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Chapter 305: Message (2)
Angele stayed calm during the practice match, not nervous in any way as the enormous hand approached him.

He himself knew he could dodge the strike if his speed was increased to the extreme. Even though the hand could deal around 90 degrees of damage, it was not fast.

The cooldown of the speed buff from the musical note was around five seconds. With Angele’s high attributes, he could deal serious damage in close combat and even had the confidence to survive an ambush of a rank 2 wizard.

When combining the speed buff with the illusion ability, Angele had the potential to become a top-cla.s.s a.s.sa.s.sin.

Liv was a Gas stage rank 2 wizard who had many practical experiences from the battles she had fought for Vivian.

‘I’ll be able to even more damage if I have a stronger weapon. The best option is to find a concept gear, but I’ve only seen it once in my life…’ Angele turned around and jumped off the platform as he thought. He walked back to the hallway and headed back to the living room.

Liv stood up slowly and watched Angele leave with her eyes narrowed. No one knew what she was planning.


Three days later, in the morning.

Inside one of the bedrooms in the mansion.

Yellow carpet, yellow walls, yellow sofa, chair, table, curtains, and a large bed.

The bright sunlight went through the gaps of the curtains and illuminated on the floor.

Angele sat on the bed with his legs crossed. His face was covered completely by a plain black mask formed by black smoke.

*Thud thud*

He heard someone knocking on the window.

The mask slowly disappeared from Angele’s face. He took a deep breath and looked at the window.

A small bird with golden feathers was flapping its wings while hitting the gla.s.s with its beak.

The golden bird was surrounded by a golden glow, but its eyes were red and looked like two rubies.

Angele’s brow knitted. He got off the bed and walked to the window. He was wearing a long white robe.


The window was pushed open.

The golden bird flew into the bedroom and landed on the windowsill.

Angele searched under the bird’s wings and found two small brown scrolls that were tied up by two red strings.

He untied the red string of the first scroll.

‘Wizard Green:

We are glad to inform you that you have been registered as a formal member of the headquarters. Your personal information and skill level will be evaluated from time to time. As part of the benefits program, you will be able to choose one advanced meditation technique. You can also apply for the rare resources once every year. Requesting battle support from the organization is restricted to only once every ten years. You can accept potion making missions and a.s.sa.s.sination missions. The more missions you complete, the higher rank you will be in the organization. The ranking system will affect the number of benefits you get from the program. You are not allowed to kill fellow members of this organization under normal circ.u.mstances. If you do so, you will be hunted down.’

The last line was an address.

‘Head to Sherry Forest for the advanced meditation technique. Go find the no.1086 tree root.’

Angele put the scroll into his pouch carefully and opened the other one.

‘Missions available to you. Expiring in a month.’

The first line was just an introduction.

Angele kept reading.

‘Your mission point: 3.’

‘Mission no.158: Kill the escorts of the Baby Gra.s.s. 10 points.’

‘Mission no.159: Investigate the Zombie Cloud Swamp. 15 points.’

‘Mission no.244: Kill the betrayer of the organization, Remi Style, a rank 3 wizard

. 42 points.’

Angele’s expression changed. It was impossible for him to kill a rank 3 wizard alone.

‘Mission no.771: Use the hints in the book called If you forget me and find the ancient altar of the hydra. 50 points.’

‘Mission no. 795: Kill one of the five wizards on the list made by Pander. 20 points for each confirmed kill.’

‘Mission no.802: Concoct one serving of the Poison Cloud potion. 10 points.’

Only one of the six missions listed on the scroll was a potion crafting mission.

The Poison Cloud Potion was famous in the Potion Study. Angele heard about the potion before and he knew how hard it was to concoct just one serving of it. The success rate was lower than 1% for the majority of potion masters.

However, the power of this potion was incredible. It could turn a large area into a poisonous land that could kill all the creatures within the effective range. The poison cloud would last for about three days.

The effective area was decided by the amount of the potion used.

