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Angele’s expression turned serious. He stared at Isabel in the eyes and saw a hint of purple glint inside.

"You were hurt by the wizards from the Bennis Family?"

Isabel nodded.

"It was my fault. I took their treasure, the Claw of the Billow."

"Did Raymond ask you to do it?" Angele questioned in a deep tone.

"No, I made the decision myself." Isabel shook her head slightly.

Angele looked at Isabel and he felt like the things happened on Angele were much more complicated than he thought.

"Isabel…What have you done? Your grandmother tried everything she could to protect but you still ended up in a place like the Eye of the Dark Forest. This is a place for people who have committed serious crimes. Do you know what’s going to happen next?"

"Tell me then, what’s the purpose of life? What are you fighting for? Power? Or fame?" Isabel suddenly asked.

"I don’t regret the decisions I made."

"Are you really the Isabel I know? I talked to you not so long ago." Angele shook his head. The girl in front of him felt like a stranger to him. "You’re right. There are things and people you can be willing to die for but I’m certain that Raymond isn’t one."

"You don’t understand, Green."

"I can see that you already consumed the Pearl of the Deep Sea."

Isabel remained silent.

Angele continued, "You betrayed your family but master Flan didn’t kill you. She loves you, Isabel. After consuming the Pearl of the Deep Sea, your body will start turning into pure energy. You had a bright future in front of you."

"I’ll wait for my Raymond. No matter how long it’ll be," Isabel muttered.

"Why are you so stubborn?! Isabel?" Angele was speechless. "I came to help you because we’re friends. Why are you not listening to my words?"

"I’m sorry."

"Saying sorry won’t do anything for you. We’re not engaged and you have the right to choose your partner on your own will but think about what master Flan will do after she finds out that Raymond started all this?" Angele tried to stay calm.

Isabel bit her lips but did not say anything.


The metal door was pushed open.

"Green is right. The family guards are already sent out. As long as Raymond is still in Nola, the council will hunt him down." Flan slowly walked in wearing a white dress, staring at Isabel with a blank expression on her face. Her mentality wave was hidden, so Angele did not sense anything.

"Master Flan." Angele stood up and bowed to her.

"I apologize for what Isabel did. I was going to make you her husband." Angele was surprised to see Flan apologizing to him.

"It’s not a problem. The priority right now is to find the man who tricked Isabel," Angele said calmly.

"You’re right. Don’t worry too much about it. Isabel is still a good girl and I’ll send her to you after we capture Raymond." Flan nodded slightly.

Isabel did not say anything but just lowered her head.

Angele knitted his eyebrows.

"To be honest, master Flan, Isabel is a good girl but she’s not the type of wife I want."

"I thought you two would get along…" Flan sighed with mixed emotions. "I didn’t expect her to fall in love with a rank 3 wizard apprentice."

"Isabel is way too naive. I think that man tricked her," Angele added.

"You’re correct. It’s all Raymond’s fault. Isabel did nothing wrong. All he wanted were the resources and the superior enchanted items…" Flan gritted her teeth. "I’ll capture him for sure."

Isabel chuckled after hearing Flan’s world.

"Grandmother, you’ll never capture him, never."

"Is that so? We’ll see." Flan shook her head again and left the room.

Angele narrowed his eyes, he had one final glance at Isabel before stepping out of the door.

She had a pure smile on her face. It seemed like she truly believed that Raymond would never be captured.

Angele sighed and walked down the hallway.

Flan was waiting for him ahead, she still had something to say.

"Sorry again, Green, about Isabel," She apologized again. "No one expected something like this to happen."

"It’s fine. Just find the man named Raymond and we’ll know what exactly happened," Angele responded in a light tone.

"Isabel found a way to destroy the runes I placed in her room and she had already left the territory when I found out about it. I was too confident." She sighed again. "I’ll send you more information after everything is clear."

"Thank you, master Flan."

Angele bowed to her politely and left.


Angele knew that his words would not get through Isabel’s head and thus, he returned to his home. He spent most of his time studying the World Stone and modifying spell models.

Two weeks later, a letter from the Jones Family was delivered to Angele.

It was a sunny day.

Angele was watering the mutated plants in the small farm he set up by the lake. He put down the hoe and grabbed the wooden cylinder handed to him by Amy.

"Master, the letter is from master Mei from the Jones Family," Amy explained politely.

"Master Mei?" Angele hesitated for a second. "Isabel’s mother sent this letter?"

He unsealed the cylinder and took out the scroll.

His expression changed several times as he read the letter.

Raymond sneaked into the Eye of the Dark Forest and saved Isabel. Moreover, according to the intel, Raymond’s real name was Raymonlia, a berserk wizard’s daughter from the White Tooth Castle.

Raymond was trained like a boy since she was young. She was the only girl in the family and her first pet was a white tiger. Raymond had never considered herself a lady after she grew up. She dressed like a charming man and approached Isabel in a forest.

Angele put down the letter and there was a strange feeling in his mind.

In Nola, same-gender marriage was permitted. One rumor stated that master Flan’s partner was a female wizard from the headquarters, whom she married after her husband pa.s.sed away.

Angele was a bit speechless. He tapped on the scroll with his finger.


A ray of light shot out of the scroll and turned into a white light screen. A lady with long blonde hair trailing over her shoulders appeared on the screen, standing on top of a tall black pine tree. She was laughing with confidence written all over her face. The lady had a high-quality long sword in her hand and her white cloak was flying in the air.

"So she must be Raymonlia…I really want to know how she sneaked into that well-guarded prison." Angele stared at the light screen. The lady’s background was what brought Isabel the confidence. There were only three berserk wizards in White Tooth Castle and they were the reason why people feared the organization. No one knew that she was a female and that was probably the reason why the team failed to track her down.

"Flan Jones, huh? You sick b.i.t.c.h! Isabel is mine now. If you want her back, come talk to my grandfather in the White Tooth Castle," Raymonlia spoke. She sounded like a man with a feminine voice.


The image disappeared as the light screen exploded into countless white light dots.

Angele threw the scroll into the air and lighted it up with a yellow fireball. The scroll was burned to ashes within seconds and blown away by the wind.

"Should I join the team…?" Angele rubbed his chin and hesitated.

In the letter, master Mei also invited Angele to join the hunting team that was specially created just for Raymond. Angele was a member of the Six Ring High Tower and he was a friend of Isabel so he had the intentions to join the team. However, it seemed like Raymond disguised herself as a rank 3 wizard apprentice and she was just testing Isabel to see if she really loved her. Everything went as Raymond planned.

She saved Isabel and they wanted to return to White Tooth Castle so her grandfather would protect them.

‘The whole thing is a joke.’ Angele finally understood what had happened.

To Flan, the things Raymond did put shame on the name of Six Ring High Tower, but at least she confirmed that Isabel was safe.

Isabel probably already knew who Raymond was when she was captured and that was why she stayed calm.

Angele thought for a while and decided not to join the team.

He still needed to worry about the World Stone and his child overseas. He wanted to know if his child was safe and sound.

Although the ship would only dock on this land once every four years, the tiny signal obelisks in the Six Ring Area would be able to deliver messages within a certain distance. He was a member of the organization and he was granted the access to the special feature.

There were many signal obelisks built upon the islands of the Gem Sea but using them to deliver messages was not cost-effective. The organization’s name came from the six enormous signal obelisks they built on the west coast.

After the people Nancy hired arrived at the other side of the Gem Sea, he needed to pay a big price for that, but it was worth it. He was dying to get the information about his child.

However, based on the data recorded by the chip, Angele was not sure if the child would have the perfect wizard bloodline. But he wanted the child back as long as he was talented.

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