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Chapter 306: Changes (1)
Angele's cursed scimitar broke into pieces upon the extraction of the life energy of the scorpion woman which was too much for it to handle, resulting to him being no longer able to increase his mentality by killing mutated creatures or wizards.

Furthermore, the progression speed of the Mask of the Black Wing was slow. If he wanted to increase his mentality to 120 units just by meditating, it would take more than a century to achieve it.

He did not wish to spend too much time on increasing his mentality level.

Thus, Angele decided to look for a different method that could help him progress faster.



Angele placed the knife and fork down beside his plate, then raised his head and looked at Liv.

"It has been months since we moved into this mansion. Is there any message from master Vivian?" he asked.

Under the dim light, the two wizards sat opposite to each other in the dining room.

Liv was wearing a red bathrobe which exposed her neck and face into the air. She was cutting the pan seared steak on the plate carefully.

Her hands stopped for a second after hearing Angele’s question.

"Don’t worry. Vivian is doing well. We just need to take care of ourselves," she responded calmly. "But there are many things she needs to take care of recently, so she is very busy."

"Is that so?"

Angele supported his chin with his right hand, looking at the night view outside the window.

The bright moonlight illuminated on the roof of the small wooden house he built.

"I haven’t contacted my old friends for a while. I think you don’t mind me sending them some messages, right?" Angele said.

"Sure, I’ll go with you if you want to use the signal obelisk." Liv nodded slightly. "Ah, one more thing." She suddenly put down the fork and clapped her hands.

A maid wearing a maiden suit walked into the dining room quietly.

"How can I help you?"

"Take those away." Liv looked at the plates. "And bring the letter to master Green. I’m talking about the one we received several days ago."

Angele was surprised. "Several days ago?"

"You were doing experiments in the laboratory. Nothing was urgent so I didn’t inform you on time," Liv responded in a light tone.

Liv had gone to the slave market and purchased some mortals to work in the mansion a while ago. The purification tower here could protect the mortals from being damaged by the radiation. She purchased about 20 young girls that were trained to do different jobs.

The maid returned with the letter after several minutes and handed them over to Angele politely.

Angele grabbed the letter and opened it right away.

It came from a stranger, a wizard named Dan.

Dan was a council member who worked for Vivian. It said that he would ask someone to deliver some resources to Angele in five days. The address and time were listed by the end of the letter.

Angele put the letter back into the envelope. "When did you receive the letter?"

"About three days ago," the maid answered.

"Thanks, you may leave now." With a flick of his finger, the letter was ignited and burnt into black ashes, dropping to the gla.s.s on the table.

The maid grabbed the gla.s.s and left the room.

Angele stood up. "I’ll return to my room now. There will be a delivery here in two days. Make sure to pick them up."

"Sure." Liv nodded.

Angele turned around and stepped out of the door. He went upstairs and returned to his bedroom.

He walked to the window and took out a black box.

Henn’s voice was transmitted to his ears right a


"I already told you about Vivian’s most important projects in the Elemental Hand, right? The Gravitational Magic Circle and the bloodline merging technique I taught her many years ago, I think she already mastered them," Henn was speaking in a cold tone, "We just need to find the right timing and destroy all her efforts…Ha…The only problem lies in how to make it look like an accident."

Angele grimaced. "What will the reward be? You know the consequences once she finds out the truth. I can’t handle the wrath of a rank 4 wizard."

"I know that of course but the situation is different. The bloodline is important to Vivian. You would not understand the reason. Even if she finds out that you did the whole thing, she won’t kill you. I will guide you through the process. Don’t worry." Henn chuckled. "Just tell her that you need some resources to practice the enchantment technique. We need to use the resources well, so we need to pay the Snow Mountain Rift a visit."

She stopped for a second and continued, "For the reward…if everything goes as planned, I will give you one of my strongest magic devices. The magic device won’t aid you in battles but I will help you increase the mentality in a…special way."

"Well…" Angele had a bad feeling about the plan.

