

Vivian's dark blonde hair was fluttering in the air, and she slightly swung her right hand immediately.


The hills were struck by the pure energy waves formed by plenty of energy particles.

The rocks from the cliffs were broken into large pieces and they started falling down.

The noise produced by the rolling boulders was louder than anything else.

Yet these boulders were suddenly halted by Vivian and they began to gather around her body. They looked like violent gems connected by a long invisible chain.

The boulders were dragged into the s.p.a.ce in front of Vivian as they quickly formed into an enormous black ball.


The blue laser beam fiercely struck the ball.

The laser beam was having difficulty penetrating it.

The blue eye that was clashing against it nearly looked as if the blue laser beam it released formed a long bridge across the entire battlefield.

Both Vivian and the six lords were supplying their spells with every ounce of energy they had.

The stone ball was constantly attracting the broken pieces of rocks from the cliffs, and the blue laser beam coming from the eye never ceased.

Vivian slowly lowered her left hand as she fiercely looked at the encirclement of the six armored wizards.

Suddenly, she once again raised her left hand pointing at the lords' formation.


A distorted energy arrow exploded in front of the six lords.

A 5-meter-deep hole was formed due to the explosion. The fragments of mud and stones struck the lords' armor suits yet none had gotten injured.

"Huh? Something changed the trajectory of my arrow?" Vivian was surprised and at the same time curious.

She then utilized energy particles to increase the volume of her voice.

"So that's the effect of the Illusion Aura, huh? Sadly, you have miscalculated my power." Vivian's voice echoed in the sky.

The expressions of the six lords changed all at the same time after listening to what she had just said.

"She still has enough mentality for another spell! Morris! Inform the support team behind us!" the old man with a long white hair shouted.

Vivian was not perturbed by the current situation. She fired multiple energy arrows toward the blue robe army.


Several holes were formed from the consecutive explosions.

Mud and stone fragments were flying around everywhere. Many blue robes were crushed into pieces and there were even human hands and feet falling down from the sky.

The blood of the corpses dyed the land red.

Vivian curled her lips into a smile, and the red glow around her eyes was getting brighter. Every time she pointed at the blue robes, a large hole would appear on the ground. The blue robes were completely terrified by her power as they continuously shouted in fear. It sounded as though a horrifying melody was echoing throughout the area.

"That’s enough!"

As a furious, deep male voice resonated throughout, a gigantic blue hand conjured out of thin air and moved toward Vivian.

The hand was more than ten meters long and looked like the hand of an ancient giant. Seemingly heavy, it nearly covered the sky.

"Finally, I have been waiting for this moment!" Vivian quickly drew a red cross in front of her chest.

The red light from the cross remained in the air.

"Heart of Torrea, the land's core, lend me thy power..." She quickly invoked the incantation that would activate the gravitational magic circle.

The land started shaking with Vivian's spell as its source.

The cliff underneath her feet began transforming and out of the mud and rocks, a 30-meter-tall stone giant took form.

Vivian jumped onto the left shoulder of the stone giant after it finished its transformation.

The giant raised its right hand as it attempted to block the approaching blue hand.


All the white robes and blue robes retreated upon witnessing the two incredibly strong spells. At this moment, there was nothing else they could do.

Vivian sat on the stone giant's shoulder smilingly.

"The cross-realm strike from a storm giant lord, huh? Well…" She clapped her hands several times quickly.

Red smoke began to seep out of the surface of the stone giant. Gleaming molten lava was leaking out of the countless gaps between the rocks on its body.

"If you can block my strongest strike, I will let you return to your own region." Once again, her voice echoed throughout ensuring everyone on the battlefield could hear it.

"Arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" An immediate response came from the one who screamed before.

Vivian raised her hands once more. b.a.l.l.s of red light appeared in the center of both of her palms, becoming increasingly brighter every second.


"This is it! This is our chance!" Henn suddenly yelled.

Angele looked at the peak of the snowy volcano and noticed the energy wave coming from the sixth rune circle.


He pressed the red b.u.t.ton without hesitation.

Nothing happened.

"d.a.m.n it!" Henn shouted anxiously.

The sixth rune circle had not been fully activated and not all the energy waves had been sent to the main magic circle.

For some reason, Vivian stopped at the critical moment. The activation of the sixth rune circle was delayed by about ten seconds.

"Well, I have done what I could. I pressed the b.u.t.ton when you told me to. Alright, that's it. I have completed the mission." Angele remained calm.

"d.a.m.n it! I failed! The mission failed! You must…" Henn was now roaring.

"What does that have to do with me? I must do what again? I will say it once more, I am NOT your puppet!" Angele had already lost his patience. "I have already wasted too much time on such a dumb thing!"

He activated the crystal scorpion. Turning around, he disappeared into the forest heading to the Ba.s.s River area.


Vivian slowly lowered her hands, and the red glow around her eyes faded away.

She sat atop the stone giant's shoulder quietly as it was advancing at full speed.


Its footsteps sounded like rumbling thunder. The white robe army followed after the giant. They were advancing toward the city ahead.

She waited about ten seconds before fully activating the gravitational magic circle.

Although the delay nearly changed the outcome of the battle against the storm giant spirit, she did not regret doing so.

Raising her right hand, Vivian stared at its back; a black snake-shaped rune was flickering on the tip of her index finger.

Several days ago, Angele sent her two urgent messages asking her to wait ten seconds before casting her strongest spell.

Vivian was baffled as Angele did not clarify the reason. Nevertheless, she still decided to listen to her son. She trusted Angele so much that she did what he said without any hesitation whatsoever.

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