According to the information recorded in the books, it was nearly impossible for rank 1 and 2 wizard to concoct a Poison Cloud potion. Only a rank 3 wizard had the required amount of mentality and energy that would be consumed during the process.

The difficulty level of the potion concocting process was determined based on the requirement of mentality and energy. Some of the rare potions did not require a lot of techniques but they could only be concocted by potion masters that were at the higher ranks.

In another word, strong potion masters were usually high-rank wizards. There were so few of them that all the large organizations would try their best to recruit them.

Angele narrowed his eyes. He thought that the potion concocting mission might be a challenge from the Dark Wizard Tower. If he could successfully complete the mission, he might be promoted in the organization.

It was the only mission related to the potion concoction, and he was recruited to the organization as a talented potion master.

However, he was a Crystal stage rank 1 wizard and he had not met the basic mentality requirement for the potion yet.

The trials of the Dark Wizard Tower were all difficult which made Angele feel a bit uncomfortable. He did not understand why it was so hard to get promoted.

But at the same time, he wanted to know what the benefits were for the high-ranking members.

He hesitated for a while then he tapped on the last mission with his right index finger.


Several green light dots flashed on the tip of his finger.

A green seed appeared on the scroll from nowhere sprouting like crazy; its tender shoot was becoming longer.

Several seconds later, the seed turned into a green vine.

The vine slowly climbed up Angele’s body which expanded as it moved around. The vine was getting longer and longer.

Vivid green buds emerged out of the vine’s surface.


Angele remained calm. Blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes. He raised his right hand and found a ring with an amethyst on top from one of the flowers.

The ring was made of silver and there were complicated flower patterns engraved on its surface. The amethyst on top had the shape of an eye. It was beautiful and mysterious.


The vine and the flowers withered after Angele took the ring out. They dropped to the carpet turned into black ashes and vanished into the air, leaving no trace behind.

The golden bird swung its wings and left the windowsill.

Angele held the ring in hand and started thinking.


He spent some time checking the ring, then he retrieved the mission information that was stored inside it.

Angele had reached the Crystal stage not so long ago and just acquired the bloodline of the scorpion woman.

He needed to progress further with the advanced meditation technique in order to advance to the next rank.

He had some trouble with the Mask of the Black Wing which caused his progression to become slow. Angele could barely feel the effect of the meditation and he had to do it when he was well-rested. The procedure was totally different when compared to the regular meditation technique.

He doubted if Henn told him the truth about the advanced technique.

Zero did the a.n.a.lysis and told Angele the requirement for advancing to the next rank.

First, he needed to increase his mentality to 120.

A special technique that could help stabilize the second mentality crystal was also required as the first mentality crystal would interrupt the process.

It was the natural reaction of the mentality crystal, but it must be dealt with.

The critical step was to infuse the mentality with elements. If the process could be completed before the second mentality crystal was created, Angele would have a much higher chance to advance to the next rank. However, the infusion was extremely difficult as he needed to level up the advanced meditation technique first.

The gifted wizards could skip this step, but Angele’s talent level was below average.

The talent of an apprentice could be improved using special techniques, but the wizards never understood why some people were born with high talent level.

After the apprentices became formal wizards, their progression speed still varied. Some wizards thought it was related to the meditation technique, but some thought the strength of the souls was the main reason.

Thousands of experiments were completed on the subject, but no one had reached a valid conclusion yet.

Angele once asked Vivian about the ranking system of the wizards.

He learned that from rank 1 to rank 3, the wizards needed to create three mentality crystals and they usually came with a slot to support more Talent Spells. However, to advance to rank 4, there would be special requirements.

However, Vivian did not tell Angele about the special requirements, she changed the topic when Angele tried to dig deeper.

Creating mentality crystals required a high mentality level and the impurities must be removed.

The unstable energy waves released by the impurities would impact the creation or solidification process of the mentality crystals. The fundamental principle was still the same. The higher a wizard’s rank was, the higher his mentality level would be.

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