"I’ll keep my promise but you must do it for me, or we can just die together. I don’t even care anymore," Henn spoke in a serious tone.

"Don’t push me too hard, Henn." Angele narrowed his eyes. "This is the last task I’ll do for you. If you ever threaten me again, I’ll just kill myself. I’m not your puppet."

"Ha…Don’t worry…Trust me…" Henn laughed. "We are wizards. You must put effort into it before getting the rare magic device. This device is special as it’s related to the gravitational magic circle."

Angele looked at the ripples in the river quietly and started thinking.

‘Gravitational magic circle…’


Somewhere in the headquarters of Elemental Hand.

Inside a dark and deep cave, there were five 30-meter-tall stone pillars standing on a platform which looked like fingers of an enormous hand.

Gray stone chairs were placed on top of each stone pillars. The engravings on the back of the chairs were slightly different.

The smooth platform underneath the pillars was black.


The noise made by the opening door was loud, rays of white light sneaked into the cave through the gap.

Two tall muscular men slowly stepped into the cave. Both were wearing black armor suits with golden edges as decorations.

They walked to the center of the platform together and waited there patiently.


Strange noises came from the top of the stone pillars.

Several people slowly appeared on the stone chairs.

A b.l.o.o.d.y red fireball dropped on one of the chairs and turned into an attractive woman wearing a long red robe.

Her blonde hair and red dress were flying in the air. She turned around and sat down. It was Vivian, she glanced around and saw that the first and the fifth chairs were still empty.

"Sorry, I’m late," she apologized in a low voice.

"It’s fine," a man in a black robe responded in a deep tone. "How’s your son, Vivian?"

"I did some investigation and the things he told me were all true. Also, the soul pattern in his body matches my bloodline. I’m sure that he’s my real son." Vivian pursed her lips into a smile.

"Congratulations then. I thought you were not interested in the organization anymore and now you’re here again. I know you want to help your son to progress, but you don’t have to work so hard." The man in black robe smiled as well.

"He’s my only inheritor." Vivian nodded slightly.

They chatted for a while and some white mist appeared on the first chair. The mist quickly turned into an old man with long white hair.

"First elder."

Vivian and the other elders greeted the old man right away.

The old man nodded his head but did not say anything.

"Let’s start the meeting then. Battle messenger Sora, you may start reporting the situation now." He looked at one of the men in black armor suits that was standing on the platform.


The man named Sora stepped forward and took off his helmet. It was a tiger man with a white mark on his forehead.

"The situation is worsening. The fifth elder has led the army to the Thousand Waterfall City. Since the advent of war, both our sides have lost a number of wizards. Moreover, the second lord from the Star Fall City is helping the first lord by leading his army to the Thousand Waterfall City. The fifth elder tried to fight the two lords just by himself but he had been severely injured. There were three battle messengers in the team, but two of them has been injured and the last one is still missing. The morale of the army is getting lower and lower. Elders, we must react to the situation, right now!"

The tiger man responded in a loud voice.

"We need someone who can cast strong area damage spells. Third elder and fourth elder, are you willing to join the fight?" The first elder pursed his lips.

"Why don’t you just send me there?" The second elder asked. It was a man with a long, black beard.

"I will go." Vivian stood up and looked at the second elder. "Rocky, you need to take care of the divisions, right? We have so many problems in those areas."

"She’s right, Rocky, you need to keep helping the division. Let them join the fight." The first elder nodded.

"Well, Vivian and her watchers are great for tasks like this," The forth elder agreed, he was the one wearing the black robe. "She can finish the job easily."

Vivian nodded. "Alright then, I’ll take my army there. Is the soul energy pool prepared?" She looked at the tiger man.

Sora slight bowed to Vivian as he replied, "Everything is settled."

"Good, I will leave tonight. I will win this war just for my son. Ha." Vivian had a strange expression on her face. "I haven’t met those lords in years…"

She turned around and disappeared from the chair into flames.

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